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    posted a message on survival world WITH cheats.... "THE LAND OF CREATOPIA"

    What do you mean by "modern medieval"?

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    posted a message on New SMP Sercer

    My strength in Minecraft is... building

    My weakness in Minecraft is... redstone and grinding (construction of massive farms, long mining sessions)

    My commitment time for this server is going to be... 15-20 hours per week, at least five days per week.

    I will work with everyone else, but I also may maintain my own base on the side.

    Discord Username: goknicksgo#4919

    IGN: goknicksgo

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    posted a message on Pure Vanilla Survival Realm Looking For Members

    Hi, my IGN is goknicksgo (Discord: goknicksgo#4919) and I am a good builder (trash at redstone though) who is looking for a peaceful server where I can be in the vicinity of others.


    United States (EST)

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    posted a message on Brand NEW Vanilla Whitelist Large player base, community based Server

    My IGN is goknicksgo and my Discord is goknicksgo#4919, I've been looking for a server like this for a long time.

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    posted a message on SquareWorld Server - Hermitcraft Inspired - Vanilla SMP

    IGN: goknicksgo

    Age: 15

    Why you want to join: I like the idea of a peaceful community server like Hermitcraft that isn't dead 24/7, which is the fate of most servers

    Will you be able to join the discord: Yes

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    posted a message on Brand New 1.12.2 Vanilla *Started Today*

    IGN: goknicksgo

    Age: 15

    What I'm good at: Building, I've been trying to go into redstone but I'm still pretty awful at it

    Why I want to join: I want to be in a community oriented server like Hermitcraft that is not dead 24/7 (which happened to nearly every realm I've been in.)

    Discord: goknicksgo#4919

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    posted a message on What do you hate most in Minecraft or find Annoying?

    I find mobs spawning on ledges in ravines very annoying... why do I have to spend ten minutes pillaring everywhere to stop mobs from literally appearing in front of my face?

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    posted a message on What is your main food source in survival?

    Doesn't seem very appetizing but I use extra sheep from my mob farm as a meat, and chicken to a lesser extent. I have an unnecessarily large wheat farm as an emergency backup supply.

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    posted a message on How do you organize your chests?

    I have a section of chests solely for dirt, another section for stone-related blocks, another section for ores, a section for mostly useless miscellaneous stuff, and an incinerator for people who bump two-year old threads.

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    posted a message on funniest/dumbest minecraft moments! share your experiences here!

    The dumbest Minecraft moment I've ever seen was when this guy bumped a thread that was over five years old.

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    posted a message on Oil and Pipes



    -In Ocean and Deep Ocean biomes, an oil ocean would replace the lava seas found between Layers 1-10. In addition, oil pockets will very rarely generate in these biomes between Layers 5 to 21 in pockets containing up to 2,500 source blocks. Elsewhere, oil would be extremely rare, occurring in veins of up to 32 source blocks at the same rate as emerald.

    -Oil will appear in zombie village blacksmiths instead of lava.

    -Oil buckets will have a 2.5% chance of appearing in blacksmith chests.


    -Oil will act differently from water and lava in that when a source block is collected, it will disappear and surrounding source blocks will not fill it in. This means that oil is not a renewable resource and you cannot create an infinite oil well in your base.

    -Oil will flow away from its source 1.5 times slower than lava.

    -However, Oil will spread seven blocks around in the Overworld (like water) and 14 blocks in the Nether.

    -Oil cannot be found in the End.

    -Oil is extremely flammable, and fire will spread rapidly to a 10-block horizontal radius around the source if lit on water. If placed on water, oil blocks will convert into water after 28 Minecraft days (9 hours and 20 minutes of playtime). Oil will contaminate water source blocks within a 20-block radius and convert them into Diluted Oil, which is a useless, navy blue block that will poison the player and convert into water after 14 Minecraft days.

    -When lit on fire, Oil will burn for 12 Minecraft hours, or ten minutes.

    -Oil will shed the leaves of all trees and convert their logs into stripped logs within a 20 block radius.

    Immediate effects:

    When a player comes in contact with oil, he/she will be poisoned, losing 2 health (♥) every 5 to 10 seconds until they can drink milk, a potion of regeneration, or a potion of healing. Drinking water would slow the loss of health until the player obtain milk. This damage can avoided by either drinking a potion of water breathing combined with a potion of fire resistance, or wearing armor enchanted with Protection.

    -In The End, Oil will explode almost immediately upon being placed.


    -Oil in a bucket would be used as an extremely efficient furnace fuel, burning up to 250 items. An oil bucket enchanted with Efficiency would burn items 50% faster for each level. Enchanted oil buckets can be reused.

    -Oil in a cauldron can be used as a powerful redstone power source, powering redstone 40 blocks away. A full cauldron would power redstone 90 blocks away.

    -Oil can be used to contaminate water in ocean monuments and kill off guardians.

    -Oil can be used as a terrible PvP trap, forcing players to slowly die for over a minute.

    -Loading a minecart with a bucket of oil will boost that minecart's speed for 180 to 240 seconds (1.4 to 1.9 km or about a mile). Loading a minecart with a chest that contains 27 buckets of oil would therefore boost that minecart's speed for up to 108 minutes (38 to 51 km or about 27 miles), which is roughly 5 1/2 Minecraft days. (These values can be lower or higher based on your feedback)

    -Blacksmith villagers will trade a bucket of Oil for a good amount of emeralds.

    -Ender dragons can be attacked with Oil.

    Pipe Blocks


    Pipe Blocks would be as wide as a vertical post in a fence. However, they would not provide an air pocket underwater.

    Otherwise, they would act as a normal block.


    -Pipe Blocks would be used to transport items or liquids upwards into cauldrons, droppers, dispensers, or the open air. Pipe Blocks would be redstone operated, needing a redstone torches placed along the sides of the tunnel which the Pipe is in. Pipes would act as vertical powered rails for items and liquids in this sense. When activated, Pipes will pick up items within a 3x3x3 cube around the bottom Pipe Block and liquids within a 15x15x15 cube, one source block every few seconds.

    -Pipe Blocks are crafted using two iron ingots and three pressure plates of any type (beware, wooden Pipes will catch fire and combust if carrying Lava and leak into the environment if carrying Oil).


    -Pipes can be used for lava or water wells, an infinitely refilling cauldron, an oil rig, a crude plumbing system, or an underground mob farm.

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    posted a message on what happened in your first death in minecraft?

    I was running toward a village while the sun was setting and fell straight into a ravine.

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    posted a message on What is the objective in Survival now?

    Andesite, Granite, and Diorite are mostly useless; they're just alternatives of stone. I use granite and diorite for decoration.

    Since 1.4.2 (I think), you can spawn a Wither from Soul Sand and Wither skeletons, which is stronger than the Ender Dragon and is necessary to kill to construct a Beacon.

    Ocean monuments and woodland mansions now exist in the deep ocean and the roofed forest. Ocean monuments are defended by guardians and elder guardians, and woodland mansions are defended by illagers. Both are very rare and have valuable loot if you can breach their defenses.

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    posted a message on How do you build your base?

    I always, always build my base in a Plains biome next to a river so I can easily expand horizontally whenever I need to. Usually, I live in a trench in the side of a hill as I work on my main house and walls, and I add on to the base whenever I feel like I need a new crop field or mob farm. I don't plan very far ahead; I just make sure wherever I settle is okay for a large base. I usually have separate buildings for enchanting/books/brewing, living quarters, mining, and storage. I always protect the perimeter of my base with a wall and keep everything well-lit so I can run around at night.

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