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    posted a message on [1.2.5]SSP Mods in SMP – Explosives Plus v3.3 b2
    WOOT MO CREATURES!!!! hmm what is the advantage of a bukkit server?

    industrialcraft buildcraft redpower customstuff
    mo'creatures superslopes timberframes

    If I were to setup a new server with all these in it, would it be best to go bukkit? or not
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    lolol after seeing both those video's
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    posted a message on (Wild Caves 2) W.I.P (released!)
    Ok I am still working on the generation, However it's not turning out the way I want, Please be patient with me.
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    posted a message on [Fav' Mod's] Whats you guys's favorite mod's?
    Oh nothing special just the new dimension im making Called Wonderous Nature

    It's actually for people looking for an extreme challange
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    posted a message on (Wild Caves 2) W.I.P (released!)
    ya i will do that but im also wanting some help with the textures so if anyone out there
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    posted a message on (Wild Caves 2) W.I.P (released!)

    Suggestions and opinions please

    Original post


    I am trying to figure out if i can change my show and hide button for the spoiler
    if anyone knows please let me know

    Seeing how this is now No longer a w.i.p
    I'll be moving this to the normal mods.(don't know how to move this so ima just make a dupe over there.

    I like a clean forum so working on cleaning it up, let me know if im using to many spoilers

    I have decided to update Wildcaves mod, and here it is so far... haha.

    Credits goes to Dilla for making this epic mod!
    And Wa_delmaw for helping me alot.

    Forum Credits goes to ME! woot

    - Creates Stalactites and Stalagmites in caves.
    - Makes caves look more natural looking rather then plain and empty.
    - It is designed to make the caves prettier and a bit scarier!

    This mod is complimented by WildGrass mod.
    Please leave Suggestions and opinions.

    This mod only requires:

    2:block id 200

    Will be making a properties file soon so please be patient with me.

    :Properties file, for amount, hight, and block id.
    :Features the other poeple request maybe.
    :Make stalagmites only spawn below stalactites again

    Here are the pictures from the original modder.

    None as of yet they are coming

    - For version 1.2.3 Latest!

    - For version 1.2.3
    http://www.mediafire...wzydy4p7wfl1n7q First release

    :Fixed wrong sprite being posted when water or lave was under a 2 stalactites tall
    :Will only gernerate if some kind of block within 10 blocks above them!
    :Changed generation height
    :Released rush version
    :Updated to 1.2.3

    Ok only bug that i know of is when you break a stalactite or stalagmite and leave one in the air it does not dissaper

    1) Install Modloader!

    2) Download WildCaves2r.zip

    3) Install the .zip file into your Mods folder (found in your .minecraft after modloader is installed)

    4) Create a new world or explore a new area for the stalagmites and stalactites
    to generate

    5) Enjoy!

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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge
    Ok well that being said Misa, I'm going to attempt it.

    lol MY WILDCAVES2 is done but the graphics suck so not releasing

    Edit: ok so this might be harder then I originaly thought, the code opens up with everything errors and because I don't know what la.class and wp.class are in eclipes I can't figure out how to fix anything

    Might someone know what la.class is and wp.class is?
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    posted a message on The Twilight Forest (v2.3.5: Wrecking Block)
    Howdy benimatic

    I sent you a PM hopefully you see this, I would like to ask a couple things, it's not something for you to add, or anything like that, it's about code,coding, and modding.

    Anyways please tell me the best way to contact you other then PM's.
    If you are willing to hear me out on a few questions of course.


    ok guys Please respond to this so that its on a couple other pages so I can actually get ahold of benimatic lol
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][MineForge]Mega Minecraft[2.3] - NEW DIMENSION!

    I would like to decompile your mod and use only what I need to make a base for my own dimension,
    And I was wondering if that was alright with you to use your code for making a new dimension?

    Im just a new modder with an idea lol

    And secondly I was wondering why you need shockah's API ?
    Is that used for your new ores in your mod, to make the mining speed right?

    Anyways Nice mod keep up the good work.



    P.S can you by any chance PM me to respond to this? just asking will be able to check this in a few days.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge
    Well if I can get permission ill update them, or just do it and don't add any adcraft or adfly?

    Should not be to hard just about got wildcaves MY version which is basicly his extended only uses 2 block id's to haha

    Not a coder just a modder so might take me a bit

    Let me know what you guys think
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    posted a message on LB Photo Realism, 1.6 convert 7/16/2013. RPG Realism 1.3.1 updated 10/12/2012

    I would like to use your wildcave textures and edit them if I may?

