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    Quote from dhalek

    Wouldn't an option to disable the crafting of stone tools rods from two stone blocks make more sense? The tool rods can be crafted in the tool station without the need of a shaped crafting recipe.
    Stone rods aren't only used for tool crafting. They are also used for making stone torches and ladders, so removing them would have more of an effect than that. Not to mention the fact that this is entirely the fault of forge multipart for not accepting ore dictionary in its recipes.
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    Quote from PoweredMuse

    Great mod. But literally great. It allows me to do stuff I want, graphics is great. Rating:

    Graphics: 10/10
    Gameplay addition: 10/10
    Overall: 20/20

    It's just great... I'm glad you aren't adding support for GregTech! Greg is a *******! He only cares about his mod and added crash mod to crash while Tinkers' Construct is in the mods list. His mod is just CRAP! Don't listen to him, you did a great job. You really did, I wanted you to know that I support your work. I also can't wait to see GregTech mod taken down. Your mod is SIGNIFICANTLY better than his mod, so, he doesn't have any right to tell you that your mod sucks etc. Your mod ROCKS!!! I even started a Singleplayer world with only Tinkers' Construct on and some tweak mods. It's great. Your mod is unbeatable. Clear rating of unlimited/unlimited

    mDiyo army FTW!
    Stop trying to stir up old crap. Seriously. The GT/TiC wars ended a while ago.
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    Quote from mDiyo

    I've been having a bit of fun. Here's lookin' at you~

    I think I'm going to retire the Exo-Armor though. I want something more travel-worthy.

    I bet you thought no one would notice the extra hunger.
    You were wrong.
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    Quote from CzarnyWilk1

    Why chickens drops up to 7 feathers? Its makes game too easy because i'll kill 2 chickens i will have 7 feathers and i could make 28 arrows
    No one's telling you to use those feathers. What you do with them is not something that a mod author has to take into account.
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    Quote from MaxiTornado

    Well, that was a pretty bad annoying Orange impression, but eh. XD
    Just be quiet. We don't need you to spam the thread without having anything useful to say.
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    "Mojang does this to their code using some programs so people shouldn't be able to read the source code too easily."

    That's stupid. Either let people read your source code or don't, but don't let them read it but make it hard. That's moronic.

    And I sure wish so darn many mods didn't depend on stupid Forge. Have to wait forever to use them.
    It's their code. They can do whatever they want with it.
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    Quote from zergvsgenin

    Are you thinking of adding extra materials for tool building? I have a few ideas for extra tool materials.

    - Gold being gold, it would be the softest metal out there. However, it makes up for this by being a fast mining material at redstone level as well as its parts bestowing Fortune 1.

    - Glass would be marginally stronger than paper, but the worst material for mining, possessing a low mining speed and being of the lowest mining level. However, it would make up for this by having the highest attack power of the non-smelting materials. Glass fletching can also be used to

    - Rubber would be naturally bouncy (adds Knockback) and reasonably durable, but a so-so weapon material. You could get this form almost any tree not grown in the cold by crafting a special tool and having a bucket on hand.

    - Ironwood (Twilight Forest mod) would be marginally worse than steel in terms of durability, but have a larger handle modifier and have a chance of bestowing a random enhancement when a tool is created with this. No guarantees this will happen with every tool, and there's no telling what you'll get.

    Uh, whoops. Botched the glass entry. Glass fletching can be used to up arrow speed, but make it weighty, moreso than slime and feathers.
    Suggestions go in the suggestion thread. Also, use edit and don't quote your own post.
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    Quote from mc_h8ball

    In MC 1.6.2, whenever NEI tries to list any Forge Multipart item (including the WR-CBE Transmitter or Receiver), MC instantly crashes, with the cause listed as the CodeChickenLib.PullLightmap helper function every time.

    Testing shows that the cause is apparently an incompatibility between CodeChickenLib and OptiFine's rendering code. I believe this is because CodeChickenLib expects the vanilla MC rendering functions, but OptiFine has altered them. This happens with ANY version of OptiFine and Forge Multipartfor MC 1.6.2. If I disable OptiFine, WR-CBE and Forge Multipart both work fine. But with OptiFine enabled, the only way to avoid the instant crash is to disable Forge Multipart so CodeChickenLib doesn't crash when called by NEI to list multpart items, which means WR-CBE (which requires it) is useless because the Transmitters and Receivers ARE multiparts.

    Shame, because I finally updated MC from 1.5.2 to 1.6.2 specifically to take advantage of the new Stained Clay blocks in my huge mansion build (approx. 130x130 blocks in area, some 40 blocks tall, 3 floors all with working Redstone Lamps in every corridor/room thanks to WR-CBE's Transmitters and Receivers).

    Unfortunately, the crash problem means I can't use WR-CBE in MC 1.6.2. Since it's absolutely central to the mansion build (which I've so far spent several weeks on), I've had to revert back to MC 1.5.2 where NEI, Forge Multipart and WR-CBE all function correctly except for frequency numbers failing to display on the Transmitter and Receiver blocks except when they flicker during Redstone updates.

    Aside: I see this flicker effect often because I use lots of Repeaters to make the mansion lights switch on/off in sequence. The only workaround I've found is to run a dummy Redstone clock (e.g. Comparator in subtract mode with output connected back to side input) to FORCE frequent Redstone updates to MAKE the frequency numbers flicker so I can see them.

    As I've stated, the common cause of the MC 1.6.2 crash in every case is the new CodeChickenLib, specifically the PullLightmap helper function, which doesn't seem to like OptiFine.

    I've tried disabling ALL other mods except for the essentials (Forge, OptiFine, Forge Multipart and NEI). And for those mods, I've tried every version combination available for MC 1.6.2. The same crash occurs every time, and always due to CodeChickenLib.PullLightmap (line 134).

    If you could make CodeChickenLib OptiFine-compatible, I'm sure I and everyone else affected by this problem will be extremely grateful.

    Many thanks in advance for the great mods (which I've been using since MC 1.4.6).

    PS. I use CodeChickenCore, NEI and ChickenChunks, all of which I consider essential mods! I've only recently started using WR-CBE (and thus Forge Multipart + the Scala library linked to in the OP), but as I said they're now essential too. Keep up the great work!
    He doesn't have to make it compatible. That's a problem with Optifine that Optifine has to fix.
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    Quote from SkyVoo

    This version sucks yet. EE2 is better but you can't update it... No comment...
    Yup, that definitely isn't a comment right there...
    In all seriousness, you're complaining about something that isn't finished. Have some patience.
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    Just because some people don't seem to read what's in the books, I'm going to copy what "Mighty Smelting" says, word for word, about making tool casts.

    "Blank casts are made by pouring aluminum brass or gold into an empty casting table. These can be turned into ingot casts in the Stencil Table.

    Other part casts must be created by pouring metal [alumi brass or gold] around existing parts, like a pickaxe head, or on the wooden pattern." The info comes exactly after the page on alloys.
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