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    Glad to see this is being continued since Jacki's left the project! I hope you'll still be making source available? I had planned originally on integrating features of the mod with my SAO server, the one Jacki had promoted on the old thread.
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    Quote from Battlefront819»
    Me and my sister have spent about 2 months building an open world adventure map. The custom world was made using World Painter. After making some edits with the program, I hop back on and - surprise! The program removed every single chunk that had builds on it.

    Naturally, I would appreciate it if you'd fix this and stop wasting people's time.


    I don't know why you'd expect to receive support with such a rude remark. Have you ever considered that the person making this program does so simply out of a love of doing so? They don't owe you anything. You should show more respect to people who provide you with free services that you would otherwise be unable to obtain.

    Naturally, they'd appreciate it if you'd get over yourself and stop wasting people's dedication.
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    I'm a parent with a child that plays minecraft. I also have a little brother who plays minecraft. Both myself and my mother are well aware of what's spent on our credit cards. I'm sorry, but if you're one of those parents out there who has allowed your child to spend untold amounts of money on servers, then you're blatantly irresponsible.

    If your kid stole the card, that's one thing. Punish him, send him to juvie, whatever you have to do, but don't go complaining to a company that is completely irrelevant in the matter.

    Furthermore, since when has a company EVER paid attention to complaints that bear no relevance to them? It'd be like McDonalds completely redoing their menu because people were complaining to them about Burger King's food.
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    Quote from adamvan2000

    Mojang made a product, you pay to use it. It doesn't matter whether or not you feel entitled to do what you like with it. It is still Mojang's intellectual and legal property. Yes, the rules were vague. Now they aren't as vague. If you don't like the rules, either don't play the game, or work within the system to effect change.

    It probably doesn't help the majority of posters sound like spoiled, entitled children whining because they can't do whatever they want with the new toy they bought. A gun may be a weapon, but you're not entitled to rob someone with it or break any other 'rules'. Same with the game.

    Btw, I've seen this argument used too much by certain posters on this thread. You may or may not own the server hardware with which you host a Minecraft server, but you definitely do NOT own the 'server', that is, the software written by Mojang, based on their code, or ported. That covers Forge, Bukkit, Spigot, etc... ALL of these software setups are based on Mojang code, and arguably 'belong' to them. You, as a player, 'server' owner, coder, modeler, pack maker, etc... are not entitled to anything outside of the EULA.

    To the people with the "We can/will do as we please".

    You are not right, you are wrong.

    You're breaking their rules and can be held legally accountable. If you choose to do that, fine. You know what that means. Don't give those of us who legitimately want to work within the system set up by Mojang to advance the game and it's wonderful community a hard time because we choose to play within the rules. You have made the choice to act in the manner that best suits you, not your users. Don't try to pretend this isn't about the money. Yes, servers cost money. I would add that the poster who mentioned $300/year in hosting costs for a semi-popular server is most likely thinking of a small 1-20 person server. Anything with 50-200 is considerably more, and $300 per month, not year, is definitely logical and common. It's a reality that few players take seriously.

    It basically comes down to whether or not you choose to follow their rules or not. If you do, good for you. If you don't, don't be surprised when it bites you in the backside.

    I find it funny that a company, who has painstakingly attempted to guard its name from brandishings such as "greedy" and "immoral" through countless acts like refusal to profit from youtube videos made on their product, and refusal to work with companies deemed with such brandishings like Facebook, is now pushed back into a corner by a fair amount of its community members by an argument, and their only defense is people like yourself throwing up the word "OWNERSHIP" in the face of their opposition.
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    To everybody who responds to this thread with "Those packages were always illegal. You were always violating the terms of service.":

    This isn't so much a matter of legality as it is morality. The terms of service laid out by the previous EULA definition was incredibly vague. If you'll remember, even Mojang admitted that, and that was the cause of all this fuss. Now, they're refining those terms.

    The issue with that is that they allowed that vaguery to control and dictate the means by which the community supported itself. True, in some ways this created the pay-to-win system, and that may be an issue, but to attempt to completely choke out the community based on their own personal beliefs is wrong. Let's talk dirty metaphors:

    "You live in a city, which has just passed a new law, stating that sodas are illegal. Of course, nobody takes this serious. It's soda, afterall. We'll just do what we do naturally, and drink it on our own personal whims. As the years go by, the city takes no measures whatsoever in enforcing this law. It allows soda to be sold, and soda ends up becoming incredibly popular. It's sold on every street corner, every restaurant, and even in the back alleyways of the crime-ridden poor districts.

    Soda ends up becoming an icon for the city. It attracts tourists to come see the city, who end up flooding the local economy, turning it into a booming soda sight-scene. (That's a doozy, eh?)

    All the while, the city does nothing about enforcing the soda law. It actually profits from the lack of enforcement, to the point that soda-related activities become a staple in the everyday lives of the citizens. Things are going swell in soda-ville.

