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    Welcome to my non-euclidean maze!
    Using relative teleporting and LOTS of command blocks, this maze involves twisted tunnels and looping geometries that will make your head spin.
    Inspired by AntiChamber, a neat puzzling indie game that pushed this concept up to eleven.

    Explore this mind-bending labyrinth and perhaps find the cake!
    Screnshots availiable in the SourceForge link above.
    Tips & Tricks:

    You might not want to always go forward. Antichamber players will get what I mean.
    Looking into the window can take you to the other side. Not all windows; some are entrances, others are exits.
    All first four colored zones can lead to The Cake, The Temple, and every other color.

    Feedback appreciated!

    Many thanks to UnlikelyWaffle for the livestream video on the second post! (map version: 1)

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