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    posted a message on Getting Started with Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Modding (Tutorial)
    Quote from iAfentiko»

    takeown /F "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps"


    Make sure when you're done with your modding you type this back into Command Prompt, or you won't be able to install any new apps:

    icacls "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps" /setowner "NT Service\TrustedInstaller"

    I hate to necro an old post, but I feel I must add that this is TERRIBLE advice for controlling access to a TrustedInstaller-owned branch.

    This does work to an extent, but a more appropriate method would be to assign control permissions to your user account.

    HOWEVER... if you feel you must monkey with this folder using the aforementioned method, MAKE A BACKUP OF THE PERMISSIONS BEFORE ALTERING THEM!

    It is done like this (in an Admin command prompt):
    icacls "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps" /save WindowsApps.acl

    THEN go ahead and use OP's command line to take ownership.

    When finished, restore the backup using:
    icacls "%ProgramFiles%" /restore WindowsApps.acl

    As I mentiond, you really should alter your permissions instead of taking ownreship.

    For a more in-depth treatment, see the following article:

    Also, besides being a PE executable vs. Java jar, Microsoft has a file integrity catalog associated with the app, so good luck with that. >.<

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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: Whats In a Name
    "godk" is simply acronymic for "ghost of delete key"


    so, you ask what the heck is that?

    well, back when the interwebz were 3p1c, and Usenet was king, I would spend a lot of time trolling newsgroups and generally ragging on WebTV users. I posted some dubious "poetry" in alt.arts.poetry_comments, and was flamed by some self-important poetaster, one Gary Gamble (possibly the Canadian radio personality, but certainly a henceforth known plagiarist).
    In respons to my offering, he droned:
    Quote from ggam77 »
    I remember now, I read this before.
    This is the kind of thing I would just read once and forget about.
    The first part has that all-too familiar ghost of delete key editorial
    flavour that reduces it to a code apparently understood by only the
    writer and no one else. Then comes the bleedthrough into the
    elemental conceptual swirling statment of vague nothingness.
    Then there is the attempted cutesy turn at the end that leaves me
    thinking nothing but: *next*. Sorry, post something else.
    I can't even think of a suggestion for improving this other than
    trashing it and starting over after reading a lot of poetry.

    I had never heard of "delete key editorial", nor was I aware that i reeked of its ghost.
    I misread read it as "ghost of delete key" editorial...
    Once i figured out what he was on about, I still thought the other way of reading it was far more interdasting... so I claimed it for my internet presence. In roughly 14 years, I'm the only ghost of delete key running around the web, so it's suits me fine. I use "godk" where space wont permit the full name.

    I'm sure that was so interesting, and I'm hardly surprised you didn't tl:dr.
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    posted a message on Is Survival Mode Dying Due To 1.7.2?
    Quote from Leftypower123

    I've noticed 99% of the hate threads are ... about rose removal...


    I've been away from the game about 6 months, came back and was STUNNED that the roses were removed along with Herobrine.

    I want them BOTH back, Mojang! This is a game-breaker!
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    posted a message on [1.8 + 1.7.x] AWESOME COLLECTION | THE LARGEST BIOMES EVER
    Outstanding work on your app :)

    If you won't open-source it, at least take it to the next level, and publish a database of all the possible seeds. Isn't it correct that the seed is an 11 digit number? It shouldn't take terribly long to generate an output map for each seed and store it... with a little modification you might tag each map with pertinent data, and store it in a data structure, which can be published and searchable by parameter.

    Minecraftians can then know what seed to use for whatever characteristics they want, and you wouldn't have to re-scan endlessly looking for a particular feature. Also, a rescan of all seeds would only be necessary if there are changes to the game's landscape engine :)
    (this can free you up for more coding awesomeness eleswhere, too). Keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on Anybody else think "Less ocean = Less awesome?"

    More variety in the formation of the sea floor (including larger ravines to make truly spectular trenches worth exploring with the Snorkelling potion)?


    Minecraft seriously needs a scuba tank recipe for oceanic win. You can craft a compass, map, and watch, why not diving gear?
    Oh right, not much underwater content.

    ...yet :Water:

    looking for that emoticon, i discovered that's the only aquatic-themed one in the smileys list! no fish, no fishing pole! :SSSS:
    somebody dooo somethiiiing!
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    posted a message on I'm pretty sure i'm not the the only one who disliked the old world generation
    Well, it's all subjective; different people get off on different flavors. I feel that the current world generator is mechanically a vast improvement over the early beta system, but I hear what is being complained about here, which could boil down the fact that there is indeed a lot "same-ness", with truly stimulating permutations being statistical outliers.

    I believe Mojang would do well to provide a detailed settings panel for environment geneation (or maybe a swift modder could create it)... such that you tailor your world generation to suit your tastes more directly. Something more granular that "generate structures".

    Such a panel would have a checkbox for each biome for whether or not it is included in generation.
    Also, it should have a 3-level setting for ocean generation, sm/med/large, since some people are woodsmen, and others seafarers
    (personally, I enjoy worlds with larger oceans).

    possibly, another 3-level setting for terrain "bizzarre-ness" , low being the most featureless, med being something like it is now, and hi being the most extreme. some folks like farmland, and some are mountain climbers.

