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    Sorry if the bio is to short

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    Name Demetri

    Level 5

    hp- 5

    Sta- 10

    Str- 0

    Mag- 20

    Spd- 5

    Ski- 0

    Luk- 10


    cuteness 2

    moxxi 2



    Species- vampire

    (night) class
    NO not returning

    Personality - [likes being kind but on bad days becomes a little pain - can be split at times (dew to lack of food) - has a extreme hatred of feral animals (were creatures) - feels everything bad is because of him]

    Power- blood orchid(causes all around 5 blocks bleeding)

    quite intellegent - extremly weak - not very fast

    Demetri is a exchange student moved dew to Classified reasons
    has been the cause of many hospital visits of his past school
    dew to a heart break in primary school caused a mass murder of a fatal injures to brain and bodies. had to watch as he murdered his own mother dew to fatal wounds to the neck.after going to the labortory he left causing 200 fatal causalties 100 were scientists trying to work on other projects the other were guards for the "special" people in this "hospital" he was on the run for 2 years before the police fond him inside a abandaned area.being 13 and has the iq of a elder man is quite intresting and once found acted like a feral animal after testing his diet finding the refreshment of blood would make him go insane. The other day Dr Margret Demies introduced him to his knife he has had it ever since.after the age of 7 his hair became blood red.also has a illergic reaction to the direct day light after 30 minutes
    (File created by Head of sciences)

    Luggage: 4inch switch blade and clothes

    Apperarance- https://images.app.goo.gl/3BmtYw8ex7x9FNwS8

    Classes:- combat - history - english - science - magical studies - religon - PE - bonding classes.

    Note if not feed may end another's life. snuffalupagus?

    Bond pet

    Name- Rose

    Gender- Female

    species- Bird

    Appearance- https://images.app.goo.gl/AkiBptjrVZeLxFfs5

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    dusty seagle

    i can do 90's faster then a minute

    mostly because my server i played on shut down so i need a new server

    ill be active mostly from 1:00 pm est to 9:00 pm est

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