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    posted a message on What computer should I use to record?

    I would recommend custom building a PC, probably would be cheaper then buying a pre-build one. Doing this does require knowing how to build a PC and

    what parts would be good, like to record both minecraft and CSGO, you wouldn't need a super powerful graphics card, just don't have a potato.

    Also video editing programs take a lot of CPU power, but an average one works just as fine, its just not super-speed fast.

    Buying a pre-build PC usually costs more, but you may be able to find one at a good price.

    I wouldn't be able to help you with building a PC, i'm not super experienced with it, but i bet you could find many people who are with a quick google search and they would probably happy to help with that.

    Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you don't get ripped off. Many people try to sell PC's that are worth much less then they say. (This mostly happens with private sellers on sites like craigslist, also don't trust to many super amazing deals on eBay either)

    I've tested recording on my PC and it was fine. My PC was $800 CAD so if you live in the U.S.A you can get a similar setup for around $650 dollars

    If your wondering my PC has a nvidia 1050 graphics card, an Intel core-15 2400 quad core processor, and 8G of ram. If you are going to record i would recommend at least a nvidia 1050ti or a 1070, and while 9 gigabytes of ram isn't completely necessary, if you play with mods it will help a lot.

    (I dont know my specs any more specific then this, please don't ask)

    Checking the price of components online on official websites before buying in stores can give you a baseline of how much you are being ripped off.

    Shopping online is cheaper most of the time, but sometimes its still overpriced or it can be a scam

    In short, just research the parts you want, and make sure you know what your buying and its price (Don't get scammed)


    The crypo currency thing (like bit-coin) is causing many people to buy tons of graphics cards, and the price of graphics cards is high right now. You might want to wait for prices to go down, but that could take a long time. Maybe you'll be lucky and it prices will drop soon.

    Also make sure parts are compatible if you choose to custom build a PC, and you'll need to install drivers if the PC isn't already pre-build or setup.

    If anybody more knowledgeable on the topic of PC's sees any errors, please correct them.

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    posted a message on FrostPunk - A cool game that is being released soon

    Frostpunk is a city-builder survival game that is coming out 24th of April (this year, this month) and it looks AMAZING.

    A tiny, tiny bit about the game

    The game is in a harsh cold environment and has morally challenging choices, like whether to enforce

    child slavery, or choosing to use the bodies of the dead as fertilizer. Its also supposed to be a hard game, so that's good.

    It takes place after the end of human civilization, so harsh decisions must be made.

    I don't think there is multiplayer, so if you prefer to venture off with friends, then i guess your outa luck.

    What are your thoughts? I think it's going to be fun.

    (Link to steam incase you would like to check it out for yourself)


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    posted a message on Is there any minecraft lore?

    I want to know if minecraft has any lore or story. Besides the credits that play after defeating the ender dragon, i can't really find much.

    If you know of any, or find any, please post what it is and how you found out.

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: Godkillermatthew
    • Platform you play on (PC/XBox/Etc.): PC
    • Age: 15
    • Gender: Male
    • Country/Timezone: Canada
    • How someone should contact you: Message me
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: Since 2012 or 2013, i forgot.
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: Mostly modded survival
    • Any additional things you want to say: Im not really competitive, and i suck at pvp. Im a average builder i guess.
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    posted a message on 1st Video on YouTube! Any Advice?

    Killler queen, i SOOOO agree with you about the sgi and dubstepz. Also i forgot, add some jokes, and put a little more into cutting the video while editing. Hope it works out for you mate!

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    posted a message on 1st Video on YouTube! Any Advice?

    Besides on what you were told about the audio, mic, music, etc, its really good. I would recommend the app "Legend" for an intro if needed, which it can be found on the android app store (not sure about apple, the apps pic is a yellow L, and a black background).

    Also, i recommend using open broadcaster software, which can be found here ( Open Broadcaster Software Site ) As it might improve the video/audio quality and get rid of the watermark that bandicam adds. If you need help using it try this tutorial ( ).

    As a last tip, there is a microphone on ebay for around 15$ USD or 20$ CAD, it comes with everything needed. Also it had low cost ship, and a custom color. (blue, black or white). It also has GREAT reviews. Check it out: Link to Microphone on ebay

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    posted a message on Constructive Criticism Needed!

    Quality: 4

    Content: 3

    Few notes:

    I would suggest getting a slightly better mic, i say slightly because its still good, but not Great mic. Again still good.

    Try making a few more jokes in some videos, or if jokes don't tickle your fancy try puns or sarcasm. (warning both buns/sarcasm might cause some laughs and some hate/annoyance)

    Try speaking louder to be more attention grabbing.

    Your channel is good as is, and all the things i said to try are more what ive seem from popular youtubers. Personally i think you really need to fix this, in one of the given videos, the intro played a bit before the music.

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    posted a message on Wanting to start minecraft youtube channel, advice?

    I have a few tips.

    Firstly, to sound more lively raise your voice.(Talk louder) A loud, booming voice adds a little excitement. But dont go crazy with that.

    Secondly, lots of people hate their videos. But they still post them, try looking at your videos with a more logic point of view. Also if you do get lots of subs never delete videos. The youtube community doesn't like deleted videos much.

    Thirdly, use anything you can to add comedy. Like you say your sarcastic, be sarcastic in your videos. Or add a different type of sarcasm. An Example is puns, if a creeper blows you up you can say "Wow, this blows" or "What a creep".

