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    posted a message on In Need Help With Player.setItemCustomName(3, Diamond_Chestplate);

    Yes What I'm Asking Is It (Slot,CustomName,ID)

    Or (CustomName,ID,Slot

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    posted a message on In Need Help With Player.setItemCustomName(3, Diamond_Chestplate);

    Someone Is Guiding Me How To Code And The Only One I Am Messing Up On Is

    Player.setItemCustomName(3, Diamond_Chestplate);

    Please Correct It

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    posted a message on Help Me Out Please

    So My friend is helping me be a coder and And He Won't Help Me Further More Until I Figure Out What addItemInventory(id, damage/meta, amount);
    • Add item to inventory
    bl_setMobSkin(entity, path/string);
    • No description yet.
    bl_spawnMob(x, y, z, entity id, string);
    • No description yet.
    clientMessage(string); //message
    • Send client / minecraft message
    explode(x, y, z, damage, boolean);
    • Explode at an XYZ with set damage
    getCarriedItem(); //int
    • Get item ID in hand
    • No description yet.
    getPitch(entity); //double
    • Get up-down screen rotation
    getPlayerEnt(); //int
    • Get player entity object
    getPlayerX(); //float
    • Get player X
    getPlayerY(); //float
    • Get player Y
    getPlayerZ(); //float
    • Get player Z
    getTile(x, y, z); //int
    • Get tile / block (Tiles are like signs etc)
    getYaw(entity); //double
    • Get left - right screen rotation
    • Stop an action in a hook
    print(string); //Toast
    • Android Toast
    rideAnimal(animal, rider);
    • Ride entities
    • Reactor time(old) / end of time(new)
    setPosition(entity, x, y, z);
    • Set position/XYZ
    setPositionRelative(entity, x, y, z);
    • Set position/XYZ
    setRot(entity, pitch, yaw);
    • Set screen rotation
    setTile(x, y, z, id, meta/damage);
    • Set tile / block (Tiles are like signs etc)
    setVelX(entity, x);
    • Move player to X
    setVelY(entity, y);
    • Move player to Y
    setVelZ(entity, z);
    • Move player to Z
    //number 2
    • Add EXP
    Player.addItemCreativeInv(id, meta, count);
    • Add new items to creative inventory
    Player.addItemInventory(id, meta, count);
    • Add item to inventory
    Player.canFly(); //boolean
    • Return if player can fly
    • Clear item from slot
    Player.enchant(slot, enchant, level);
    • Enchant item in slot
    Player.getArmorSlot(slot); //int
    • Get armor slot id
    Player.getArmorSlotDamage(slot); //int
    • Get armor slot damage/meta
    Player.getCarriedItem(); //int
    • Get held item ID
    Player.getCarriedItemCount(); //int
    • Get held item amount
    Player.getCarriedItemData(); //int
    • Get held item damage/meta
    • Get players dimension value
    Player.getEnchantments(slot); //array
    • Get array of enchantments on slot
    Player.getEntity(); //object
    • Get entity id / object
    Player.getExhaustion(); //int
    • Get burning level?
    Player.getExp(); //int
    • Get EXP amount
    Player.getHunger(); //int
    • Get hunger
    Player.getInventorySlot(slot); //int
    • Get item id in slot
    Player.getInventorySlotCount(slot); //int
    • Get item amount in slot
    Player.getInventorySlotData(slot); //int
    • Get item damage/meta in slot
    Player.getItemCustomName(slot); //str
    • Get item custom name in slot
    • No description yet.
    • No description yet.
    Player.getPointedBlockData(); //int
    • Get facing block damage/meta
    Player.getPointedBlockId(); //int
    • Get facing block id
    Player.getPointedBlockSide(); //int
    • Get facing block side

    Does So Please Help Me

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