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    posted a message on [Server]{Snapshots}(25 slots){New Map}{Mindcrack-like}(Whitelist){24/7}
    1. IGN:giraffepancakes

    2. Minecraft Talents:Building and farms(Trades,Witches, etc)

    3. Reason for joining serverIm looking for a small fun community

    4.How often will you be online:Daily

    5. Time zone(optional)EST
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    posted a message on Mute's Guide To Killing The Wither Without Any Armor On Hard
    I tried this and shockingly enough i worked. Thanks for the idea, the wither stadium was fun to build!
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    posted a message on [1.7.2]~Vanilla Reborn~[24/7]•[100% Vanilla]•[Survival]•[Brand new]•
    Skype(Microphone is optional, Skype is not.):ThatSwedeGuy97
    How long have you played Minecraft?:Since alpha 1.2.6
    How often do you play Minecraft?:Daily (2-6 hours if i don't have to study)
    When you do play Minecraft, what time do you normally play?:3:00 EST
    What do you enjoy most about Minecraft?:The whole game, its hard to choose one thing!
    Why do you want to join our server?:Im looking for a really great group of guys on a brand new map!
    Have you read this thread in full?:Yup
    Anything else?:How is your day?
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    posted a message on Closed
    IGN:Name (Optional):giraffepancakes
    Timezone/Location (Can Be Vague If You So Desire):Usa,NY(EST)
    How Often Will You Be On:Almost everyday(Except if i have work/ tests the next day)
    What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do In Minecraft:Build
    Who/What Introduced You To Minecraft and Why Do You Keep Playing:X's old videos back in alpha, because i love the community
    Other Information/Cool Things About You And Why We Should Pick You:I play drums,lacrosse, and i feel i would be a great fit into the server!
    What Is The Meaning Of Life:42
    Cake or Pie:Pie because the cake is a lie.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla] [SMP] Shockraft Snapshot Survival Server (HermitCraft Inspired, Mature 18+)
    Building Resume (YT links and images would help here, I would also like to have people on here who would focus on building and such rather than other tasks): Sorry cant find my imgur, but i can prove myself as an established builder.
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    posted a message on LedsCraft [WHITELIST] [ACCEPTING PLAYERS] [VANILLA]
    Minecraft Username: Giraffepancakes
    Age: 16
    Location: USA
    Previous Bans: None
    How Often Do You Play MC: When i find time.(1+ hours a day)
    How Long Have You Been Playing MC: December, 2010
    Do You Watch Mindcrack/Hermitcraft: Yes, Mindcrack
    Would You be Interested in Playing UHC/PvP Maps: Indeed
    Will You be Recording/Streaming on the Server: No
    Do you have skype? if so what is it? Yes, ThatSwedeGuy97
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    posted a message on World of the Brave 13w41b [Small Community Snapshot Server]
    1. How long have you played Minecraft? About 3 years
    2. How old are you? 16
    3. What do you like to use pistons for?Doors, of course!
    4. What is your in-game name?girafepancakes
    5. Do you understand that this is a vanilla survival server?Yep
    6. Please tell us more about yourself so we can better decide if you are the kind of person we are looking for. So i really like to build and interact with people. I play drums and lacrosse. I'm studying to get an academic and athletic scholarship to college. I will be very loyal and keep with the server, i wont up and just not show up. I really look forward to a response. Have a great day!
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    posted a message on NEW mindcrack like server (WHITELIST) 18 slots, application needed.
    mc name (ingame):giraffepancakes
    what release you started on:Alpha 1.2.6
    what you are best at:Design/Building
    how long you can play per day:1+Hours
    youtube (optional) :
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