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    A creeper being a mutated plant? SEEMS LEGIT. Yeah I really like The Game theorists, my faveourite video that they made was the LINK IS DEAD? video, it was really cool!

    PEACE! -gravityballoon
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    Ever built something in creative mode that you've been proud of? Ever made an entire kingdom but had nobody to share it with? Ever built something completely worthless but amazing and fully functional? Master of redstone? Master of the blocks? Well now you've finally got a place to post it!

    So everyone starts up a thread for a reason, and here's mine: I really want somewhere to write about my builds on creative mode!

    So I'm starting up a server and me and my friends decided to plan out some mini games and build them on the Xbox, then improve them on PC, so I had no idea what to build, but my friends (Lewis as Thomas) were right on building a kingdom. I just needed a bit of inspiration. Then I see the sheep. The sheep that gave me the idea. Idea: Build a giant rainbow sheep and on the server have waves of mutant sheep flow out and attack the players, who have to defend themselves with simple weapons. Did it! First build complete! Lewis and Thomas had build all sides of their kingdom, and then I helped them out. Their idea: Have an assassin attack a kingdom at night and knights and officers guard the king, if the king dies, assassin wins, he can kill the officer and the knight, but if the kings dead, he's won. This will all be on my server soon post below what you've built in creative mode!

    PEACE! -gravityballoon
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    I do the leaf block thing but through all of my Minecraft playing experience, I always talk to myself while playing, usually it's things like, "alright, guys now we gonna get some chickens for that farm so..." or "man that creepers an ugly one, isn't he?" It really depends on what i'm doing in the game at the time, this is probably why I want to make YouTube videos.
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