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    Quote from Azanor»

    Nodes will be completely random, not based on biome. The aura groundstates however will be. So in a desert the groundstate for fire in the aura will be much higher than water for example, but water will still be present.
    So yes, it does limit you by biome to a degree, but that has been true since TC3, and even in TC2 your crystal supply was limited by biome.
    I don't think I will make the variance too big however. More likely I will give certain biomes a 33-50% bonus to the groundstate value of one primal, while the rest will be roughly equal (within the bounds of the RNG)

    The way I'm interpreting this (which may be wrong) is that each chunk starts of with a given amount of vis in it, which can drain out completely and create dead zones. Nodes, now generating only one aspect, serve as a sort of "spring" that provides a constant amount of vis. This creates two problems. First, in a area with few/little nodes, doing anything thaumcraft related would be difficult. This, in turn, creates several other problems that others have pointed out, such as forcing someone to live in one area, multiplayer servers being 100% devoid of vis except in already existing bases with nodes, etc. Second, as the player uses the vis in a given area (which contains varying levels of primal aspects) they will "run out" of other aspects. This is because the only renewable source of vis is nodes, which only generate a specific aspect. Thus, over time areas will loose all aspects except one or two provided by nearby nodes, greatly impeding progress and encouraging a "node hogging" attitude for multiplayer that only increases the "dead zone" problem stated above.

    Thankfully (because the concept is a beautiful one) this is easily remedied. By having vis slowly regenerate in all chunks, ALL of these problems are solved; no more dead zones, and an area won't be flooded by a single aspect. Think of it like vis energy seeping from wherever it comes from, with nodes being a "tear" between our world and this source of energy, letting it flow out in greater amounts. Ideally, the rate of regeneration would be enough to propel a player to mid game before they start to encounter difficulties, forcing them to research methods of increasing the available amount of vis in a aura (by moving more nodes to their base, or other methods). Naturally, the rate of vis regeneration can vary by aspect according to the biome, still allowing for areas like deserts to have a higher "ignis" aspect, simply because their regeneration rate is higher.

    TL;DR: Have chunks slowly regenerate all aspects to solve for "barren zones", among other things.

    ~ ~ ~(the following is my own suggestions, not a remedy for the current dilemma)~ ~ ~

    For extra fun, having very low or very high amounts of aspects in a given area could effect the environment/players in different ways. For example, if the environment is high in aer aspects then mobs could jump higher, take less fall damage, and perhaps move faster. Very low amount of aer could have the opposite effects, or perhaps negative ones, like entities getting "pushed" around by gusts of wind, or getting struck by (fireless) lightning as aer tries to get back into the area, creating a sort of "friction" with the other aspects already there.

    Alternatively, the level of flux/taint in a area could have an influence on how negative effects created by high amounts of aspects are; an area low in flux would have almost no negative effects, but if a thaumaturge is careless then things could quickly get out of hand, with the advantage of a highly charged aura quickly turning into a disadvantage. Moreover, a system implemented in this fashion would punish late-game players more then early to mid game ones, as the amount OF effects is determined by the amount of vis in a area, whereas the amount of flux determines how much of the effects are "tainted". Therefore, because in early-mid game getting an area to higher levels of vis would be difficult, it allows for cruder methods of handling flux that are more fitting for early game, while still creating enough incentive to advance to "cleaner" methods of essentia creation/crafting/whatever else generates flux. Moreover, if the area starts with a predetermined amount of "flux", like they do essentia, then as a player advances to late game, investing in methods of cleaning flux out of the aura becomes necessary, further encouraging research. Of corse, the amount generated shouldn't be enough to create a large amount of "bad" effects until late game, when the player starts saturating the aura with large amounts of aspects.
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    Is there any way to "un-research" something via commands? I researched down the advanced node tapping, thinking that the 2nd upgrade would leave the nodes with 1 vis (hint hint ;D), but... it didn't. Since I only have a great wood wand, every time I draw from a node I have to be SUPER careful not do completely drain it, which is a huge pain.

