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    Quote from Alkein

    this is updated for 1.3.1, Does that mean your working on it again???
    Also, All i want is at least the luck dragon.
    Please Finish this mod, its amazing i love all your suggestions

    No, it is not updated to 1.3.1. It is still made for the outdated Beta 1.3_1. They're not the same thing. The three of you also necroposted.
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    When Minecraft updates, all the mods for the old version become outdated (duh). Besides being unable to use these mods, it's incredibly hard to find mods that have updated due to all the morons spamming "uPdAtE kThXbAi." So, to make it easier on everyone, I've created a list of mods that have updated. If I missed one, or if I miss one that updates while I'm playing with the mods I've found, please post it here.

    Note: I did not make any of these mods, nor am I giving direct links to downloads. I am only providing links to threads of mods that have updated to 1.3.1.

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    There’s nothing here! I did add a lot of things, but they’re not here because I added too many of them while reorganizing the thread.

    _-_-Other Notes-_-_
    Replaced the unofficial ModLoader with an official version. Hooray!

    “Must Have” Mods
    These are mods that have been around long enough to be recognized by mostly everyone, they’re used by other mods to be able to do what they do, or are just overall useful for everyone, even if they do help you cheat. You’re welcome to argue if one should or should not be in here :P

    All of you should know what this is! If you don’t, welcome to Minecraft modding! You’ll be installing this with pretty much any other mods you find later on. It doesn’t do anything by itself; it’s just used by mods so they can be compatible with other mods!
    By Risugami

    Render Player API
    An API used by mods to add things to the player's model. You should only install this if another mod requires it.
    By Divisor

    Player API
    Not the same as Render Player API. You should only install this if another mod requires it.
    By Divisor

    Used by many mods to be able to make sounds.
    By Risugami

    This adds in a nice GUI next to your inventory allowing you to get any item you want (in survival too!), change the time, toggle the weather, and switch between creative/survival at will!
    By Marglyph

    Zombe's Modpack
    All of you know what this is, and it's updated to 1.3.1! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a collection of mods that allow for flying, seeing through the ground in search of ores, and a bunch of other goodies. You should at least try it once, but don’t go onto a server with it unless you plan on being banned. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Enjoy! ๏_๏
    By tanzanite

    Rei's Minimap
    Possibly the most popular and powerful minimap in the history of Minecraft. Any description I could give of it wouldn't do it justice. Optional ModLoader. Just don't install the aov.class if you're using ModLoader.
    By ReiFNSK

    This will replace how Minecraft renders the game, so you can actually run Minecraft on your old 2004 computer! If you don’t know what this is, and you get 100+ FPS, then just ignore it, but if you get lower than 60FPS or the game just feels like it stutters, then you should take a look! It also has support for HD textures, animated textures, better grass, and pretty much trumps using MCPatcher.

    Item Related Mods
    All of these have to do with items in some way or another, like adding in new recipes, changing old recipes, adding in new tools/armor, and telling you when your last pickaxe is about to break.

    Damage Counter
    Replaces the cryptic durability bar under tools with actual numbers showing how many uses are left in your tool. It even keeps the old color changing feature of the bars!
    By TLUL

    UseCount 2
    Similar to Damage Counter, but places a number above the durability bar.
    By TheWhiteWolves

    Show Durability Mod
    If you didn’t like the previous two mods, then you can try this one. You know when you mouse over something, it shows you the name of it. This mod adds in a number below the name of a tool to show how many uses are left in your tool.
    By NemorockZans

    Durability Warning
    This mod will spam your chat with messages when your tool is about to break.
    By Sunlis

    Moar Nether
    There wasn't much of a description, but it seems to add in new tools and says you now want to go to the nether. I don't know.
    By RaveCast

    Blaze Tools
    This will let you make tools out of blaze rods.
    By Mac

    The Mining Mod
    Adds in a LOT of tools made out of all kinds of things.
    By CookieCake

    This adds in a bunch of creeper themed items and armor. It has some cool things in it.
    By theFTWnetwork