    Also, i hardly have motivation for videos either. It is hard putting comedy into videos that you aren't motivated to do. But there are a few ways to combat this. Try making your surroundings better, have a window? Open it, let the light in. Clean the place. Surroundings can motivate you more. Also try getting a youtube partner with a more lively personality but is still like you can help. Especially if you become friends with this person.Usually a positive connection to a person will make you motivated and happy around that person. Which if you record with them you are happier.

    Another note is people change when around people. Have you ever been by yourself and been different from when your around people. Ive noticed friends, family and even me act different to others, depending who they are.

    This is a long response but still. Anyway back to advice.

    Get somebody else to judge your video if you cant still accept your videos.

    Honestly i wish i could do most of these. Hope you have good luck.

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    posted a message on Looking For Minecraft Youtubers To Form A Group!

    Im not applying for this, im just pointing this out.

    Copy and pasted from this post. Nothing changed:

    "if you agree to respect everyone else and meet all the
    requirements you have a 100% chance of being accepted"

    And the application says to list:

    - In-Game Name:
    - First Name (optional):
    - Do you agree to respect everyone else?
    - [/b]Do you meet all the requirements? [/b](If no, specify which you don't meet):[/b]
    - Age:[/b]

    - Subscribers

    And the literal requirements themselves:

    - You must be enthusiastic and willing to participate in videos with others -[/b]
    (This means you’ll actually be a part of the video, rather than sitting in the background only saying a few words)​
    - Respectful, nice and accepting of others -[/b]
    (You won’t be rude to anyone else, regardless of their age, sex, skill, etc.)
    - Prepared to have a laugh and avoid rage-quitting due to losing a game or anything else -[/b]
    We want to have fun!
    - Be over 12 years of age (negotiable) -
    - Have a microphone and a gmail account - [/b]

    Nowhere does it say you have to have any videos, let alone more then just a few. But you still denied people with no/little videos. Just pointing it out.[/b]
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    posted a message on Need help with channel art

    Hello, i am in need of help for a person to make, create, crop, animate, or any other form of this to my channels art.

    I will message you the details, but here are a few of them now.

    I would like a link or two to your past work

    You wont be paid, i am currently poor and im already trying to upgrade my equipment.

    You will be credited on my channels about page with a link to your whatever you want. Max 2 links.

    If you do put your info on the art please but it on the bottom right. Thanks.

    If you are able to do this please post whatever you need to.

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    posted a message on Looking for partners for many different things!

    Hello there, i need some other YouTubers, preferably small, to record with and the basic youtube stuff.

    The stuff that will be recorded can be role-plays, letsplays, mini-games and even our made up challenges!

    As a added bonus we can do a few other games, but still mainly focus on minecraft.

    So I can expect what you will be like please fill out this.

    First Name:



    These ones are optional.




    I don't care if your channel is at 0 subs and no videos. As long as you are at least 12/over or maby a few years below. Preferably 15, 14. Just please have a proper recorder, aka anything thats NOT a phone or normal camera pointed at your monitor. Also have Skype. And a 2 on a 1-10 on mic quality.

    As a last note, you must have Skype. There is no reason not to, its free, all platform friendly and can even work with different logins like email.

    Additional information.

    My filled out form.

    First Name: Matthew

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Channel: Working on it (Cant provide link, might post link in future)

    Games: MC, gmod, l4d, TF2, postal 2, roblox, skyrim, undertale, and a lot more.

    Personality: A little empty, makes puns, likes talking to people. But i never really do talk to others.

    I will message you about other details like what you want to record, your Skype, etc.

    May not seem like it but im open minded. I don't care about your gender, race, sexuality. Just don't be to offensive when recording.

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    posted a message on Roleplay help needed! (acters, etc) 14+

    Oh yea, accept my skype? Names matt on it.

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    posted a message on Roleplay help needed! (acters, etc) 14+

    A little. I still added zvikorn's skype even if hes 1 year below. Also papa_schmupie, no hard feelinz?

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    posted a message on Roleplay help needed! (acters, etc) 14+

    Hi, my name is Matt and i need actors for a crafting dead roleplay.

    So there is a few roles! Fill this out please:

    First Name (optional):

    Ingame name:


    Mic Quality:

    Have Skype:

    If so, skype? (Can msg to me):

    Will you record too:

    How often can you go on?:



    What kind of role do you prefer (optional):

    This may have more then most fill out things, but i added things to put you in a good role and decide how big of a role you should have.

    I would also like to add i upload a episode every day. And i take ideas for story!

    Ill message you, or add you to skype and talk to you about your role!

    Stuff about roleplay:

    I do have a server, and it has a map but ill build more onto the map.

    Roles (not all have to be filled) Bandit, survivor, military, assassin, murderer, sniper and any requests for roles!

    Plot: I already started, but ill start from start to where im at, and then what will happen. But its not on a strict script.

    Start in country house, have a tool shed and trailor. Seems normal but then zombies come. Assumes like people on drugs, but then thinks zombie movies. Runs into house and gets everything able. Goes into trailer, its for making drugs. Leaves looks for people. Basically wanders, loots and gets infected from there on. Looks for cure, facing dead. Finds cure. Kinda happy but sad. While later forms and breaks a buildings 1 floor to a little shelter. (goesnt say ingame on vids but it took 3 months to do). Thats what ive done so far. Ingame there are writen books of things needed to be done, as like a free do whatever plot kinda, but still doing a story. Also tryin to fix up some things. But after a while travel to another place.

    You can give suggestions on what should go onto a crafting dead roleplay!

    Thanks for viewing this post!!!

    Also there will be more to the plot, story whatever. But i want it able to be influenced by the people that join

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    posted a message on Starting a Youtube , Anyone wanna help?

    I would like somebody to record with. Would be fun. Message me and ask anything.

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