    Now for my opinions on the future of this mod. First of all, you've done a wonderful thing here, Azanor, so thank you! Like most others, I think the amount of aspects is perfect, but they should be balanced out more in terms of use; spiritus, humanus, etc. should be used less, and things like (insert weather name I can't spell) should be used more. Scanning and research is a ton of fun, but I've only gone through it once, so I can't comment on its "replay" value. Personally, I'd love to see eldrich lore/biomes expanded upon, leading to increasingly powerful (yet dangerous) items, dungeons, and research. Taint is another thing that I'd like to see more; make it more dangerous than some gas/fluid released, and (like others have stated) a constantly growing taint biome with things to make it more alive (spines, eyes, teeth) that could culminate into the very environment attacking you would be amazing. I'm envisioning the taint biome progressing like it normal does, corrupting mobs and turning the environment purple, but then the environment itself slowly gaining "living" aspects. Eyes that follow you, strange spikelike structures appearing out of the ground, spines (that deal damage) sprouting up from the ground, until it moves/shifts so quickly it seems more like a (malicious) living organism than some dirt and trees.Finally, as my home is a "treehouse" spanning several of the huge trees in the Magical Forest biomes, might I suggest making the trunks a bit thicker? They look a bit odd having such a huge canopy with only a 1 block thick trunk.
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    Quote from theVoid1313

    Hmmm... but you can't edit the resorcepack with the game open. How do you exactly do it then?

    I'm not sure how you edit your textures, but dragging the texture out of the folder for your texture pack while your pack is running on minecraft and pressing "F3" + "T" will have that block's texture vanish and default to vanilla.

    For example, if I remove the redstone block texture from your pack while the game is running, and then press "F3" and "T", redstone blocks will loose their texture, and minecraft will search for their next available texture (may it be from another pack or vanilla).

    You can edit them the same way. Simply open the texture in gimp while the game is running, export it as a .png into the same folder (so it replaces the old texture), and press "F3" + "T". Since you're reloading your texture pack, you should see the changes.
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    posted a message on [32x] [1.7] - Arestian's Dawn - [Released but still WIP]
    I love the skeptical eye-raise on the villager. As always, your pack is very well put together!
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    Quote from IStoneI

    i might actually set up a containment room and turn a node hungry with the node modifier at some point.

    is it true, that they dont eat obsidian and other blast resistant blocks? what happens, when you encase it in a 3x3x3 cube of obsidian and place a regular block right outside? will the node break and/or eat it through the wall?

    Yes, a hungry node does not eat obsidian, and if you completely surround it in a 3x3 cube of obsidian blocks, no other blocks will be destroyed around it. However, do note that it will still suck in entities, and at that distance you'll be unable to escape if all you have is a 3x3 cube.

    And for everyone wondering, a hungry node (at least in my testing) sucks in ALL entities, except for item frames. Mobs, arrows, and items are obviously included in this, but boats, hungry chests, lit TNT, and wand shots effected by gravity (like the ice foci, peck's curse, etc) are also sucked in, among other things. Just a fun bit of info :D

    Fun with the ice foci >:D

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    posted a message on Semi-Automatic “Water Pad” Crop Farm – ONE REDSTONE | Tile-able | Resource-Friendly | Efficient
    “Water Pad” Farm
    Semi-Automatic Crop Farm

    What is it?
    The “Water Pad” Farm is a unique crop farm that utilizes water mechanics to create a semi-automatic, efficient, and tile-able farm that uses AT MOST 1-0 redstone while remaining space-efficient and harvesting as many crops as possible.

    It does this by utilizing water mechanics in a small 5x5x1 pad, so a single water source block not only harvests the layer it is on, but passes on in a stream to the next layer. Think of it like a vertical canal, where water is funneled downwards, and branching off to harvest individual “layers” as it does so.

    … just… just read the tutorial :P

    What are its dimensions?
    One farm layer: 39x39x6 (length, width, and height, respectively)
    Note: This incudes the minimum space needed between layers (3 blocks). If you want space to walk around your farm, then it’s 39x39x7, and you’ll want 4 spaces between every farm layer.

    Water Pad: 5x5x1

    Entire farm: The farm is tile-able, so the length and width will forever be 39, but it can go upwards as high as possible!

    How do I build it?
    Finally! The building tutorial will be divided into two parts for convenience. First is the Farm Layer section, which relates to building the pad where you actually farm the crops. Second is the Water Pad section, which talks about building the water flow pads that direct the water flow in the direction(s) necessary, as well as how they work. I leave methods of collection up to the reader, as too much depends on the amount of resources the player has at the time of construction. In my survival server, I use hoppers, but you can use water streams, manual collection, or whatever other crazy methods you can come up with!

