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    (This map was inspired several years ago by Jigarbov's Infinity Dungeon, go check it out!)

    Much like Jigarbov's Infinity Dungeon, the Infinity Arena is a game where the map always changes.

    The infinity arena is a game where players fight to the last one standing in a unique arena every game. It's designed to be highly replayable and somewhat strategic. While the maps are fairly complex and interesting, the classes themselves are also a point of inter-play and complexity.

    Before each round, players spend points to pick a class, which is then used in that round. While a higher costing class might be more powerful in some aspects, it also means it's less powerful in other aspects. The cost of each class is more like a scale of how interesting it is, rather than how objectively good that class is.

    The maps are generated in three layers: the Underground Tunnels, the Surface, and the Sky. Each layer is a five by five grid of tiles, each tile being nineteen by nineteen blocks in size, and eleven blocks tall. While there's a pretty good chance that something will spawn that bridges each of the layers together, it's also possible that some of the classes may do it (un)intentionally. Seeing as the map generates brand new each round, some classes and some tiles have a tendency to cause severe damage to the play area.

    This brings me to my next point: the map can be laggy at times. While I've cut that down from the map's earlier stages, you never really know how well your computer's going to run Minecraft, and due to that I feel obliged to warn players that they may need to turn down their render distances or some of their graphics settings to be able to play this game at capacity. While this isn't to discourage players from this map, if you have to leave your settings way down just to play Minecraft in the first place, this might not be the map for you.

    Speaking of warnings, I couldn't get the texture pack to work on LAN, and while it's not required to play the game, I'd reccomend it to make the Enderknight class look right. The .zip file contains the resource pack along with the map itself, so to those of you on servers or playing on LAN who really want the pack, it's available. The only changes it makes are (in my opinion) improving the look of chainmail armor, making a music disk look like a rapier, making glowstone solid white, and making sea lanterns solid white with a color-changing dot in the middle. The game and hub look good without it, just the Enderknight's rapier will be a music disk. It's definitely not a big enough change for you to worry about.

    Classes and their descriptions:

    Spectator (Free):

    This class is what you get for not picking a class before the round began. Rounds don't begin automatically, and you get a moment to keep picking classes while the arena generates before the game actually starts, so you actually have to choose to be this class.

    Knight (Free):
    This class is simple; an iron sword, iron armor, and a shield. It doesn't have great mobility or great attack, but it does have solid defense.

    Roge (Free):
    This class is simple; a bow, leather armor, and sixty arrows. It doesn't have great modibility or great defense, but it does have solid attack.

    Juggernaut (100):
    This class is simple; full diamond armor, slowness, and resistance. It has poor mobility and poor attack, but you probably won't take any damage. Their only weakness is arrows.

    Builder (100):
    This class is simple; a stone pickaxe and unlimited brick. While there's no attack or defense, and the modility isn't great, this class is in survival mode, which means that all those things can be made up for rather easily.

    Destroyer (200):
    This class is simple; chainmail armor, resistance, and "spikes". Admittedly, there aren't any actual spikes on them, but they deal damage to non-destroyer classes who get too close.

    Miner (300):
    This class is simple; a diamond pickaxe, flint and steal, unlimited endstone and tnt. This class's mobility is lacking, and if not careful, they could easily kill themselves. They have no defense and very little attack, but they are in Survival mode, and resources are available around the map.

    Ninja (300):
    This class has leather armor, speed, and a vanishing trick! They have very mobility and attack, but they're lacking defense.

    Sniper (200):
    This class has no armor, but they do have an extra strong bow and better movement. They also have a "Smoke Bomb", which creates a cloud of smoke to hide your escape.

    Enderknight (200):
    This class's trick is high speed. They both run and hit fast. Don't get cornered, or you're a goner!

    Ghost: (100):
    This class has the power to walk through walls. They're hard to see and have absurdly high mobility, but they also have absurdly low defense and attack. If you can corner them, they're dead.

    Enchanter (400):
    This class is another archer class, but with a significant twist! The Enchanter has the power to enchant arrows they shoot with various properties. They have four items that, when held while shooting an arrow, apply a unique ability to the arrow. While they're capable of ripping the map to shreds without even trying, they also have a very limited number of arrows, and a high likelihood of straight up killing themselves.