    Emeral/Ruby Tools and Armor
    This will allow you to create tools out of emeralds and rubies.
    By Boilingfort

    Franky’s Better Tools
    Better is an overstatement… It adds in dirt tools and an obsidian sword.
    BY Mrfranky388LP

    Legendaries New Ores
    This will add in new ores and tools for you to craft.
    By JustOneJump

    This will add in a slime ore that drops slime balls.
    By instantshadow

    More Slicers and Slappers
    Adds in a variety of new weapons.
    By ZombifiedMinecrafter

    Weapons of the Ancients
    This adds in weapons used throughout history.
    By QuinceScott

    Extended Leather
    Makes leather armor useful through some more crafting recipes!
    By RebelKeith

    Craftable Chain Mail
    This will let you craft chain mail without hacking in fire! Although, making chains out of fire is pretty fun…
    By Dullvampire

    Elemental Arrows
    This gives you all kinds of new arrows! Explosive arrows, fire arrows, egg arrows, and a bunch more!
    By Risugami

    Adventure Mod
    This will give you a parachute, jetpack, and long-range teleporters.
    By duke605

    More Stackables
    This will make signs, doors, saddles, boats, and minecarts stack! Only 4-8 in a stack depending on the item, but it will save you a lot of inventory space!
    By Risugami

    This adds in all kinds of potato-themed goodies! From farming potatoes to potato tools, you’ll have plenty of potatoes to eat.
    By Lopoi

    Ever though that making bread didn’t make any sense? Well, now you have to make flour, than dough, then cook the dough to get bread. Sense has been made, sorta.
    By ModoNoob

    Jaffa Cake
    This will let you craft a Jaffa cake, apparently.
    By erekohn

    Simple, it allows you to make a hamburger.
    By AlonsoMart

    Ice Cream
    This will let you make ice cream in Minecraft.
    By xIYoUSeFIx

    Adds in obsidian, emerald, ruby, and blaze tools, as well as daggers and mini pickaxes that you can craft in the 2x2 crafting grid from your inventory. It also adds in rubies to the generation and fossils (essentially an ore) that drop bones.
    By Vizixify

    Glowstone Wire
    This allows you to place Glowstone Dust on the ground, and it actually gives of light! It doesn't carry any redstone signal of any kind, so you can safely surround your stash of TNT with it all you want.
    By GrygrFlzr

    This makes gravel always drop a block of gravel, and allows you to craft 1 gravel into 1 flint.
    By DerBaM

    Adds in a bunch of random recipes, like dirt + seeds = grass, craftable ice, and other things.
    By Rayman001

    Craftable Enderdragon Egg!
    As the name says, you can craft an Enderdragon egg with it. It’s not too expensive, but you certainly won’t be crafting it until mid to end game.
    By bloxgate

    This will allow you to craft grass and obsidian, and glass will drop a glass block instead of shattering.
    By ModCraftTV

    Old Book Recipe
    This will change the recipe for making books back to 3 paper so you don’t have to travel to the Far Lands and beyond to find enough leather for your library.
    By Yoshidude

    Craftable Slimeball Mod
    This allows you to craft a slime ball so you don’t have to hollow out a mansion-sized area above bedrock!
    By Dullvampire

    Rotten Flesh to Leather
    This allows you to craft 3x3 rotten flesh into 1 leather.
    By JRucker81

    Compacted Blocks
    This will let you compact you many blocks into compacted blocks, similar to making iron into iron blocks.
    By Mac

    Make an Ore
    This will let you turn stone and a material of some kind back into an ore.
    By Yikess

    Upside Down Torches
    This allows you to place a torch on the underside of a block.
    By meeees

    This gives you a (poorly modeled) anvil for which to repair tools on in a way that makes more sense than the vanilla repairing! The recipe is a bit over priced imho.
    By ModoNoob

    This will switch to a tool best suited to break a block you’re currently looking at. For example, if you’re looking at stone and start to punch it, it will switch to a pickaxe.
    By anonym927

