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    "Chao are fictional life forms in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega. They are small, childlike creatures that go through a complex life cycle and exist in several visual forms depending on how they are raised."

    For more information about Chao please visit Chao Island website; click here!


    Fruit Trees: Fruit trees will slowly grow. Once full growth is reached, they will begin to grow/produce the corresponding fruit. When a fruit is ready, it will fall to the ground, or can be shaken off.

    Fruits: Fruits can be eaten by Chao to increase a stat. Overtime they will rot, feeding a rotten fruit will decrease a stat instead;

    In-game screenshots


    Some Models (Created with Blockbench, by me)

    SideViewFrontViewSideViewBackView Chao

    Tree Fruit tree

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