    Farm Layer:

    1) Start by building a 5x5 platform where you want the center of your farm to be. This will be your “water pad”. In this picture it is represented with Quartz, but you can make it out of any block you wish. Then, one block lower, branch out a 6 long “arm” from the middle of each side, made out of dirt. See picture below for reference.

    2) Connect the four dirt “arms” with more dirt, in a diagonal path like shown. Fill with dirt.

    3) Branch 8 blocks out from the tips of the dirt “arms”, one block lower. Connect with diagonal lines.

    4) Fill with dirt.

    5) Now’s a good time to test if you’ve built the platform correctly. Place a block of water in the middle of the 5x5 platform. If you built as instructed, water should cover ALL of the dirt, and stop at the edges.

    6) Place water under each of the blocks I’ve replaced with glass. These blocks are the outer corners of your 5x5 platform, and the edge of the 6 long dirt platform you built.

    Make sure this water doesn’t flow everywhere when you place it, I suggest restraining the water current with half-slabs. This stops the water flow but still lets you place buckets in the desired place.

    7) Wash, rinse, and repeat as many times as necessary! Remember to leave at least a 3 block gap between layers, 4 if you don’t have enderpearls or some other method of transportation.

    8) For the top layer only: Place signs around the outer rim of your farthest dirt blocks. In the picture the signs are represented as black wool. Leave a 1 block space, and build another outer rim of blocks, in the picture represented as glowstone. The one block space is represented by water, and guess what, that’s your next step! Fill in the gap between your signs and outer rim with water. Be sure you’ve built this exactly right, or you’ll have severe problems later on. If you’ve built it correctly it should look like this:

    For all other layers: Nothing! The water should flow cleanly down, leaving a 1 block space between every dirt block and the water flow. If it doesn’t, you’ve built something wrong and fix it now or you’ll have severe water flow issues later on (I know from experience…)

    9) Hoe ALL THE DIRT! If you placed the water right, everything should be hydrated but for 4 blocks on every corner on the upper layer of dirt…. Just look at the picture :P (Ignore that single un-hydrated farmland, I didn’t have the patience to wait for it :P )

    10) You’re done with the farming layer section of this tutorial! If you did everything correctly, your farm should be 39 blocks long, 39 blocks wide, and however high you decided to make it! Feel free to proceed onwards to the “Water Pad” part of the build tutorial!

    Water Pad:

    Building Instructions:

    1) Move to your topmost farm layer. Upon this layer, remove various blocks from the 5x5 pad you left yourself until you have the shape below.

    2) Place water in the center block. If you built everything correctly, water should not only spread out and cover your entire farm layer, but also flow in 4 streams into your next layer! Pretty fancy!

    3) Remove that annoying block of water (it will just get in your way) and move down to your second topmost layer. In other words, the layer directly under your top one. Then, remove blocks until your 5x5 pad looks like the one shown below. (Sorry for the lack of close up)

    4) See the 16 red wool in that picture? Hopefully, that’s dirt on your farm, or you’ve done something horribly wrong. Remove the dirt where the red wool is on my picture. It’s on the 4 tips of every dirt platform, and one block in from those tips.

    5) Place dirt blocks underneath the blocks that you just mined out, but only directly after the 1st dirt layer (the 6 block one). See the pictures below for reference.

    See the yellow wool in this picture? Where that wool is, put dirt. Now do it on all 4 sides.

    I’ve outlined all the dirt blocks you need to place in yellow wool here. Be sure the dirt is level to the 2nd layer of dirt! Oh, and at this point, you shouldn’t have water everywhere. Ignore it for now, that’s next.

    6) Let water flow from your 1st farm layer. It should stream down in 4 streams, flow onto the water pad, and poetically distribute water across the entire farm layer. If not, post a picture in the thread and I’ll do my best to help.

    (Hopefully there isn’t this much space between your first and second farm layers, I’ve simply moved them apart for easier photo-taking.)

    7) As you move down your farm, alternate between your 1st (the one you used on the top layer) and 2nd (the one that needed all the annoying dirt digging) pad design. Remember, whenever using the 2nd pad design, make all the required adjustments to the farm pad!