    When you open a crafting table, a button will appear next to the interface. When you click that, it will give you a list of every item you can craft with your current inventory.
    By anonym927

    Recipe Book
    This will give you a book that has a GUI of every crafting recipe you can possibly make, mods or no mods.
    By Risugami

    Inventory Tweaks
    This mod will allow you to sort your inventory with filters you set, and will replace the tool in your hands with a new one when the tool you're using breaks. It can also sort your chest with a single key!
    By jimeowan

    Convenient Inventory
    The aim of this mod is to make your inventory easier to manage. Sorting, moving all items of one type, and best of all it all works in multiplayer.
    By ShadowAlex

    3D Items
    Look closely at that item on the ground. Closer. Closerrrr. Too close! You can’t see it anymore because that item is 2D! This makes items render in 3D, like how they look in your hand.
    By Quintinity

    This will give you a shelf that you can display your items on!
    By Risugami

    Armor Stand
    This will give you an armor stand that you can put your armor on (obviously). You can also change what skin it has, what the platform looks like, and if you want it to stare endlessly into your soul…
    By Risugami

    Higher Enchanting!
    Allows the enchantment levels to be higher. For example, Smite X (10) instead of Smite V (5).
    By Uztm

    World Changes
    Changes how things act when placed, how you interact with the world, how the world generates, and some even add in new world types. Some of the larger mods are in here because they change so many things about Minecraft.

    Fences, Slabs, and Stairs Mod!
    This is an ongoing mod that is going to eventually add in more fences, slabs, and stairs, as the name says. Currently it only adds in sandstone fences.
    By Brave0Duke1

    Vanilla with Sprinkles
    This collection of mods is made to fit with a vanilla Minecraft game. You’ll wonder why they don’t come with Minecraft!
    By Koopinator

    Better World Generation
    Gives you different world types (Beta worlds, alpha worlds, skylands, survival island, etc.) and just adds other things to the world generation.
    By ted80andModderkip

    Small World
    This will let you have non-infinite maps! It’s like playing Minecraft Classic, but not!
    By Spikitiger

    Endless Ocean Mod
    This adds a new world type when creating a new world, Endless Ocean. It is nothing but an ocean biome infinitely. You have a ~50% chance of spawning on an ocean, but if you don't spawn on one, just keep swimming and hope you find one.
    By Spiktiger

    Cave Gen Mod
    Adds in a new world type where the world is one giant cave system~
    By I Am David Minecraft

    Infinite Night
    Adds in a new world type ­– Infinite Night. You have one day to build a house and gather all you need before the sun sets forever. At that point, the monsters will keep spawning, and you will never see the sun again.
    By dmillerw

    Essentially a SkyBlock world type. Have fun!
    By King Korihor

    While it doesn’t add in a world type, it completely replaces the generation with spheres, each with a different Biome.
    By Risugami

    This will allow you to customize how high your flat map is and what block it's made of.
    By ThoughtsofGlought

    Flat Bedrock Layer
    This will make all the bedrock at the bottom of the world generate in a single flat layer. Does not affect pre-existing chunks
    By DerBaM

    Watermelons and Pumpkins Together
    This will change pumpkin patches to have melons in there as well.
    By JRucker81

    Big Trees Mod
    Adds in larger trees, biomes, and a swath of new tree-related things! Definitely worth a try.
    By Karob

    Adds large pine trees to the Taiga biome.

    Adds in five more biomes that were apparently in previous versions of Minecraft.

    Removes basins from the generation.