    Moth (200):
    This class has the power of flight! While most classes that reach the top of the arena get teleported to a random player, the Moth slips through the arena's defenses. This means they can dive-bomb players from maddening heights! Assuming, of course, that they have the skill to use their flight powers well.

    Redstoner (200):
    This class is for all the little Sethblings out there! While most classes are offensive or defensive, the Redstoner is more like a trap artist. They have unlimited access to various redstone components, unlimited quartz, and an iron pickaxe. They're also in survival mode, which makes it very easy for them to obtain resources for weapons and armor.

    Lumberjack (200):
    This class is simple; one diamond axe with a heavy swing. A few hits with this axe and most players should be dead. The Lumberjack is also in sruvival mode, meaning they can get their hands on weapons and armor if they lay low for long enough.

    Timer (300):
    Save for the enchanter, this is the most complicated class. This class makes use of the Timer scoreboard, and they have an item that charges their score when held. They have a couple other items that eat away at their score when held, but do some pretty great stuff.

    Flood (300):
    This class floods the map in water. They move slowly, but they can go anywhere with a large enough opening for a player to get through. They've got pretty okay attack and pretty okay defense. They're also in survival mode, which allows them to get better defense and attack.


    I'd put in the pictures individually, but after having worked on this map for a year and a half, I can't bring myself to care enough to go through the tedious process of putting in fifteen images.

    How to download and install:

    First off, click here to get the map!

    Then, once it's downloaded...
    1 - Start minecraft
    2 - Open the "Singleplayer" menu
    3 - Select any world you have
    4 - Click the "Edit" button beneath the "Play Selected World" button
    5 - Click the "Open Folder" button
    6 - Go up one level in the folder (You should now be in the saves folder, where there's a folder for each world you have)
    7 - Open the "Infinity Arena, by Gigarandom.zip" file that you just downloaded
    8 - Drag the folder inside that .zip file into your saves folder
    9 - Close the folder and return to minecraft
    10 - Close the "Edit" menu and you should now have a world in your saves titled "Infinity Arena"

    The texture pack comes in the world, so if the world is in your saves, you don't need to do this, whether you're connecting by Lan or hosting it. I can't help you set it up on servers (because I don't know how to do that stuff), but the download file contains a .zip file that can be placed in your resource packs folder. As stated before, it's not actually important for the map to work, but it makes the hub look nicer, makes Chainmail armor look better, and makes the Enderknight's music disk look like a rapier.

    A tediously large note from the game maker about super nerdy and dorky game design stuff:

    I actually put a lot of effort into this map, despite it being simple and basic compared to some other minigames. I'm interested in game design- both video games and board games- and minecraft is the perfect place to play around with simple ideas and mechanical design choices, so I'd like to spend a moment to explain those in this map.

    For starters, I'm aware that it might both some players that they have to pay points every round to select classes, but there are a few reasons for this.
    1 - It's hard to setup an "Unlock" system for players that's easy to edit in the game when testing. When you use the Reset option in /scoreboard, it doesn't erase scoreboard tags, which- quite frankly- is stupid. But, it posed a problem that meant testing the game would be difficult.
    2 - Some of the classes are very broken, and I don't think it's fair if you've had the map for a while to have unlimited access to classes when someone who's just joining (either because they just got Minecraft for the PC or you don't get to play Lan together very often) gets to choose between two classes.
    3 - It actually makes more sense in my opinion to have to pay each round for a class instead of unlocking it because that means a player only gets to use the cooler classes or their favorite class if they're good enough with it to consistently win, or at least last long enough to get enough points to buy it again.

    Speaking of points, I'd like to point out that this map basically taught me how to use scoreboards to do absolutely amazing things. As such, it's good to note that while most games award points to the winner, that doesn't distribute points enough for players to use classes other than the starting class, so instead points are dealt after each player dies. It's scaled based on the number of players left in the game, so that if a player dies when there's less than a hundred players left, every player gets twenty five points. Fifty if it's less than 8, and seventy five if it's less than four. The winner gets an additional seventy five points. This way, the game can last a while, players can easily see how well they're doing, and points are fairly distributed.

