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    Hello, all. Pretty noob at MC building (first and foremost!). I have a basic hosted Server that I built a basic adventure for, for my son and his friends to play last year (2018). Started using Command Blocks, then "graduated" to functions. After a lot of work and research, I got it all to work. Although the adventure had some "oops" in it, the functions worked well.

    Dug this adventure out and reloaded it on the server (FTP). None of the functions are firing now (all Command Blocks launching functions say "function not found". After a lot of reading, I think it's the path to the functions that needs to be changed but haven't found a path that works!

    Now for specifics...

    Original function path: .minecraft\saves\Lost_Village\data\functions\advone\<.mcfunction files here; example cavelever.mcfunction>

    ("Lost_Village" is the world name, "advone" is the adventure 1 function folder, as I intended to expand to adv 2, 3, etc.) I don't know what the original MC version was when I built this - mid-last-year 2018.

    I see that now (in 1.14.xx?) there is a "datapacks" folder, and the functions should be in there somewhere, instead(?) In the original adventure that I built on my PC, there was no "datapacks" folder. Once I uploaded all to the server and restarted the server, a datapacks folder was added. Recently, when I peeked in there, I found a "bukkit" subfolder in there with a "pack.mdmeta" file, but nothing else (no other subfolders).

    The functions themselves are pretty simplistic (this is the "cavelever" function file):

    summon zombie -338 51 -13
    summon skeleton -334 53 -13
    fill -339 63 -5 -342 66 -5 minecraft:air

    Regarding the server itself, I am unfortunately pretty noob at handling hosted servers as well (trying to learn it all at once!). Whatever version it was on last year, I recently updated it to Spigot 1.14.3, because the Vanilla versions only went to 1.14.2 . (There is a "Default" setting, instead of Spigot or Vanilla - is that a better setting?). I'm going to assume it was the update in version that created the "datapacks" folder(?), as it wasn't there last year, and may be the cause of my function issue(?)

    If anyone has time to untangle my mess and get this rolling again, I would most greatly appreciate it. This year's gaggle of friends is interested in getting through this adventure, and moving forward if I can get it all working.

    Thanks again for peeking in, and any solutions that may help! (Be kind, I'm an old guy! LOL. ;-) ).


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