    This will add in ruins that randomly spawn around the world, most of the with traps.
    By Atomic Stryker

    Simple Physics
    Adds in block physics to Minecraft!
    By Danice123

    Enhanced Portals
    This removes any size and shape limits for Nether Portals! Enjoy your house made of a portal!
    By Alz454

    Absorbing Chests+
    Anything with an inventory of some kind, from chests to furnaces to brewing stands, will absorb any item dropped nearby! Also, you can play a music disc just by powering it with redstone!
    By chylex

    Death Chest
    If you have a chest in your inventory when you die, it will be placed with as many items as it can hold where you died.
    By Risugami

    New Bonus Chest
    Puts some better items in the bonus chest to actually help you get started faster.
    By G3R4RD

    This will give you a new difficulty setting: Almost Peaceful. With it, mobs won’t spawn, but your health won’t regenerate like in Peaceful.
    By roby7338

    Light Sensor
    This will give you a new block, the light sensor. As long as it has enough light, it’ll power any redstone connected to it.
    By Risugami

    Block Update Detector
    This adds in a block that will send a redstone current when an adjacent block changes.
    By Davidee

    Wireless Redstone
    This will add in blocks that will carry redstone currents to any other block tuned to the same frequency, making large redstone contraptions simpler.
    By ali4z

    This can be used to create traps, light switches, or toggleable water falls.
    By Risugami

    Fishing Block
    This adds in a block that allows for automated fishing. Just place above water and power it with redstone and you’re good to go.
    By Nicko21

    Wool Changer
    This lets you dye a block of wool already place in the world. You can even dye wool through redstone dust!
    By EgoBurn

    Magic Yarn
    This will give you a ball of yarn that will leave a trail behind you so you can find your way back through a cave.
    By Atomic Stryker

    Sign/Book Colors
    When you're making a sign or writing in a book, you can select what color you want the text to be.
    By spacechase0

    Sign Tags
    You can enter special tags onto a sign and have it show what it show what you would expect. For example, [time] will show the current time.
    By Risugami

    Custom Block Selection Box
    You know that black outline that appears on the block you're looking at? This lets you change the color of it.
    By BeastGamer

    Grey Goo Mod
    This will add in all kinds of crazy goo’s to Minecraft. Some do nothing, others will quickly eat away your world!
    By stevenrs11

    BetterSound Mod
    This changes how sound travels in Minecraft, adding cool echo effects, allowing for sound-proof rooms, and makes it so you can't hear that zombie deep below your house anymore!
    By Draake

    Changes the music so there is constant music playing, just like in the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft.

    Yes, this is a collection of mods here, but only one mod has been updated on it so far. Anyway, this will change trees to allow you to break one log, and the rest in the tree break too.
    By TehKrush

    Human Villagers
    Simple, it replaces the models of villages so you no longer have to stare at those weird aliens all day!
    By nate111135, updated by Inofficially

    Enhanced View Distance
    Is Far view distance not far enough for you? This will change Tiny to essentially be Far, and Far becomes double of what Far is. Be careful when installing this, your computer might not be able to handle it.
    By cferrill1

    Interactive Food Mod
    Why do you eat food with just your hands? Because you had nothing better to eat with before this mod! Now you can eat like the civilized Steve you've always wanted to be.
    By GK-Games

    Block Distortion
    This will randomly distort anything that is 3D, producing a very strange effect.
    By Risugami

    Dynamic Lights
    You can hold a torch in your hand and have it give off light!
    By AtomicStryker

    This one is fun; it adds in a working mirror that you can place on a wall.
    By Davidee

    Interface Mods
    These are mods that change the main menu, change the chat, allow you to add macros, or other things that don’t have to deal with the actual game play directly.

    This will allow you to to use better looking fonts in Minecraft (such as the font that I am typing in right now).
    By thvortex

    This will remove the chat from Minecraft, only to redirect it to your browser! Enjoy your screen space!
    By bannedtom

    This mod allows you to connect and communicate with people on an IRC channel. Have fun!
    By duke605

    Video Setting Patch
    Adds in an option to toggle fullscreen and turn on VSync (which you would otherwise need to manually edit the options.txt to get to).
    By evil_pro

    Extra Options
    This will add in more options, like changing your texture pack in game, changing from creative to survival, and loading another world without having to quit the main manu.
    By Mac

    In-Game Texture Pack Button
    This will let you change the texture pack without having to quit to the main menu.
    By spacechase0

    Bringing Back the Progress Bar
    This adds in the old progress bar when creating a new world.
    By G3R4RD

