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    i've been refered to pigman, not-gordon, brundlefly, pig dude, pig fag, griefer who has a pig for a skin (long story), and some others.
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    i beta tested
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    posted a message on [HELP WANTED] Pixel stuff
    They look cool.
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    Quote from Iguana »
    Seriously don't ruin the game.

    dammit its perfect for starting a war
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    This is not an act of war, this is simply not Red Army invasions.
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    posted a message on ATTENTION: GIANT HUNK OF IDEAS
    Thought about these for awhile. With no place to put them where they could be public other then friends, I decided to post them here for the whole community (and maybe Notch if he looks enough) to get their opinions on it. And remember, this is for the legit client, not hacks, custom servers, etc. I'd like some opinions on these, too, and scratch some off and on.

    ⁃ Build menu is on the HUD at all times on the top, and you scroll around with the arrow keys. There are 9 blocks (3x3) at a time.
    ⁃ View bobbing and blocks in hand are visible here, too.
    ⁃ Doors, opened and closed with E.
    ⁃ Some time of weird admin glow thing. The admin can make any block adminium, and when its near the mouse
    ⁃ Names stick through walls.
    ⁃ Teleporters. To prevent griefing, you can aim it and press E to go through. Maybe admins only.
    ⁃ Paint a block tool. Instead of deleting and adding a new block (in example if its blocking water or lava), you repaint the block to something else. Might not work with stairs though.
    ⁃ Admins can spawn blocks that make lava and water.
    ⁃ Creative mode available to everyone, including people without a purchase.
    ⁃ Add wild animals found in this mode. They cannot hurt.
    ⁃ TNT (maybe admin only) because it gets annoying having to take 20 minutes to make a simple underground room.

    ⁃ Stepping in the smoldering effect wounds you.
    ⁃ The more damage you take, the slower you are.
    ⁃ Depending on the block, it may do more melee damage.
    ⁃ Bow and arrow visible in inventory.
    ⁃ Blocks near the explosion have that weird "random offsets per request" effect to give a more melted effect.
    ⁃ Every 10 minutes, it turns from day to night. During the night, more enemies show up, water gets higher, and things erode by a few blocks.
    ⁃ Weather. It should effect the gameplay, e.g. rain floods holes, snow may eventually hurt and it will cover the place in it, and freezing rain adds random ice around the place.
    ⁃ Mushrooms rarely create more and more.
    ⁃ Enemies have their own sounds, so you can tell what kind is right above you inside your mine.
    ⁃ Lava destroys everything except rock.
    ⁃ A dog. Follows you, barks when you approach a hidden mob.

    ⁃ More dynamic lighting effects that would be optional to prevent lag.
    ⁃ Voice chat.
    ⁃ Admins having their own special hat.
    ⁃ Server-side radios.
    ⁃ If you move like 10 tiles above the clouds, you go into "space" where you fly around.
    ⁃ In non-competetive modes, you can see the outline of a player in walls, so you can tell where they are.
    ⁃ Vehicles, like jeeps and boats. Not only would it be fun, it would let people get around a lot easier then do now.
    ⁃ Walljumping so it can be easier to get higher without flying.
    ⁃ Instead of cloth, have a block controlled by a color wheel for coloring purposes.
    ⁃ Entities like tables, chairs, TVs, etc., because making them out of blocks is lame.
    ⁃ Able to make smaller blocks.

    ⁃ Snow. Behaves like sand, basically.
    ⁃ Ice. Slippery, freezes water to make more, melts.
    ⁃ Floaty block. Fun times for water levels.
    ⁃ Fire. Burns stuff, can spread if rocks are not around it.
    ⁃ Crystal. Found in caves, just a fun little add-on.
    ⁃ Bouncy blocks. Making a moonhouse would be really awesome. Could be affected by how far you fell in.
    ⁃ Acid.

    ⁃ Walking animations is different. When walking, the arms and legs just tilt a bit instead of spreading out as far as they do.
    ⁃ The ability to run. It uses the current walking animation so it can be easier to get around.
    ⁃ Admins can "slay" people, making them not able to do anything for a minute.
    ⁃ Some type of spectator-type thing, for recording and just watching out of boredom.
    ⁃ Admins have a different font color, so it is easier to tell who is who.
    ⁃ The ability to play in third person, shoulder-view so you can still build.

    EDIT: I am aware this breaks the rules for this forum section, but I plan this to be some type of "community list".
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    Playing in it right now, it's really fun.
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    moofle, get into mw irc

    Also, nice map, would like to play in.
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    I'll join, sounds like fun. Now, if I can just get better at Omen Dx
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    Quote from name=Annihilator Beta »
    Phew. Good thing I'm invincib-

    Then I died, but that was all good fun.
    Because it's survival! What did you expect? A stroll in the park?

    A stroll in a park full of pissed gangsters with them tommy guns and terrorists tied to bombs and have ak-47s, yes.
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    Give Iguana an award.
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    Downloaded this yesterday. I played through the trainstation all the way to black mesa east, then a griefer used a force vote to make us play a crappy custom map. Well, it was fun anyways. I love how they literally turn you into a rebel, makes you say things when people die, have a voice when hurt, etc.

    My only problem is everyone whores up all the good guns and dispensers. I was left with only a crowbar during ravenholm when the fast zombie and poison zombies were introduced. Also, a certain part glitches, so no one has a gun. You have to run like hell from the 100 headcrabs at the bottom if you fall.

    Nevertheless, it is a fun little mod. Anyone wanting to play? :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on my mod
    Sadly, Notch said he wouldn't add server-side mod support until he releases the source. :sad.gif:
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    Quote from Snowman »
    Quote from OmfgBeans »

    There, proof.

    (You like giving me the run-around don't you? xD)


    Now it's even more legit.

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