    All of a sudden, the city decides that a particular brand of this soda is violating the law. It sends out a massive order of removal for all citrus-using products in the city. The families, those that have chosen to sell their lemony beverages instead of the more popular cocoa bean-using drinks, are now suddenly out of work. Their businesses are foreclosed upon, their mortgages withdrawn, and their children forced to rummage through the dumpsters for food."

    While vastly overexaggerated, this has a lot of similarity to our situation with Mojang. The issue doesn't lie in the fact that we've always been breaking the law, but in the fact that the law wasn't enforced, which PROMOTED ITS BEING BROKEN. On top of that, Mojang has profited from this. The ability to sell donation packages as we please has allowed us to run our servers in a business model that's right for us. It's promoted self-growth, and the community has flourished from it. Self-growth is the very core of this community, and without that hands-free attitude we've always seen from Mojang on certain areas, we'll see that growth stifled and put in the ground.
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    I despise this new system. I'll continue running my server as I always have. I work my hardest not to make 'pay-to-win' systems in my donation perks. I've always hated that style of gameplay, and have avoided certain servers like the plague in order to make sure I'm not affected by it. Yet, as somebody who has fought against that aspect of minecraft's community for 3 years now, I find that I'm breaking Mojang's new EULA.

    1. I refuse to charge players to access my server. You want to stop pay-to-win? Well, pay-to-win becomes an absolute when you completely cut out the ability to compete without money. Just because a server feels like they're pushed into a corner with your new EULA terms, thousands of players will now be unable to access the servers they love, due to the fact that they've changed to this new system.

    2. A purely donation based server won't last long. Even when ran well, it's hard to meet monthly payments and population demands when there's no incentive for donation. On top of this, there's absolutely no way to track and determine whether we provide perks after the "donation" has taken place. An anonymous chest of goodies appearing outside of somebody's house can't really be traced.
    This 'rule' is just silly. It's like the standard "No Running In the Hall" rule. It's only there to attempt to push people into walking based on the fear of the very, very, very minor amount of people who actually get caught doing so.

    3. I'll just skip this bit about in-game advertisement. I don't think I have to go over why I don't plan to include this in my roleplay environment.

    4. Can't sell in-game currencies? Well, I sell creditpoints which can be used for cosmetics. Now, I'm well aware that it doesn't go against their "As long as it doesn't affect gameplay" tidbit, but just the fact that I can be 'reported' to Mojang for something like this is absolutely childish.

    I think that last bit pretty much wraps up how I feel about all this. Childish.

    I feel like Mojang is attempting to play schoolteacher with all its subjugates right now, and I don't appreciate it in the slightest. Whether I'm in violation or not, this sort of Big Brother behavior is completely and utterly unnecessary, and makes me want to avoid running a server.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.7.2] Wayukian pack (Magma slime & blaze previews on pg. 144) [800k+ downloads]
    Quote from Ixaxaar

    IMO, I feel the quartz shade is appropriate for the darker ambiance of the pack. I think Wayuki is expanding on a style that started with the stone slab, and that mixes well with the lapis block and the dispenser/dropper. And besides, it's easy enough to manuslly open the pngs in an image editor (like Photoshop or Gimp) and raise the brightness and contrast, and even migrate them over to newer packs. Easy stuff.

    Looks great Wayuki! Absolutely no complaints here.

    Ixaxar is entirely correct. The main theme behind Wayuki's style is to give minecraft the feeling of those classic darker-toned rpgs. When considering the shade applied to that particular block, a lot of consideration goes into how it'll blend with the other decorative blocks. In addition, the color comes from "milky quartz", which is a bit more solidified than the other concentrations of the quartz mineral, and as it's surrounded by heat and eventually pressed into brick, this variant seems appropriate. On a side note, remember that a texture pack, to the artist, is an expression of themselves. To ask for your expression to replace what is already there, would completely remove the unique personality of this pack. While community-driven creations can turn out just as beautiful, I don't believe it would work well with this pack in particular.

    On a completely separate note, as the administrator of the official Wayukian server, I'd like to give you all a sneak preview of what's coming in the 1.6 update of the Wayukian pack! As of now, all of the new blocks are completed. She's currently working on the horses and armor, but this is a huge undertaking for all texture artists, simply because of the sheer amount of textures and the speed of the release. So, without further adieu. . .

    Here is a few shots of the hardened clay. First up, a display of all color options of the hardened clay, and secondly, a close up of the hardened clay texture itself.

    Next, the hay bales. I personally like this block best out of the new textures.

    The coal block is a bit dark, and so I placed it in a white room to make the shading really pop. This one is stunning.

    Lastly, the carpets. They use the same texture as the wool.

    In addition to all this, the brick textures have been altered slightly to make the grout blend a bit better. I'll have more previews to show as soon as things are completed.
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