    Macro / Keybind mod
    This powerful tool allows you to bind keys to a command, and set up scripts.
    By Mumfrey

    Spawner GUI
    This will give you a GUI to pick what will spawn out of a mob spawner.
    By Risugami

    Mob Spawn Controls
    Not quite the same as Spawner GUI. This will allow you to hit F6, then turn on and off various mobs from spawning. Want Ghasts in the Overworld? Maybe you want Endermen in the Nether?
    By Davidee

    Painting Selection
    When you place a painting on the wall, a GUI will come up to let you pick out a painting.
    By Davidee

    Note Block Selection GUI
    When you right click on a noteblock, a GUI will appear to let you pick the note.
    By Davidee

    Admin GUI
    This will give you a nice menu that will enter a command for you! You can even customize what buttons you want, and add your own.
    By chylex

    Achievement API
    This adds in more achievements, and adds in a way for others to easily add in their own achievements.
    By Davidee

    Cooler Main Menu
    This will replace the main menu with a cooler one.
    By epicninja1

    Mob Changes
    These mods change how a mob acts, like creepers stalk you, or zombies eat anything with flesh they see (like animals). Some even add in new mobs!

    Anti-griefing mod
    Creepers don't damage the terrain, but can still hurt you, Enderman don't pick up blocks, and Ghasts don't break blocks any more.
    By conspiracycrime

    Enderman don't pick up blocks
    The previous mod already can do this, but this is updated as well, and it exists, so it goes on. There's two version of this mod, one where Enderman don't pick up blocks, and another where they still don't pick up anything, but are also immune to water and sunlight.
    By Jeffrey6978

    Makes creepers burn in sunlight, just like zombies. The day is safe at last!
    By MorpheusZero

    Stalker Creepers
    This makes creepers STALK YOU.
    By AtomicStryker

    Griefer Creepers
    This changes how creepers explode. Instead of just causing a small explosion, it will disappear and launch 100 arrows into the air, 25% fire arrow and 75% explosive arrows. Have fun! :S
    By Risugami

    Changes the AI of a few mobs to be a bit more realistic and more fun.
    By NiteLitezFTW

    Wolves and Ocelots Don’t Spawn
    This will stop wolves and ocelots from spawning, and will allow you to craft a spawn egg or buy one from villagers. Helpful if you have a problem with too many of these spawning.
    By JRucker81

    Vintage Creepers
    In the olden days of Minecraft, creepers were the most feared foe in the Minecraftian universe. Sure, they might still be for some, but they were terrible before. When you killed a creeper, it would still explode!
    By chylex

    No Slimes in Superflat
    Simple, it removes slimes from spawning in a super flat map.
    By MamiyOtaru

    Named Entity Labels
    This makes the entity label above a mob's head show the name of the creature.
    By spacechase0

    This adds in a new Skeleton, the Scoaleton! It drops dark bones, which can be turned into dark bone meal, and if you use dark bone meal on farmland, then that farmland will grow anything faster than normal!

    Legendary Beasts
    This will add in Legendary Beasts (bosses) to the game. They spawn in a nest specific to what they are, and will attack you if you get too close, thus starting the battle.
    By Davidee

    Fixes/Slight Changes
    These will fix various bugs and annoyances with Minecraft, or might just change something to be a bit more friendly or creative.

    Click Mining Fix Fix
    Will change how soon you can break another block. Depending on the version you get, you can sprint while breaking a 1x1 line of dirt in front of you with a diamond shovel, or it can be how it was in older versions, where if you clicked again just after breaking a block, you could start breaking the next block sooner.
    By IDontEvenKnow

    Light Update Mod
    As you've been exploring the new map you made with 1.3.1, you've been finding area's where it's nothing but black. If you stand near it and type in the command this adds (/updatelight), it should be fixed.
    By Wubbi

    Middlerun’s Mod
    Fixes some light glitches, makes water less annoying, and makes grass make more sense around stairs.
    By middlerun

