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    Major Update 1 (Update 10): 2 Year Thread Anniversary!

    A major update will happen at any milestone I deem significant enough to make one, and will consist of one significant project, followed by a short overview of significant changes in each of the settlements, plus an area shot if there have been any significant changes. The next major update will hopefully be on the 5 year anniversary of this project, September 15th, 2016.

    Over the past week, I’ve completed a significant terraforming and terrasculpting project in Carthage, requiring over thirty thousand blocks to complete. For this, terraforming is defined as changing a biome to look like another, while terrasculpting is defined as modifying the landscape in a biome while still looking like that biome.

    Major Update Project: Carthage Housing Layout

    This project consumed a minimum of eight large chests of dirt (27648 blocks) and a large chest of sand (3456 blocks) to flatten the landscape before the housing plan could be made. This involved filling an inland ocean biome with sand to remove all the water, then using dirt to raise the land to the level height (character is at y=73).

    The before pictures were taken from a backup save made on March 16th, 2015, as I forgot to take them after starting the terraforming efforts. This is why the development appears to have regressed in the before pictures. I have combined the before and after pictures so that each picture taken from a similar angle was placed together.

    Each of the cobblestone squares is the location where a house will be built. I am still in the process of designing the buildings, which will follow a consistent pattern with small modifications to each. These houses are owned by noble families.


    The location of the house determines its desirability among the noble families, and therefore the power of the family. The most valuable house is the one in the top left, which is followed in decreasing order by the rest of the column bar the bottom left house. This is continued to the second from the bottom right house, bottom right house, then the bottom on the left house. Following this is both of the center lanes, with the most desirable houses being the ones closest to the castle (the top houses) and decreasing to the least desirable houses at the bottom of the shot. Finally, the houses in the right decrease from the top right to the bottom right, with the least desirable house being three from the bottom on the right. The following image displays this order.

    Carthage: The Capital

    There has been significant progress since the initial post. Look at the picture under farms in the initial post, and compare it to the one in the spoiler following this. The walls are now across over half of the island, three towers have been built, a barracks has been finished, and a bridge to the mainland near Lilybaeum has been constructed. Additionally, the land has been deforested, flattened, and houses have been set out.

    Lilybaeum: Mining Settlement

    Work has continued on Lilybaeum since the initial post, although most of the work has been on the surrounding area. The moat has been completed, and a rail line between Lilybaeum and Carthage has been built. A vast majority of the forest between Lilybaeum and the coast has been clear cut, and the land close to Lilybaeum’s northern walls has been flattened so that warehouses could be set out and used. The future plans include flattening the remaining land between Lilybaeum and the bridge from Carthage before continuing the construction of the town that will be located between the two.

    Hippo Regius: Desert Settlement

    This settlement was started following the initial post, and is currently under construction. This is the first update using the official name for the settlement. Currently it is a walled desert with a full port, and will contain a market (the port is filled because it is market day), houses, and some businesses when finished.

    Nora: Tundra Forestry Settlement

    This settlement was started following the initial post, and has already been completed. This is the first update using the official name for the settlement. It is a small settlement in the tundra near Hippo Regius and Carthage, consisting of a small port where pine logs can be loaded and then transported to market, a sleeping dormitory and an eatery.

    Utica: Island Trade Post/Fortress

    There have been no above ground developments in Utica over the past two years. The underground railroad does go to Utica, but that is still only ~50% complete.

    Tyre: The Homeland City

    There have been no developments in Tyre since the original post two years ago, although I do plan on returning once Carthage and Lilybaeum have been finished.

    Plan and Afterthoughts:

    For the plan, see Update 9 with the addition of make a post describing the wall (this will be done in Update 11, which should be out within a week).

    This took a lot longer to write than I had anticipated, and so I won’t be writing many of these style updates.

    I would love any feedback to this update, thanks for all the replies over the previous two years!