    Some classes have access to things other classes don't, which while that's great, explosives are incredibly powerful, and the only class that has them is the Miner. To account for this, one of the tiles has a chest in it with tnt and flint and steal that can be used even if you're not in survival mode. This gives other classes the opportunity to fight an unfightable foe, while also spicing up rounds where Miners aren't in the game. To expand upon this, the Enchanter can last longer by heading to large, wooden structures I call "Sniper towers", because they breach into the sky layer, and have chests of tipped arrows in them. Unfortunately, the skyscrapers have Spectral Arrows, which when shot are a different entity, which means Enchanter's effects don't work on them. This means they're useful for Snipers and Rogues, or any class in Survival mode that's trying to make a bow, but it's not helpful to Enchanters who deal most of their damage in broad, sweeping areas.

    There are railroad tracks in the underground layer. This wasn't always so, but I decided it'd make the underground more interesting if players were able to race through it. Of course, that's only an option if a certain tile spawns, which breaks between the underground and surface layers. There are actually a number of tiles that tie layers together. Skyscrapers and Sniper Towers bridge the sky and surface layer. The Radio Tower and Mega Taiga do too, but you can't actually climb those without special mobility or spawning on top of them. There's a few tiles that bridge the surface and the underground, although they aren't exactly perfect. The Mesa tile bridges all three layers in a way that any player should be able to walk between them.

    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the map!

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    So, I would like to begin by pointing out that I'm not terrible with command blocks, but I'm not the best with them either. I know enough about data tags that I can figure things out pretty quickly, and have messed scorebaords and entity data a lot in the past couple months, but apparently making custom spawners isn't working in 1.10.2, and I used to be able to do it, it's just not doing it now.

    I'm using this command:

    /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ mod_spawner 0 replace {EntityId:Zombie}

    That didn't work, so I tried using {EntityId:"Zombie"} instead, because, well, maybe there was an NBT update, but that didn't work either. The wiki's NBT tutorial page has always been a bit off or poorly structured anyways, but I have no idea what to try from here. Any forum I've found on the matter has told me to do the first one, and it doesn't do anything beyond giving me another pig spawner.

    Any ideas?

    Edit: Okay, well, I found a way to fix it, so at least this thread will be helpful to anyone who's run into the same problem.

    {SpawnData:{id:Zombie}} was my way around it, and as it changed what the entity inside the spawner was, I'm figuring this is how custom spawners work, now, although if anyone has the old method fixed somewhere, that seems a lot less circumventive than abusing the tags common to all entities stuff.

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    Well, first off, this mod is fantastic. A bit hard, but I'll admit to being a wimp, so it's customizability helps me get over that.

    Second. I have a bit of an obsession for synergizing mods together, so what are the hotkeys for adding blocks and armor to the configs? Or, if there aren't any, what are their structures in the config files? I tried telling it to generate blank config files, but it didn't do anything, so I'm left asking for the formats.

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    So I'm making a minigame, and I'm trying to set up a timer, but I don't want it to take up a crazy amount of space,.So I thought, hey, I already have a running in-minigame loop as part of the game itself, why don't I just hook up a counter with a scoreboard? And, what little I do know about scoreboards, this is possible. It may be difficult, but taking on huge and ridiculous tasks is my way of learning. Learn the hard way, am I right?

    Anyways, I've tried going through the wiki page, which didn't get me anywhere, and I tried searching for a system, but everybody's so obsessed with kill counters that it's impossible to find. I tried using a 'dummy', but I understood the system so poorly I couldn't get anywhere with it. Bottom line, I need help, and I thank anyone who can shed some light on the matter.
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    So, recently my friend showed my a game called "Powder Toy", maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't. If you have [and downloaded it], try taking "STAR" from the Game of life section and after placing, just move the mouse a little in a single direction. It should generate this massive structure using that material. Now, to me, it looked like the blueprints for a dungeon, and unless you have a gajillion years to build a massive dungeon, it'd be pretty cool if there was a program or even a mod that allowed you take an image file, and use it as the blueprints for a dungeon!

    Yes, I am aware that would be an incredibly difficult code to write, one that understood what you were trying to make it do [especially for the way Powder Toy works], and if it worked like the way you make custom buildings in Kinniken's Millenaire mod, using specific colors for specific blocks, it wouldn't work at all with Powder Toy, but you could always open up paint and make the blueprints using that.Although, using that system means a few things:You can't have more than one floor, you'd have a map of the dungeon [cheating or not, kind of up to you], you'd still have to draw the dungeon itself, and the program would have to have an option for choosing what's air, and what's not.