    No Voidfog (and No Dimming)
    Removes void fog and dimming when near bedrock.
    By MamiyOtaru

    Old North / Retro Sun Direction
    Makes the sun and clouds move like they used to in old versions of Minecraft.
    By MamiyOtaru

    1/2 Hit Snowballs
    Makes snow balls deal a 1/2 heart of damage. Finally your army of snow golems can do something!
    By G3R4RD

    Better Sprinting
    The way sprinting is set up is a bit… clumsy, to say the least. This makes it a bit more like other games, where you press a single key to start sprinting.
    By chylex

    Toggle Sneak/Sprint
    This will allow you to toggle sneaking, or press a key to start running.
    By Davidee

    Nova’s Dream Ladder
    Changes how ladders work to be slightly less annoying.
    By Ramalayha

    Player Changes
    These mod change various things about the person who you happen to be possessing at the moment. Whether you deform them and change how they look, or just give them a cape, these mods will exist.

    More Player Models
    This lets you change your player model so you can play as a male/female elf, dwarf, orc, or a furry.
    By Noppes

    Minecraft Capes!
    With this mod, you can upload a cape to the creator's website, and anyone with the mod will see you with your cape!
    By cjz__

    Third Person Camera
    This will let you move the camera around in in third person.
    By spacechase0

    Better Third Person
    This will offset the third person camera so your character isn’t constantly in the way of everything!
    By QuantumMonkey

    Improved Third Person View
    This will let you change the position of the third person camera, lock it in place, or make it spin wildly.
    By Hannestahmann

    iAmDat’s Safewalking
    When you’re crouching, you don’t fall off of the edge of a block. But maybe you want to move at full speed, but not fall off of a block. This will allow you to do just that, and you can toggle it too, so it’s very useful when you’re AFK on a server.
    By iAmDat

    You Are Herobrine
    This mod lets you play as Herobrine. It completely changes the way the game works, and you can find and kill Steve.
    By C3s4r_6om

    Not Just About Boobs
    I'm not entirely sure why I posted this, but it is updated, so have a description: This adds in what the title says, but also changes how the player looks. Depending on how you configure it, it can change the shape of the player entirely. It's actually a little impressive how strangely deformed you can make the player look.
    By newcoleco

    Tool, Cheating, and Utility Mods
    These mods are very helpful for doing various things, or maybe you just want to see where your friend hid his stash.

    Capture the Monument UI Mod
    I’m not entirely sure what this does. If someone could give me a good description it would be appreciated.
    By xIGBClutchIx

    What's My Light Level?
    This nifty little mod can show you what your light level is, as the name says, but it can tell you that if hostile mobs can spawn, if plants can grow, and can show you your FPS, the direction you're facing (in words!), your coordinates, what biome you're in, and the world seed, all without having to hit F3! You can configure what shows up and what doesn't.
    By iPeer

    Light Level Overlay
    This will show the light level of a block, but will display the number on the block itself.
    By 4poc

    FPS Display
    Simple, it will show you what your FPS is without you having to open F3.
    By iAmDat

    Write to Books from Text Files
    This will let you create a text file in your .minecraft folder, add stuff to it, then that will appear in a book! Well, sort of. It’s a bit more involved than that, but meh.

    This will change the underlying server in 1.3.1 to be a Bukkit server! At least, I’m fairly certain that’s what it does.
    By ajwgeek

    This will continuously spam whatever server you set it on, trying to join until there’s an empty point. As useful as you might find this, I recommend you don’t do this, as it can severely lag the server you point it at.
    By Davidee

    Finder Compass
    This will allow you to have a compass that will point you in the direction of any block you choose! It will also help you find Strongholds and Dungeons.
    By Atomic Stryker

    Zan's Minimap
    While not as powerful as Rei's Minimap, some people might prefer it.
    By MamiyOtaru

    Aliens Motion Tracker
    Adds in a nice looking motion tracker in the corner of your screen.
    By MamiyOtaru

