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    posted a message on Suddenly, youtube videos
    Recently I've been bored out of my mind, I totally need something to do. And yes, youtube. I wanted to make video game commentaries, then I realized how bad my computer is, also it broke. I have to use my netbook as a desktop setup :biggrin.gif:
    So anyway, I have a good 720p camera and I need some suggestions on what kind of videos could I make. I'm not good at either singing/dancing nor I'm really funny.
    Or actually, nevermind, what kind of videos are there in all?
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    posted a message on GIR skin
    Quote from bubblydude26

    okay to be fully honest i need the money, i know its not much at all but it helps. i need the money cause my gf is preg so please no hate

    Lol, you won't get much money from adfly, I'm just saying.
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    posted a message on Minecraft skin viewing tool
    I'm totally not sure if this is the right forum, but I need an app(compatible with mac/online) that lets me view a specific skin & change its poses, etc. One thing is that it needs a transparent background, because I'll be cropping it for a picture.

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    posted a message on I need a puzzle map for my video
    Quote from fory66

    link in my signiture or below my comment :smile.gif:

    Alrighty, already playin' :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on I need a puzzle map for my video
    Quote from fory66

    to bad i have only one survival and 1 creative map :sad.gif:

    I'd play survival :smile.gif: link?
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    posted a message on I need a puzzle map for my video
    So, what the title says. Though I don't want it to be supah-dupah popular, and I want it not to contain parkour. I totally suck at it. Any suggestions? Also I could test out your map, I don't mind. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on I need a person to make videos with
    Quote from CheesyNinja96

    I probablh cant do it but just a word of advice, I think you should atleast make an intro kinda vid with some commentary, even if it's just a vid saying something like "I'm looking for someone to do LP's with" with the Minecraft title screen in background.

    I dnt know about everyone else but to me I think people would wan to join more if they had an idea of what you sounded like or something :3

    Oh yeah, I agree. I'll work on it in some time, thanks :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Looking For a 4-pillar Survival Partner
    I need someone to do a 4-pillar survival with. I can host by the way.

    1. Can you host/record?
    2. Your time zone?
    3. Age/gender
    4. Time that you can spend on MC
    5. Do you have a YT channel?
    6. Are you funny?


    1. I can host, but not record
    2. EST
    3. 13/f
    4. Around 10+ hours on weekends, 4+
    5. Yeah, nothing on in though.
    6. Not really. :/
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    posted a message on I need a person to make videos with
    Hello guys, I need a person to make video's with. Not just one let's play, but quite a bunch of videos. Why? Oh well, I'm feeling lonely. I can't record with skype though, so you'll into that. And I can host.
    Also by "videos" I mean, Let's Plays(survival, adv/puzzle maps, etc), Mod reviews, seed showcases, building maybe, tutorials, and all that junk.

    -Not a squeaky voice(I don't want it to be very deep, just don't sound like a 9 year old, please)
    -Decent microphone
    -12-14 years old
    -Can record(not with a camera XD)
    -To be in US or Canada(around EST time zone).
    -Decent time spent on Minecraft(a.k.a. lots of free time)

    -Youtube channel/video making
    -Be funny and awesome :biggrin.gif:
    -Decent experience in Minecraft

    My youtube channel that doesn't have anything yet: http://www.youtube.com/user/MsFallenAngelNW

    & I am planning on putting the videos up on my channel, though I know it's weird if you will record it. We can decide it together :smile.gif:

    A bit of background info about me:

    Age/gender: 13/f
    MC experience: about 6 months
    Time spent on MC: 12+ hours on weekends(Can be on for that long, I don't mean I do it every weekend), and about 5 hours+ at business days
    What do I do in my free time:(off school) Mostly(99%) I'm just lurking the internets, so I do have a lot of free time. :/
    Time zone: EST

    Idk what else to say. Anyway, if you're interested somehow, leave a comment below with your info & your YT channel if you have one.

    Thanks :iapprove:

    Sorry for the long post
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    posted a message on Enderman Drawing Contest!

    Sketch thing I did that you can't even see. *why not anime?*
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    posted a message on I'd like to participate in a Let's Play
    Hello, I'm looking for a Minecraft group(not a partner, because it's too much pressure, I should say.) to do Let's Play's with. I'm in US, EST time zone. I can host a server though I don't think I can record(too laggy). I do own Skype and a mic(it's not that bad, I got it for 30$).

    OH and yes, I'd like a younger age group, it feels more comfortable. 12-15 or so.

    Little app:
    1. First name: Julia
    2. Age/gender:13/f
    3. How much time I can spend on MC: well, at least 3 hours at business days, and the whole day on weekend(around 10 hours). I don't mean I will stay this long though XD but I can.
    4. Am I funny: No.
    5. Why should you choose me?: to fill in the space. You know.
    6. Do I own a YT channel?: Yes, there's nothing on it though. (http://www.youtube.com/user/MsFallenAngelNW)

    So if you need a person to crack forever alone jokes on, I'm here. Leave a comment with info about the group below. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Making a New Minecraft Group
    First name: Julia
    IGN: ju4ija
    Gender: Female
    Skype: jufija
    Can you host: yes, non hamachi
    Age: 13
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    posted a message on 6 man vanilla survival
    I'm looking for 5 people(I'm the sixth) to play survival with. Maybe we can mess around and build something? :biggrin.gif: I don't know. But I just want a small crew to play with. By the way, I'll keep it 24/7.

    Little whitelist app:
    3.Are you better at survival or building?(just bonus question)
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    posted a message on Searching for couple of people to play survival with
    I need about 3-5 people to simply play survival with. Vanilla, also, only with LWC on.
    And I need someone around ages 13-15, just because it's more comfortable to play with someone young.(I'm 13)

    Also, one thing, I expect to be on a voice chat so skype and mic needed.

    & for the app just tell me your time zone, age & IGN.

    Thank you.

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