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    Quote from Zabarion»

    wow just wow where do you get so much time ;D

    Multitasking. Whenever I watch TV, I play Minecraft.
    Quote from Hackedgamers»

    This is really nice, but I have to ask. Did you go for efficiency or design for this project? Because I love the aesthetics but since we didn't get many inside views I couldn't tell what setup you were using for the builds.

    I went for design for this project. I could easily use my tens of thousands of blocks of dirt to fill in the interior of the wall, but I don't because that isn't the design I want. Looking through the previous posts, I apparently haven't done an overview of the wall. I'll fix this in the next update, which will be a major one (Update 10 can't be a minor update).

    I plan on showing more of the design process in future updates, perhaps an update where I go over my process for building the wall from the start to the end.

    Does that answer your question? (asking this seriously, as I am unsure the level of detail you want in the reply)
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    Update 9:

    Since my last update, I've been terra sculpting, building, and started to think about the front fortress.

    Carthage (Capital):

    Front Fortress:

    The front fortress is at little more than the initial planning stage. The plan is for the floors to be 4 blocks of empty space high (similar to the towers), bar the second floor (the middle in the picture). The second floor will be 5 blocks high, and contain the dining hall and the main hall.

    Rear Tower:

    The next three spoilers contain two images each. The first pictures show the outline of the tower before the internal blocks were harvested (bar an external line, to show where the ground level will be).

    And this is what it looked like after the mining was completed. I attempted to use the same angle for the two ‘after’ shots as I did with the two ‘before’ shots. The ‘staircase’ in the top-center of the second picture is where I took the two pictures at that angle.

    The tower with the internal walls built, with an outline of each of the floors. Each of the floors are the standard 4 empty blocks high. Therefore, the tower from the floor to the upper battlements is 26 blocks high.

    The walking bridge between the rear tower and the mainland has had its surface finished, but it still needs support towers along with side guards.


    1) Build the fishing pier on the old quarry.

    2) Flatten the small island besides the main settlement. This island is pictured in the image following the plan.

    3) Finish the terra sculpting on the land near the old quarry (this will likely covered in the next update, as it is nearly complete).

    4) Complete the rear tower (this is probably a multiple update goal, as I currently require thousands of blocks of gravel to finish the outer walls).

    5) Finish the bridge between Carthage and the mainland near Lilybaeum.

    6) Design buildings for the desert settlement.

    7) Write Update 10.


    I found this statistic interesting. In the worst case scenario, I need to harvest 64 blocks of cobblestone, 8 pieces of coal and 87 blocks of gravel to increase the length of the wall by one block (with the regular thickness). The average is probably around 55 blocks of cobblestone and 75 blocks of gravel per block.

    I really shouldn’t predict how long it will be between updates, because it really depends on what I decide to focus on. The plan is a group of general topics I am currently focusing on, but what I end up writing about depends on what I feel like doing.

    Any feedback is great, thanks for all the replies! :D

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    Quote from Fozzdude»

    What an incredible build! You have a determination and a patience I don't have for anything but painting miniatures, haha. And I agree with Davidan, giving your cities Carthaginian names is absolutely brilliant. The desert settlement is probably my favorite so far, what with the theme reminding me very heavily of the unique design the building sprites in Age of Empires II had, which is coincidentally one of my favorite RTS games of all time. I can't wait to see the progress you make in the future, and I'll be staying tuned!

    I can only take partial credit on the walls, having been significantly influenced by Ice0later's design. However, I did put my personal twist on them. I personally preferred AoE III, which is my favourite RTS game.
    What type of miniatures? I have a Warhammer 40k collection, but never much patience regarding painting.

    Quote from Clasyon»

    Wow! This is awesome! I'm starting something like this today or tomorrow! Thanks for the motivation, but how do you not get bored? Like Fozz said I have the patience and determination, but I have a somewhat average attention span.

    I have a significantly below average attention span. I use this as a way to keep mostly concentrated on whatever show I'm watching. Doing two things at once is a way I can keep my attention for a long period of time.