    Material Detector
    Essentially a local area minimap that can show where ores are in a top down form or switch to a vertical display and show you what’s around you behind walls.
    By Ellian

    Simply Hax
    This will let you fly and see through walls, helpful for finding cave systems!
    By Atomic Stryker

    HighJump Mod
    This allows you to jump much higher than normal, but be careful, you can still take fall damage!
    By mjacobinc

    Allows you to fly.
    By bmanrules
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from SkitsofRandom

    You guys are funny. Optifine won't do much for anybody; all it will help with is basic rendering. The real problem is that single player now creates a temporary server that will be enclosed to your world.
    That said, Optifine is client-side. Not much we can do about that, seeing as they only create a temporary server to host your world in, which cannot be modified as it is deleted as you close your world and cannot be edited while in use by Java. 1.3.1=Less lag spikes, but not much we can do to fix what exsites.

    Now, for what we can do. If you are really needing a performance boost, you can set up a local server. All you have to do is download the server and set it up (for more info just google "setting up a local Minecraft server"). Then open Minecraft and go to multiplayer. Click "add server" and name it whatever you want. For address, simply name it "localhost", all one word. (Note that you do not have to port-forward while doing this; this will be strictly local) What you have just done is set up a local server like 1.3.1 does, but this one is permanent, without the limitations of it being deleted when you exit (and yes, for all of you out there that wish the new SPC had all of multiplayer's commands, it now does, you just have to add yourself to the admin list).

    The final step is something I will leave to you; do some research and find some performance-enhancing mods for servers. This, although much more complicated than just installing Optifine into your Minecraft jar (which I still highly reccomend for 1.3.1, as rendering is half the load) is the best way to set yourself on your way to better fps in 1.3.1. (no more depending on one mod, that would be too easy)

    And you sir, obviously have no idea what this mod does. Yes, you understand that this changes the rendering somehow, you just don't know what it does beyond that. This will make the rendering in Minecraft make more sense, and as such give you higher FPS. Furthermore, if I were to do what you suggest, my Minecraft performance will actually decrease. 1.3.1 will host a small server optimized for just one player and, if you choose to do so, a few people connecting over LAN. If I were to host a server, there would be less memory available for both the server and Minecraft itself, which, while it doesn't directly affect FPS in most scenarios, world generating would be slower, chunk updates would slow down, and you would experience actual lag (blocks not disappearing immediately after you break them). Now, you might consider listening in school before using the internet next time (seeing as we're all taught comprehension skills since, what, first grade?).
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Hardcore Respawn Mod
    The whole point of hard mode is that your world is deleted and that you can't respawn! By removing that, hard mode doesn't exist any more.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    Quote from Jyrome fedx

    So this "forge" is a new this to me, is it better than modloader?

    Recent versions of Forge include ModLoader, but also has extra hooks and features for programmers, and also allows for 4096 block ID's, so yes, it's much better than ModLoader. The problem is, since it can also do more, it overwrites more base classes, and is incompatible with many mods that also overwrite a lot of classes. If it isn't incompatible with any of your mods, I'd remove ModLoader and install Forge, and while you're at it, get MagicLauncher to make things easier xD
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    posted a message on [SP ONLY] Reach Mod! [RELEASE]
    Nifty, but it sounds like you could break parts of your world by accidentally clicking xD
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    posted a message on Mutant Creatures - Spider Pig, Spider Pig [v1.4.9]
    This looks fun. Though, I might not try it on my main world in an effort to NOT nuke my house. How frequently do these spawn?
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] CameraCraft [2.3] - Take photos in Minecraft!
    I noticed that there's a cameracreeper added by this. I spawned one, and when it died it dropped a camera. It'd be cool if they would make a house/wall and fill/cover it with photos of you. Taking stalker creepers to a new level xD
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] CameraCraft [2.3] - Take photos in Minecraft!
    Dang, this came far from the original I tried. The idea of taking pictures and actually being able to hang them in game...
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    posted a message on I can find anything...My mind is degrading.
    Quote from Levy

    Pics or no clicks

    You sir, fail.
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