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    posted a message on Modern and Better v1.6 for 1.7.4
    You should really take the music out now, and only add it again if/when you have permission. Just because you plan to do it in the future won't save you from getting in trouble for it now. :)
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    posted a message on [1.7,1.6] Taler's Transparent Texture Pack (Over 100 Bajillion Downloads!)
    Those of you whining about this sound like children. What are you even trying to prove? Sure, this pack doesn't provide anything new in the way of graphics, but they do tend to be useful if you're in single player and want to find a dungeon, or perhaps just feel like finding all of the diamonds.

    It's an x-ray pack. It isn't particularly new or anything, but who cares? The thread is likely to die quite quickly anyways.
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    posted a message on ~~ No Pics No Clicks Petition ~~
    I don't know about anywhere else, but in the texture packs section it's already a rule. If you can't read the rules you deserve to have your thread deleted.
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    posted a message on SelymCraft 2.3
    Quote from Domino

    No remix texture packs allowed.

    But tbh that water does look a lot better for summerfields than the one lithiumsound has XD

    I've never seen that rule anywhere. Care to show us where it is?

    On the other hand, did you get permission to use these textures? If you didn't, then no, you shouldn't be posting this.
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    posted a message on Does it have to be in us?
    Quote from IceGecko

    the internet has made the world a smaller place, its about time most humans realised this and caught up.

    blame blizzard i feel they are resposible for pioneering this kind of special reward that only a small percentage of players could possibly hope to obtain.

    unfortunately it seems to be getting worse not better, what with gamestop and likely other companies cutting deals for unique content not available anywhere else.

    back when i was heavily into wow i felt seriously betrayed that blizzcon attendees got a special pet, just for living in a certain area or being able to easily travel to it. nothing to do with the game, horribly unfair to dedicated players.

    not sure what underlying reasons or potential solutions might be, but im tired of being treated in a PREJUDICED way by the powers that be.

    I don't get why people keep blaming this on Curse. Ignorance, perhaps? There may be a large European Minecraft community or whatever other country you'd like to name, but Curse is based in the United States, and thusly has to operate under our country's state laws. The contest probably isn't available in all states. When it comes to other countries, they have to operate under the laws of those countries, and it can get immensely pricey to do so.

    If you would have bothered to Google it, perhaps you would have run across this well written article on the subject, as well as plenty others.

    So if you've got a problem, don't blame our powers that be-- blame your own.
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    posted a message on Different Death
    Quote from SillyZebra

    It's possible to just keep everything, other games do it

    I'm not saying it isn't possible, just that save files would get really big really fast. It's a valid concern.
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    posted a message on Short-range Teleporters
    I'm sure you've heard an idea with teleporters before, and I'm sure they've all been imbalanced. The main reason I can see for this is the lack of limits on range, but I don't want a teleporter for long-distance travel. Long distance travel should take a while and be somewhat dangerous.

    What I want them for is inside buildings. Personally I'd just use them as an alternative to ladders and stairs, but they have a lot of potential to be used in adventure maps where you don't want the player to be able to orientate themselves or space constraints are an issue. While I'm not sure what the exact distance limits should be, I'd suppose 25 blocks would be reasonable.

    Each teleporter pad would have a twin pad made at creation that it links to. Provided they're placed within range they teleport to each other but don't interact with any other pad. These two always link to each other so while you can pick them up and move them (with a pickaxe would make sense) if one is destroyed by say falling in lava the other is useless and may as well be destroyed too. On top of that, a teleporter pad can only stack with it's twin, so it's easy to see which two pair up. The pair of teleporter pads would be crafted like so, with diamonds representing Ender pearls:

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    :_: :_: :_:

    The pads themselves would be activated by standing on them and right clicking, and there's a requirement that it's twin is unobstructed (has two blocks of air above it). An obstruction simply means it doesn't function, much like a chest won't open if it doesn't have a space of air above it.

    I'd make the pads themselves half-blocks, but that's really just an aesthetics thing. I think they'd look chunky standing a full block out of the ground but they should still stand out a bit (and raising them off the ground is a good way).

    I would like to improve this idea to maybe post up on GetSatisfaction, so all feedback and help improving it would be wonderful.
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    posted a message on Jusus christ i really hate that premium button.
    Man, their premium button is the least obtrusive subscription thing I've ever seen. It's just the one button for the most part, and you're not being blocked out of any website functionality because you're not buying it, unlike most sites.

    You're being childish. They need money to keep things running; and having a premium option is a good way of doing that. They don't get ads because they're helping to fund the site directly.

    And personally, the only reasons I keep adblock/flashblock running are computer security and ads with noise. I wish most sites had a text ad option; while I'm sure they don't pay out nearly as good it would let people like me still support the site a little bit.
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    posted a message on Wow! The 404 seed has a MASSIVE NPC Village with a CRAZY NPC farm!!!
    Man, they were determined as hell to put that farm right there, weren't they?
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    posted a message on Far Lands - Now oceans
    I do think that normally, endless ocean would normally be a great and intuitive way to tell the player to stop going that way. Problem is, the Far Lands have now become a thing, and a thing endorsed by Notch at that. They shouldn't have been removed; it's akin to removing Creepers. That's how integral it is to Minecraft in my eyes, it's just one of those things you think when you think Minecraft.

    Also, you guys thinking we're complaining about biome sizes have no idea what you're talking about. I for one love our new enormous oceans, I just don't like that the Far Lands are gone. Plus, where else are Endermen supposed to come from? That is, unless they left their home because it ceased to exist... Oh damn, I just came up with a plausible reason that the Endermen would now be around when they weren't before. Kind of meta when you think about it.
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