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    Welcome! This is an advertisement for a relatively small server that I'm running for me, and my friends. To make the server feel more like a server in the population aspect, I would like to recruit people of the age of 16+ to the server. I know this thread may not sound like it but we're a group of chill, laidback guys just mucking around

    We are running a private pack. As for server hardware, it's running on 8GB of RAM with a Intel i7-4770K and 15 slots open.

    On the topic of rules, we have very little. You can grief, steal, etc. If your enemies don't defend themselves or you don't have peace treaties with them, by all means!

    The main rule as of right now is to not exploit and if you find a bug, please report it. As for the other small ones, you'll have access to them when you're whiteisted. The rules are always subject to change.

    Server Description:

    This is meant to be a regular modded server with a hint of war/PvP so you likely will need to protect yourselves. However, the slots are very limited so I would imagine that there wouldn't be much attackers, and I've also provided all the mods you need to effectively WorldGuard-like your base (MFFS). Ideally, you'd make sure that no one would know where you live and that if they did know, you'd trust them not to grief you. I would also like people who join to be well-acquainted with the mods but will also accept the newer guys as well. We also have a mining world!

    List of major disabled items (subject to change):

    Quantum Suits (balance)

    MFFS Interdiction Matrix Player Module (and a few other things from MFFS) (balance)

    Mining Laser (balance)

    Distortion Cloak (balance)

    Ender Bow, and shot (balance)

    List of mods (I can add more if requested!):




    Applied Energistics

    Atomic Science

    Backpack Mod

    BibiloCraft (as well as BibiloWoods for all supporting mods)



    Additional Buildcraft Objects


    ComeCloser by darkguardsman















    HDSkinsAndCapes (ask me if you want one)

    Nuclear Control

    ICBM all modules

    Immibis' Microblocks

    Immibis' Peripherals

    Industrialcraft 2


    Liquid XP




    Minefactory Reloaded

    Advanced Solar Panels

    Gravitation Suite

    Modular Powersuits



    NEI Addons

    NEI Plugins








    ProjectRed all modules




    Someluigis Peripherals



    Tinkers Construct


    Thaumic Tinkerer

    Thermal Expansion 3






    Balkon Weaponmod

    WirelessRedstone all modules

    Zan's Minimap

    • Age 16+
    • Microphone
    • Teamspeak

    A kick**s attitude! (optional)

    How to get whitelisted:

    This is not a simple server where you'd submit your application and get accepted. Due to the limited amount of slots, you must submit an application, and talk to us in TS (don't worry, we don't bite ) for a bit before you get whitelisted. Before our TS talk, please fillout this simple application and either PM it to me or post it here and I'll get back to you!



    Got a microphone, and Teamspeak? Can you get it it for us pretty pwease?

    Do you have experience with the mods?

    Would you be willing to take impromptu, manual updates of the pack from time to time?

    Screenshots (one of our bases, we just started the server so our bases ain't all that good ):

    First Floor

    Another View

    2nd floor, just starting TE

    Underground Part, gotta love Quarries

    Spawn, we can have a joint project to build a nice, legit survival one! We're open to anything!

    Thank you for your interest, and I hope to see you join our family!

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    Bumpity bump c'mon people!
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    I was wondering if someone could make a mod/tool/launcher/script that would load Minecraft without gameRenderer aka the thing in the debug screen that takes >= 50% of the load. For example, this would be useful in keeping chunks loaded on say, an FTB modded server with multiple alts on one computer. You could have like 5 instances of Minecraft open without gameRenderer (since alts don't need to move) and have little to no lag!
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    ComputerCraft Column

    Transporting liquids w/ miscperipherals
    Liquid cointainer filler w/ miscperipherals
    Storing liquids w/ miscperipherals
    Item pickup from ground w/ turtle
    Item detection w/ OpenCCSensors
    Item id indpendent code sorting w/ miscperipherals
    Item balance across network w/ miscperipherals
    Auto-crafting w/ turtle
    Generic item right-click use w/ turtle
    Mechanized leaves farming w/ turtle
    Mechanized vines farming w/ turtle
    Mechanized cow milking w/ turtle
    Quick area excavation w/ turtle
    Rail building w/ turtle
    Fire toggling w/ turtle
    Turtles cant be used as UP elevators
    Chunk loading w/ turtle
    Player Prescense detection w/ OpenCCSensors