    Next update in a few days, maybe up to a week.

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    First, I would like to note that I have switched the names of my capital and initial city (which hasn't been built). This means that my capital is Carthage and the initial city is now Tyre. The previous posts have been updated to this new naming system.

    Second, I have decided to name the tundra settlement Nora, and the desert settlement Hippo Regius.

    Quote from Davidan13»

    Can I just say that I love the names that you're using for your cities? Aside from Tyre, the Carthaginian theme that you've got going on is pretty cool.

    I'm really bad at coming up with names, so I decided to use the name of my favourite ancient civilization. Tyre does fit the Carthaginian theme, being the founding nation of Carthage, especially with the name change.

    Quote from Tuts36»

    You could try using a 2nd type of wood, like birch or jungle tree, in alternating strips or as a center stripe, or in a checkerboard pattern like a parquet floor. This would add some visual character.

    I'm going to keep it as is, bar a slight change to make it symmetrical. If I wasn't going for a somewhat realistic medieval look, I would go with that idea for the increased visual appeal.

    Pardon the delay in the reply, I've been playing Stellaris (4x/Grand Strategy mixture by Paradox Interactive. Great game, just released on Monday) constantly since Monday.

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    Update 8:

    Since my last update, I've been organizing my materials, worked on an underground building project, and applied the finishing touches to the desert settlement, finishing the goals set forward in Update 6.

    Carthage (Capital):

    I retook the first screenshot in this thread to show the updates since posting this thread. This screenshot was taken using a 17 chunk render distance.

    I built a bridge over the former quarry, which will be turned into an internal lake. I’m not sure if I like the design, and would be highly interested in feedback regarding it.

    Desert Settlement:

    The land has been flattened, the initial dock has been designed, and the ships, towers and walls have been finished.

    Underground Railroad:

    The underground building project is a powered railroad between the main settlement (Tyre), island trade post/fortress (Utica), and the mining settlement (Lilybaeum). The majority of the tunnel is like the second picture, with only a relatively small portion being like the first picture.


    1) Design buildings to be used in the desert settlement.
    2)Flatten the small island besides the main settlement.
    3)Finish the current wall segment.
    4) Write Update 9.

    Any feedback is great, and would especially like feedback regarding the bridge.
    I currently have the stockpiled amounts of a few highly used materials if anyone would like to see the numbers.

    Thanks for all the replies :D

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    I haven't died since 1.3.1, where I fell off my wall into water which was sadly only one bloc deep. I have over a thousand hours in Minecraft since then.

    I haven't died in a way that you can in the current game since Beta 1.8.

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    Update 7:
    Since my last update, I've been working on some more warehouses, harvested materials, continuing building the desert settlement, worked on an underground building project (details in the next update), and built a taiga forestry settlement.


    There are now 18 finished warehouses, with plans for 2 more. The surrounding land needs to be flattened, but that is currently of low priority.

    Taiga Forestry Settlement:

    The major building project since the previous update is the new settlement. This is a forestry settlement, with a specialized boat to transport the logs to the main settlement. From the left: rest house (back), log pile (front), mess hall (back), food storage (front), dock.

    The rest house has seven bunks to host the settlement’s population.

    The mess hall also contains the kitchen and tool storage area.

    The food storage is a small woolen tent, which would be allowed to cool to freezing temperatures.

    The docks for resupply and export.

    The specialized boat for transporting harvested logs.

    A few additional pictures:


    1) Apply finishing touches to the desert settlement, to complete the goals mentioned in the previous update.

    2) Finish the current underground building project.

    3) Finish the current major wall segment.

    4) Write Update 8.

    The eighth update should be finished over the next few days, as a number of finishing touches are needed before posting.

    Any feedback is great, thanks for all the replies :D

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    Quote from MrWigglies»
    My God you're a fast builder and farmer! I wouldn't have time to mine all those building materials.