    8) If you’ve done everything correctly, water placed in the center of your topmost pad should flow down and cover all the dirt on that layer, while flowing onto the second layer, where the same thing will happen, etc. etc. until all layers of your farm have been covered with water! All with only one source block… it’s almost poetic. All that remains now is to replace that single water source block with a dispenser holding a water bucket, pointing down! This is your ONE redstone, and allows you to toggle the waterflow, allowing for semi-automatic harvesting of your entire farm! If you really want to be cheap, you can hold off a water source block with a block, and break that block when you want the thing to harvest! It’s about 5 seconds more work, but costs 0 redstone!

    And there you have it! A tile-able, space-efficient, and semi-automatic crop farm, using 1-0 redstone! Not bad!
    How it works:

    This farm works off of two key water mechanics:
    1) Water will flow to the closet block of a lower elevation. If several blocks are an equal distance from each other, it will flow to all of them.
    2) Water cannot flow diagonally.

    Observe the diagram below, which shows how water flows on one of the “water pads”. I only used one pad because once you get the concept it’s easy enough to understand how the other one works.

    1) Water flows from the above pad onto the current one
    2) Since water cannot flow diagonally, water flows onto the 4 closest solid blocks. Note how each of the 4 blocks is surrounded by 3 holes; this ensures that the water will flow onto each one, as they are an equal distance away from a lower elevation
    3) Remember the rule that if several blocks are an equal distance from each other water will flow to all of the blocks. This means that all of the “holes” in step 3 are an equal distance from all of the blocks in step 2. Thus, water will flow onto each of them. We then proceed to distribute the water across both the farm and down to the next layer.

    See, it’s not that hard to understand! Once you understand the mechanics behind it, puzzling out how the actual “pads” work isn’t overly difficult.

    If you approve of this build, feel free to sooth my barbaric urges and press that little green up arrow at the bottom of this post! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :D

    If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, feel free to ask them below in the comments! If it’s a question, or your build isn’t working correctly, please post with a screenshot so I can adequately assess what’s going on and hopefully help you out.

    If you really want to talk to me, meet me, ask me a seriously complicated question, or troll me give me flowers, I can normally be found at Arcadia Games! That’s the server where I designed and built this thing from the ground up, and I’m working on building it in the Survival World right now!
    Server Website: arcadiagames.net
    Server IP: mc.arcadiagames.net

    1) I wrote this all in one sitting, so if there are any grammatical errors, tell me!
    2) I wasn’t sure whether to put this into the redstone section or the survival section. If a moderator thinks it is in the wrong place, feel free to move it!
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    Wow, this looks... amazing! (and so complicated...) I can't wait to try it out.
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    Quote from Valerius_Maximus

    Looks like imageshack killed my images account... Probably time to put this thread to bed.

    NOOOOOOO! This thread is a wonderful bank of useful tactics and traps, keep it!

    If you're really opposed to the idea, do you by any chance have a copy of it anywhere you could PM to me, so I could still benefit from this? Even without the pictures, I'd love to keep a copy in case I ever need it.
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    posted a message on Most embarrassing way you died?
    I was in a nether fortress, slaughtering zombie pigmen, and exploring for wither skeletons. At the time of my death, I was peering out of this sudden stop in the fortress passage, where the hallway randomly ended and dropped about thirty blocks into lava. I think: "It's a good thing I have my fire resist potion", and turn to walk away. JUST as a zombie pigman decides to take revenge for the slaughter of his kin, pushing me into a lava. Again, I thanked my forethought of drinking a fire resist potion, and start swimming to the side of the lava pool. Unfortunately, the lemming-like coding of the zombie pigman made him leap off the fortress after me. The last thing I saw was "goldendragon1597 was killed by a zombie pigman", and the hiss of my precious diamond sword incinerating in the lava.

    Needless to say, I was furious.
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    Quote from Kirhak

    What plugins is this for? Surely you cannot have battles without combat log, or else enemies will just log off. Surely you need factions plugin or something of the like, or else you can just take their stuff when their not online.

    I think this guide is written as a general PvP style guide. It doesn't focus on one type of plugin, such as factions, because it goes into no details about "claiming land", and doesn't mention the details of certain plugins. This makes it able to remain general, and not focus on plugins, but opportunities.

    While you can sneak into someone's base and steal their stuff, it doesn't always happen that way. This guide is written as the "Art of War", not the "Art of Sneaking in and stealing stuff". So, while taking a player's things is possible in a PvP server, this guide focuses on all of the action, or war, that goes on.
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