    There's also dan200, and Cloudy who are the leads for this mod.
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    How do you restore a specific chunk or chunks to a backup?
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    Nice job! But, can you add a section for previous versions? I need the 1.4 version of MinePrinter that works with MC 1.2.5.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] ForgeIRC v1.0.18, Soul Shards v2.0.15, and Recipe Remover v1.1 [Updated 1/1/2014]
    Could you add a way so that when you're connected to a channel on an SMP server, your client doesn't connect to the same channel when it's set to do so for SSP purposes. It'll prevent duplicate messages like this:
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    Ohh, fun. I've been looking for documentation on this.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5.e] [06/08/2012] Dragon Hide
    Link for the server-side version of the mod is down.
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    Quote from hedgehogsniper

    Ok, It shows up that you have had a ban, disputed or not it is a ban and I will not whitelist you. Soon the server will be public im just working on taking out mycrafy and adding all mods with bukkit ports.

    Cool, but some of the mods (Buildcraft, Logistics Pipes, etc.) might have to be downgraded to lower builds as there are no bukkit ports for the most recent version of some of your mods.
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    Quote from hedgehogsniper

    Some MCBans are disputable that why they are not showing up.Ths whitelist program shows it even if its been disputed

    Not Whitelisted. Server's Expectations are REALLY high

    Yes, it has been disputed and has been resolved in my favor. If you were to check the reason, it would be something along the lines of "Disrespecting Staff" which is the reason for a local ban, not a global ban that would show up online.
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    Quote from hedgehogsniper

    shoot i did forget to put up a stand. Srry ill go and add a book inside and if i catch you on ill tp you out.

    Ok to let you know you HAVE been banned before http://whitelist.mcf...e2eb62543c37a97

    and also you will not be whitelisted, sorry but i'm rasing standards since alot of peopl want to get in.

    Clean Record and I also hate tekkit. Whitelisted

    Uh, whatever you're using to check player bans contains invalid information. It says i've been banned 3 times by servers who used mcbans but this is straight from the mcbans website, http://mcbans.com/player/gknova61, which shows a clean record for me, gknova61.
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    IGN: gknova61
    AGE: 15
    Have You Ever Been Banned?: Okay, let me explain this a bit. The short answer is yes but the last server that asked me the same question i answered with "Yes" (i honestly didn't and still don't know) then i went on the server only to have the administrators tell me that their records showed me not being banned once and all it showed was me being a moderator on a server, Arkcraft, which i was.
    If So When, Were, And Why?: Like i mentioned ^, i really don't know if I've been banned or not.
    Why Should You Be Whitelisted?: I've been playing Minecraft since early Alpha stages, and started playing with major mods (IC, Redpower, Buildcraft, BTW when it was still compatible with forge, etc.) at 1.7.3 beta. Before that, i'd just have mods like TMI and like INVEdit when TMI wasn't around :P . Now, at the start screen, it says 57 mods loaded so i think i play with a fair amount of mods :P I do play on a few other servers but i'm looking for one to start fresh on and one that isn't afraid to use beta versions of mods like yours (BC3, logistics pipes, etc.). I guess the most noteworthy one i play on is a server called skcraft by sk89q (Creator of worldedit) which has a modded server with all the industrial mods but i'm waiting for the 1.3 map reset on there so in the meantime, Hi, i'm gknova61! If you're looking for references, that is the server to ask. I'd like to think I'm a very friendly guy and i am very active in terms of the community and cool builds.
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    Quote from mistaqur

    You can also use NEI_IC2Plugin It remove old IC2 recipe handlers and install fixed recipe handlers.

    Thanks, mistaqur. You should make a thread with all your NEI plugins, mods, addons, etc. in one place. It's hard to keep track of your various mods you make.

    Also, does anyone know what Creative+ is or does? There is absolutely no documentation to it in the information section of the thread
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    Link? :)
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