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    About ThePvP:
    ThePvP is a kid-friendly server. It is a non-competitive OP-Prison server, with a custom-coded core. You can find out more in the document below!

    How to Apply:
    To apply, simply join our discord and navigate to the forum for staff applications, get the format from the post, copy it into a new thread, and fill out the questions.

    Application Process:
    Step One:
    Applications are reviewed by the staff manager taking into account feedback from the community and from members of the current staff team.
    Step Two: If your application is accepted you will proceed to the interview stage where you will create a ticket and arrange a time with the staff manager along with at least one member of the senior staff team (Senior Mod or Higher).
    Step Three: If you pass the interview stage you will be brought onto the staff team and given a run down on how things work and assigned a mentor.

    Application Requirements:
    Currently, all in-game-related requirements are waived until shortly after the release.

    1. You must be at least 14 years old
    2. No punishments in the previous 2 weeks
    3. No previous major punishments
    4. You must have a working microphone
    5. You need to be able to record with a good FPS
    6. You are able to be active on the server
    7. Must be in good standing with the community

    If you have any further questions feel free to message me on here, reply to this thread, or on discord at gkidedabeast.

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