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    Quote from MinecraftDuckie

    Okay, this post is to tell you goodbye, probably forever. You were probably the best person I met on the server. I wish you can come back, but forget it. Reading your last post. (The one with low-hd screenshots) you probably hate me right now. Even if I did let you back, you would probably look at me a different way than you did before.

    My cousin spawning creepers in somebodys house even though explosions were off.

    Well it would probably have scared the player :tongue.gif:.
    Also, it doesn't seem very professional.

    Quote from MinecraftDuckie »
    Before you start lying, please understand the fact that it was my COUSIN.

    Quote from garrett158 »
    Ducks blames the incident on his cousin but that doesnt make it any beter due to him doing it on that account.

    It looks like Garrett implied that he acknowledged your cousin.

    Also it looks like he did other things like changing the player's house's material's blocktype.

    In addition, if berating someone for unprofessional usage of moderator powers is overreacting, I think that banning someone for said outrage would be also overreacting.
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    To use it on the Mac, learn how to use Wine.
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    Well it destroys your immune system if not cooked, giving the same effect as AIDS. Which I thought was clever to point out.

    Condescending tones don't make you popular.
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    "Four." Isn't a grammatically complete sentence.

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    Mod banned because administrationis always oppresive and mean.
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