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    9/10, I'm with everyone else, more block variation, and I personally didn't like the texture pack [I prefer vanilla textures], but I'm not applying that as it's not technically part of the build.
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    Quote from VCtheDerp

    Try out servers with minigames, or with objectives (such as a prison server)?

    Quote from notchrules513

    Try joining a clan, or playing on bending servers ( there is one in particular I am in love with)

    Quote from Winter_Mage

    If you like non-vanilla pvp & working your way up the ladder then


    is for you.

    As I said in the main post, I can't go on servers. I'd go on, after midnight, once every other blue moon, and that's if I was actually in the mood to go on servers. I actually prefer singleplayer or LAN anyways. And because I live ten miles out of town, having friends over doesn't happen very often. And even so, I'm not a big fan of PvP servers. LAN or on a private server set up by friends [If I'm at a place where I can go on servers] than I'm okay with it. Personally I feel like the pc version isn't best for vanilla anymore, anyways. I mean, it has the most features, but if you're used to having mods and prone to cheating and getting a bunch of mods in the middle of survival, the xbox is better, because you can't really mod it without going through a lot of trouble.
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    I agree with this.But it's not just the monster's AI's that need improvement, but the sheep and pigs, and cows, and chickens could use a bit of improvement. I'm mainly talking about luring them into a cage area. Sometimes they just lose interest in it, and don't bother following you anymore. But they need to make more of an effort to get out, or be more realistic. If they make more of an effort to get out, than they don't just stand at the door waiting for you to come punch 'em back in, and get killed for whatever resource. If they become more realistic, they just sit around doing nothing at all. Or "reproduce" in the wild. Animals may not despawn, but they sure as heck run off.
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    I'm running 1.4.2 (I just got the perfect combination of mods, and the update comes out), and I'm also running millenaire. Usually, I have my Menu on the `/~ button, and my large map is on TAB, but I must have deleted my config or something, 'cause it doesn't use those.So I tried changing the Millenaire Menu button to B so that I could use the default M, didn't help at all. :/ And my minimap doesn't show, and I have no config in my .minecraft folder. Any help?
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