    I spend 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day harvesting materials (normally listening to music)

    I normally build on the weekends (listening to the Co-optional Podcast), about 3 hours that day.

    However, this recent building was done with pre-harvested materials, so I spent most of my time just building.


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    Update 6:
    Since my last update, I've been working on some more warehouses (plans now call for 20, 7 of which have been finished and 5 are in various stages of construction), harvested some more cobblestone (got ~13k saved up, with enough coal to turn that all into bricks), alongside other resources, and have been building the desert settlement.

    Desert Settlement:
    The end of the first day working on the desert settlement. The Pyramid was later leveled to provide building materials, as was much of the ground.

    A second in-progress shot, showcasing the length of the settlement (I use a render distance of 12 chunks)

    This settlement is across a small channel from my main settlement, with it's huge wall.

    Current Situation:
    The walls are finished. The gatehouses need to be given their final rooves, and one of the gates needs to be finished (the gate is not done, nor is the roof). The interior has not been completely flattened, so that still needs to be finished. 9 ships are almost finished, just needing their coverings.

    1) Finish the gate, gatehouses, and boats (only problem will be getting the needed red wool)
    2) Flatten the interior completely
    3) Build the docks
    4) Build a few small forester camps in the nearby pine forest
    5) Build a small dock for loading/unloading harvested pine from the aforementioned camps (2 ships will be able to dock at a time, only 1 will be built docked)

    This project was highly influenced by Ice0later's wall and boat, with some changes.

    Any feedback is great, thanks for all the replies :D

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    My most common death would be...


    I haven't died since 1.3.1, and since Beta 1.8 for a way that you can die in the current game.

    The last time I died, I fell off the top of my wall into water...

    Sadly, that water was only 1 deep.
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    I've seen quite a few weird world generations over the years.

    The weirdest was a chunk which only had the bottom layer of bedrock, surrounded by the normal world. This happened years ago (Beta 1.4, if my memory is correct), and I don't have a picture to show of it.

    The ones I have pictures of are much more conservative, but are still pretty interesting to me.

    A pyramid and a village merged together.

    Mt. Hood, which is connected by a single block to the ground.

    Just a cool mountain in a savanna, which reminds me of the Lion King.

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    Quote from metatech»
    Nice big builds. Question: When an ocean monument is "dried" out as in the picture. Do the mobs automatically die? Should I clear first? What is the best way to make a farm? When (part of) it is filled with water again will the mobs automatically spawn?

    I play on peaceful, as the combat in Minecraft isn't very good and I got bored of it after a year or so (turned it off in Beta 1.8 and have only looked back once).

    I haven't built a mob farm in years, so I'm not sure about the rest.
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    Update 5:
    Since my last update, I've finished uncovering the ocean monument, found an interesting mountain formation, continued work on the wall, and have harvested a ton of goods (to the point of having to start building the initial warehouses to hold them).
    While exploring, I found a floating piece of land. It's been a long time since I've last seen a floating piece of land this size (and hundreds of thousands of blocks, at the minimum).

    I've almost finished building the moat, have built the second bridge across the moat, have cleared some more area and have started building warehouses.
    This is the second picture from this view, which can be used to see the changes between the two (first is in the original post, under Lilybaeum).

    The second bridge and the start of the warehouses is here. I'm not sure what to put in each of them, with my only decision being that the one to the furthest right is going to hold dirt.

    This is my next task, flattening that large hill to build some warehouses. The moat is shown, before I have added water to it.

    I also made some minor additions to the wall, and continued to build the tower next to the barracks. (almost finished the outside, just need to smelt some more stone bricks)

    Ocean Monument:
    I've finished surfacing the monument, and have started to mine. One of the front wings has been completely mined.

    Any feedback is great, thanks for all the replies :D

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    It was partially buried.

    It makes it a bit harder to get to clear out the water, as the sand will leave gaps because of the different layers.
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