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hi I'm zeldar and I'm really gay for girls. my friends all think I'm a furry but I'm actually just really bad at math. ive been playing minecraft for years but I still suck. I blame my personality. I don't like using grammar or correction punctuation if I have to and my main goal in life is to ascend from this reality. anyways catch me in the next life ill be a tree, most likely redwood.

I have 3 moods: Sophisticated and calm, collected; sAssy, fite me, I'm a meme snob; and:

## w

H;; A


t e


U'' % K ?

F c

My Favorite Types of Mods Are:
Witchcraft Mods Based on Real Paganism/Legends (R.I.P Witchery)!
Animal Mods That Add Realism To Animals!
Mods That Add More Plants/Food
Mods That Add More Biomes/Things to Explore
Mods That Are *Vanilla*

My Favorite Types of Servers Are:
Community survival!
Deal Breaker: Any form of currency or ranking system that models current-day capitalism or a capitalism-structured economy and I will retch with disgust. Do not approach me with that reeking mess; it only emphasizes the brokenness of society and our culture. When will you wake up and realize that we were never supposed to have the majority of wealth in the hands of very few? Put away your rich privilege and maybe then you will learn. I am determined to find a server that operates without a formal government. It was the way that people are supposed to live. We are all human beings. We are all equals on this earth, and the classes of wealth marked the downfall of the human race. We are condemned. Wake up, America. Wake up. Can you not smell it? The disgusting stench of cooperates abusing consumers and employees with their crooked ways? Can you not taste it? The tang of poverty that lingers in every city, in every inch of this damned country? Can you not hear it? The cries of children who yearn for food, the cries of the innocent who must suffer at the hands of the rich? Can you not see it? Massive businessmen with their massive, bulging stomachs ripping the dimes from poor boys pockets and yanking away the sweet fruit that ripens against their hungry lips? And then the buzzing flies descend to gather up the broken souls from their emaciated bodies and carry them far, far away. This is capitalism. This is home of the free. Free to starve, free to die; but not free to live all because there is no such thing as a "free" price here. Anarchism is the only way.

Communism is ok tho oWo!
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