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    posted a message on *LOOKING FOR STAFF*|New Server|Apply NOW!

    IGN: GSalmon

    Age: 13

    Position applying for: Mod or Admin

    Mic(yes/no): Yes, but I don't/won't use it. [EDIT: Please don't let this be worth denying me. Just message me any changes in skype so I know what's what.]

    Maturity(1-10 ie, How well do you deal with situations): 8-9

    What experience do you have?: I've been a Co-Owner, an Admin, and a Mod on servers.

    What can you bring to the server(Community): I'll build and do what you need me to do. Just be nice and I'll be nice back. :D

    Skype(PM me if you don't want to post your skype): secretsources101

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    posted a message on -+-+-Need staff for EyronRealms-+-+-

    Rank: Admin

    IGN: GSalmon

    Skype(Required): secretsources101

    Age: 13

    Experience: I've been a Co-Owner, mod, and an admin on servers.

    Why we should pick you: I'm a good staff member. That's all.

    Have you ever been banned: No.

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    posted a message on New Skywars/Skyblock Server! ||| Needs Staff

    I'll log in.

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    posted a message on LeagueCraftPro ~{Staff and Builders needed!}~{Join or apply now!}~

    What's your name? Ashley (Ash)[/b]

    What's your IGN? GSalmon[/b]

    What is your age? 13[/b]

    What is your Gender? Female[/b]

    What is your current time zone? (Personal Info)[/b]

    What days can you be on the server? (Please List) Any day unless I say otherwise[/b]

    How many hours a day can you be on? (Of said days above) 1-6[/b]

    Why should we pick you? (Explain) I'm very helpful and will do what you need me to do.[/b]

    Why do you want to be a part of staff? (Explain) I like being staff. It's fun to help out and I just find it fun.[/b]

    Do you have any relevant plugin experience? No, not really.[/b]

    Do you have Skype? (If so, please tell us on here or if you're nervous, message to us on our server.) secretsources101[/b]

    What is a stupid question? (Explain) A question that's really irrelevant.[/b]

    Do you ever get angry at players? Only if they are disrespectful.[/b]

    Please list your any previous IGN's you have had in the past. (Must List) I haven't changed my IGN.[/b]

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    posted a message on PHOENIXUNIVERSE

    What's the IP?

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    posted a message on Alpha Network [1.8] | Looking for Staff! | APPLY NOW!! | Mods, Admins, Builders! |

    Name: Ash (Ashley)

    Age: 13

    IGN: GSalmon

    Skype: secretsources101

    What rank you want to be: Admin

    Why do you want to be that rank: Based on what you said admins need to do, I think that admin is the perfect rank for me.

    Experience: I've been co-owner of a server and a mod on one of my friend's servers. I don't really work with plugins, but that's why admin is right for me. As a co-owner, I welcomed everyone that joined the server. I'm responsible but still kind and fun when working with players.

    Why us: This so far was the best application form I've seen. It said exactly what you were looking for in each position, and that makes me think that this place is already organized. I've gone to lots of servers that weren't organized in any way. There really seems to be a professional setting here.

    How much time can you spend on the server: Unless I have something planned that day, up to 6 hours.

    (If applying for Head-Something) Why do you think that you should be the one that demonstrates the face of the server: N/A (not applying for head)

    Have you ever been banned in any server (if yes, reason): No

    Are you aware that you will be Backround checked?: No. I don't really know what you mean. Could you explain please?

    Are you aware that asking about App = Denial of the App?: Yes.

    How many languages do you speak (write which ones they are and which ones you are most comfortable to speak in, in the format of a list): Just English. That's it. I'm boring.

    Additional Info goes here: Thank you for reading my application. I know it's short, but please consider me for admin!

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    posted a message on LuminousPvP Looking for lots of staff!!

    IGN: GSalmon

    Age: 13

    Skype: secretesources101

    Do you have a mic: Yes, but I would prefer not to use it.

    Position: Admin

    Why we should pick you: I have been Co-Owner of a server and I know my way around minecraft. I get along with staff (if they are respectful), I welcome players onto the server, I can build a spawn for any game (factions, skywars, etc.), and I just have fun doing it and helping out.

    How can you help the server: As I said above, I can design and build spawn for games. I can do my best to design maps for games.

    What would you do if a problem got out of control: Try to get another staff member to help. This has happened to me before and there weren't other staff members available to help me. If people are breaking the rules I would kick them, and if they continued, (or with higher ranked staff permission) ban them.

    How mature are you on a scale of 1/10: I would give myself an 8.

    What would you do if someone was accusing someone else of hacking: I would watch the accused player in vanish mode and if the person accusing constantly repeats, tell them to stop spamming or they will be muted.

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    posted a message on >>Flux-Network<< Looking For Developers Admin's Moderator's Helper's

    What Is Your Ign: GSalmon

    How Old Are You: 13

    What Rank Are You Applying For: Admin

    What Is Your Skype: secretsources101

    What Experience Do You Have: I've been Co-Owner of a server and mod of my friend's server.

    What Can You Bring To The Server: I can build spawns, I work well with staff (if they're respectful), I am learning how to use group manager (all I know currently is how to move people to groups), and I can do a server website.

    Why Do You Want This Rank: I have already been a Co-Owner and I have a good idea on what I'll have to do and how much I'll have to put into this server.

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft: About 4 years.

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    posted a message on Bayside Gaming looking for Builders.

    Do you only need builders? I'm not really a builder I'm a mod.

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    posted a message on Need help with ranks

    Is it done through groupmanager? I'm learning it right now.

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    posted a message on new creative server need builders and staff-only 24 slots

    Did the server go down?

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    posted a message on Join Now! [Staff Needed!] IP: cryptonicpvp.servegame.com

    That IP didn't work for me. I'd love to apply though. My IGN is GSalmon.

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    posted a message on DEV needed for 24/7 server

    Do you have any other staff positions open? I'd love to help but I'm not a dev.

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    posted a message on Need Staff members | BUILDERS | HELPERS | ADMINS | Titaniumcore

    - Name: Ash
    - IGN: GSalmon
    - Age: 13
    - What is your language: English
    - Where do You live: (I don't give out this kind of personal information.)
    - Do you have Skype and mic: Yes
    - What rank you want: Admin

    - Why you want that rank you mentioned: I have experience being staff on a server. I've done it a few times and I know what I'm required to get done. I play minecraft about 4+ hours a day so I have plenty of time to work on the server.
    - What are your skills: I don't use plugins often, so I work on the frontend. I'm not the best builder, but if you tell me what you need built I can do it. I'm much better at designing what needs to be built than building it. I'm also pretty good with people in my opinion. I don't curse, I welcome people into the server, etc.

    - What is your experience: I've been Co-Owner of a server, made some mods in the past, made some server games in java, and was a mod on one of my friend's servers.

    - Have you ever get banned: No.

    - Can you fetch players to our server: I can try. I don't know many people.

    - What can you do for our server: I am a great frontend player as I mentioned above. I play basic survival so I don't use the plugins. If you teach me I can do it. I can design a hub for games. I just can't build one.

    Thanks for reading my application.

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    posted a message on Staff Recruitment -=GoldenAppleMC=-

    Name: [/b]Ash

    Username: [/b]GSalmon

    Age: [/b]13

    Rank: [/b]Mod or Admin

    Why: [/b]I've worked in other servers before. I learn pretty quickly so any new things I can understand in about 5 minutes. Just show me something once and I'll know forever. I play minecraft about 4+ hours each day so I can help out a whole bunch.

    Thank you for reading my application!

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