    Of course I realize that this would likely require a massive rewrite of the generator to handle it, but hey, you know? One drawback may be that this would affect the universality of seeds, but that would only mean another layer of permutation as well; different settings for 1 seed render different worlds

    I think it would be the best way to go - not too many options, but something for everyone. You can't loose. :GoldBar:
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    posted a message on [Collection] Master Collection of PC Seeds
    Seed is

    I am the TRADER

    (case sensitive!) inspired by AlexaiZ 's sig banner.

    You spawn on (near?!) a roughly 30x30 block island (I spawned underwater a few blocks from shore!) in a large ocean.
    Look to the southwest, and you see a large desert hill. Swim for it, and when you reach the summit, you can see a nearby desert village with a library. No chests, but 2 plots of wheat, and one of the villagers wants 19 wheat for an emerald. Another wants meat, and of course the librarian wants books.
    There are apparently no trees or mobs within reason, so this seems like a nice Survival map if... YOU ARE THE TRADER!

    -late edit-

    Seed is

    This is the worst seed ever!

    (case sensitive!)
    Spawn on river between taiga and desert... short distance in desert is lone temple (about x220 z320)with 3 diamond and plenty of gold and iron, and further along is a riverside lava pit (about x250 z280)and a lone desert well with no village (about x380 z415).
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    posted a message on MCEdit: Minecraft World Editor (Now open source!)
    Quote from wideload

    I figured as much but it was worth a shot. I can't be of any more service then as the player moves perfectly fine for me. Sorry.

    I just figured out why I couldn't move the player...

    I just noticed (haven't used MCEdit in ages) that for some reason there are FOUR players in my level.dat!!
    I have never seen this before.

    I set the positions of all four models...

    ...and then started the game...

    ...and it is clear from where I am that I am "Player", and not "godk"


    Anyone have any clue why I am not "myself"? Is this due to the new server-for-single-play architecture of MC?
    And why would there be bloody 4 of me in a single-player world? I've not gone multiplayer since before 1.9

    Anyhoo, I was always just moving the player that MCEdit opens to; my last position ingame, and the highlight was top at "godk".
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    posted a message on MCEdit: Minecraft World Editor (Now open source!)
    Quote from wideload

    Oops, nearly missed your question.
    This may seem like a silly suggestion, as you have moved the player before, but it's something I will admit to doing myself on one or two ocassions. But are you actually moving the player or the player spawn point? Sometimes I have got them mixed up.
    Does it save other changes or is it just the player?

    Not the spawn point, actually moving the player. Not mixed up. ;)
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    posted a message on MCEdit: Minecraft World Editor (Now open source!)
    Ok... so I have read about the last 25 pages without finding reference to this:

    Was running MC 1.3.1 on WinXP_SP3 (32bit) / GeForce FX Go5200 (ForceWare 175.19) ...
    had no problem placing player in new location using MCEdit 0.1.1 win32.

    A wild MC 1.3.2 update appears!!

    Now it's impossible to place the player in a new location with MCEdit. Tried using the new v 0.1.2, but still the player refuses to be saved where placed in MCEdit.
    (N.B. - MCEdit appears to work fine, and throws no exceptions or errors when moving player and saving... however, nothing is actually saved - the player remains where it originally was when the game is re-started.
    (YES, I have closed MC down completely before editing &lt;_&lt; ))

    Any ideas? Is this a new bug, or a "feature"? :SSSS:
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    posted a message on [WIP] Time Mod
    Quote from charsmud »

    #5: Recording Blocks Placed/Destroyed/Updated By The Player And Other Mobs

    No reason to save an entire level every so often, you would quickly bloat your storage. Implement a difference engine, the way SVN works. Only the actual differences between the last "save" and the next are recorded, minimizing memory use, and any snapshot can easily be visited on the fly This will also enable greater snapshot density, so you could have many return points throughout a day, instead of one every 3 days. You could also have the potential for "time trunks" branching off much the same way as code versions in a repository... since that is exactly what it is.

    Just throwing that out there. Mod sounds interesting, keep at it. :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Favorite C418 song.
    Mice on Venus. Best hands down.

    There can be no disagreement. :Sheep:
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    posted a message on W...T...F... virgin server world is Nether?! D:
    Quote from Damien711 »
    What is greif thursday btw...

    It's on a private server I'm with... every Thursday, BLOW CRAP UP! Everything, yours, mine, whatever gets in the way, fill your neighbor's pool with creepers... damage and mayhem on a spartan level. Scorched Earth Policy.

    Friday the map's backup is restored. The rest of the week is survival city-building.

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    posted a message on Hitler has trouble with Minecraft
    An acquaintance of mine (Chimpso) at GTAForums just dropped this creation on us, I thought I'd share for maximum lulz...

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    posted a message on W...T...F... virgin server world is Nether?! D:

    None of that helps the issue at all...

    however, I did stumble upon the fix quite by accident.
    The solution is to turn Limit Framerate ON

    There must be some kind of horrible mish-mash of coding going on, as framerate limiting should strictly affect client-side rendering, not network traffic density!

    Now I connect no problem, events update properly, and now I can effectively punch trees and get hugged by creepers (repeatedly!) :SSSS:

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Too bad I missed Grief Thursday at my group's server. Ah, there's always next week.
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