    I have been working on another wildcaves mod like the original and its a little more complicated with more stalactites and stalagmites added.
    so if I could use your wildcave textures(and if im allowed to edit them) and have them downloaded with my wildcaves mod, Would be much appreciated.

    Please send me a pm


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    posted a message on [IDEA]Smart Block / Smart phone mod
    thank you thank you KEEP THEM COMING!!! lolhit the plus button on the bottom to get more people looking at this maybe i can get someone to help me code this beast
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    posted a message on [IDEA]Smart Block / Smart phone mod

    Mod name would be --- Smart block --- (the future in minecraft is here)

    Ok I had an idea of putting a smart phone in minecraft and all the options it could do just flooded my brain lol, Anyways this smart block would Not be easy to craft and I think I want it to require maybe redpower or buildcraft 3.0 with the lasers for chipsets. I have made up a couple recipes but not exactly what I want. If you have an idea for a HARD recipes involving chemicals mixing and forming case and then chipsets and screen please post them. New items not going to use many vanilla minecraft items.

    Ok so on with the idea.

    Things the smart block will be capable of doing.

    1: Naming blocks
    Example: I make a house and name each one 1125 only I the owner of the smartblock when holding in hand can see the names, all named blocks can only be removed using the smartblock that named the blocks.

    2: Naming items
    Example: Naming items can consist of naming a Key that will only open a door that is named the same thing kinda like a password making no one else able to destroy your house or open your door that is named they have to know the name. and the key that is named the same as a door can open it.

    3: Remote redstone ( Yes I know there are many mods that add this feature but still another feature it could have)
    Example: Name a redstone 1125 set frequency to 1125 and rightclick with smartblock in your hand will power that redstone and therefore power any redstone connected.

    4: Digitize blocks ( Great for doing Huge projects, Kinda like a bigger inventory only for blocks no items)
    Example: First you make some kind of chip this chip is a 64 bit chip which can store up to 64 units of one type of block sooo first you drop the chip in the Digitizer (would be a portable laptop) and a stack of sand after it is done you will have a chip with 64 pieces of sand in it. You would then be able to place 64 pieces of sand from your smartblock and the smartblock can hold many chips in it allowing for Example: 4 stacks of 64 stone 4 stacks of 64 dirt and 4 stacks of 64 sand so you can build for a very long time without running out of space to pick up items eat and or travel down in Huge caves and your running out of room to get more gold or more iron just start dropping them into chips and store them away.

    5: Using Chicken Bones digital map you would show up on there aswell (maybe optional)
    link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/758794-181chicken-bones-mods/

    6: Compass and minecraf time go figure right
    Example: (Not needed but) Would be able to show a digital compass using one of the apps and would be able to tell the time.

    7: Store digital bonemeal

    8: Be able to teleport to recievers that are built and placed
    Example: would use some sort of power cost for length to trasfer you to wherever. found this mod that kinda explains what it could do. Look at his Fly block it would be able to do exactly what that does.
    link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/682840-100-pokemon-hm-mods-sspsmp/

    Need more idea's guys please when posting use ratings 1 through 10 and rate each idea as they come about
    And if anyone could start making some sprites for this because I really don't feal like coming up with any.

    ok example on how you should post to help me out

    you can either use idea 1 or 1: so

    1: 10 this is rating each idea so idea one was rated 10
    2: 7
    3: 8
    4: 2
    5: 7
    6: 6
    7: 2
    8: 10

    Your idea for an app or an idea period that everyone can help out with

    Your idea for some parts or mechanics and recipe for the smartblock


    I Need idea's guys and please rate suggest and VOTE plus some of the new power sources I kinda want to be mined from my new world im trying to learn how to make, I just have this image and I want to put it into a mod.

    If you are a coder I could use some help with another mod im trying to update please send a pm

    If someone could make a signiture for this maybe ? lol after some sprites are made.

    Ok guys post away and tell me how epic this idea is!!!!

    And No I can't code but I can mod if someone would be willing to try and code this beast would be SO appreciated.
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    posted a message on The Nether still has room for more
    well we should make a mod that uses FORGE wooot we will add only 1 block id and no sprites wamo epic i know lol
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    posted a message on Minecraft Generation code not working at all
    not very many modders read the forums do they?
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