    Personally as long as there's something out there that "works" somewhat like this, I'd be pretty chill with however the user system worked, but maybe you think differently...
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    So, my Windows 8 computer has always done this, but now I can't fix it. At all. Basically, the launcher won't log me in, because whenever I restart [or turn on] my computer, it restricts the minecraft launcher from having permission to access the internet. I recently got hacked, so it booted me out when I reset the password. Thus I can't play minecraft, and since it's a new password I can't use any of the modpack launchers. And for those who complain about it not being an issue unless it crashes, there is no crash logging. The closest thing to a crash log is the message: "Sorry, but we couldn't connect to our servers. Please make sure that Minecraft is not blocked. (SocketException: Connection reset)". Obviously I have access to the internet or I wouldn't be posting this, and obviously I don't know how to check that minecraft is not blocked [again, I wouldn't be posting this then]. Now, I don't mean to sound psychopathishly rude, but I only have two games to play on my computer, Minecraft, and N+. One doesn't work, and the other is infinitely frustrating.

    Edit: Okay, messed with some settings, and it works. Like, messed with Java and Internet settings. To those who are having the same issue, probably should go and search for a real resolution, or be impatient and screw with a bunch of Java settings, but as a start, make sure you have the latest version of Java. Thanks to anyone who was considering posting, and any moderators should probably bump this, as it doesn't help anyone.
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    Quote from featherblade

    Do organics count?

    I once built something like this, in hexxit. It was a bit bigger scale and I accidentally broke the world by exploring massive amounts of terrain, like the normal space you'd usually live in survival [I'd say about a 2000 block square], to the power of 17. It broke the world. That was also before I got Java 64, so it crashed every ten minutes.
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    Quote from gigarandom

    Okay, so I installed this on ftb unleashed, along with single player commands, tree capitator and optifine. I've used it before, and it did this glitch then too. Basically, when I set an npc up to have more than one dialog [putting the first dialogue in the first place, and second in the second place], it shows the first in the third place, and the second in the first. I also can't see the second dialogue. I'm probably doing something wrong but with the tricky design for making quests and dialogues it's kind of hard to figure out. And, in my defense so I look less stupid atleast, I never really saw any videos or anything explaining how to set up either. It's a great mod, but a little complicated. These really is the only thing things I'm confused by.

    Any help with this? By the way, I uninstalled single player commands and moved up to ftb unleashed 1.1.7, and I finally got java 64 bit, if this makes any difference.
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    Okay, so I installed this on ftb unleashed, along with single player commands, tree capitator and optifine. I've used it before, and it did this glitch then too. Basically, when I set an npc up to have more than one dialog [putting the first dialogue in the first place, and second in the second place], it shows the first in the third place, and the second in the first. I also can't see the second dialogue. I'm probably doing something wrong but with the tricky design for making quests and dialogues it's kind of hard to figure out. And, in my defense so I look less stupid atleast, I never really saw any videos or anything explaining how to set up either. It's a great mod, but a little complicated. These really is the only thing things I'm confused by.
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    Ya, I try to be supporting of maps without pics or are like first maps, but you didn't explain the map at all. It seriously feels like a lure for a massive virus attack. That's really my only issue, is the no description beyond it needs four players. Good name though, and incase you didn't know [you probably did know this, considering the name is EXACTLY the same], but "Humans vs. Zombies" is a really big college thing. It's really cool. My brother and sister tried it. Ironically only the zombies who live to the end got trophies. Silly trophies of a toy soldier covered in fake blood and glued to a plastic cup. Just waiting to get into college now... That is honestly the only reason I clicked on this forum. Cuz the name sounded cool.
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    Quote from VCtheDerp

    Try out servers with minigames, or with objectives (such as a prison server)?

    Quote from notchrules513

    Try joining a clan, or playing on bending servers ( there is one in particular I am in love with)

    Quote from Winter_Mage

    If you like non-vanilla pvp & working your way up the ladder then


    is for you.

    As I said in the main post, I can't go on servers. I'd go on, after midnight, once every other blue moon, and that's if I was actually in the mood to go on servers. I actually prefer singleplayer or LAN anyways. And because I live ten miles out of town, having friends over doesn't happen very often. And even so, I'm not a big fan of PvP servers. LAN or on a private server set up by friends [If I'm at a place where I can go on servers] than I'm okay with it. Personally I feel like the pc version isn't best for vanilla anymore, anyways. I mean, it has the most features, but if you're used to having mods and prone to cheating and getting a bunch of mods in the middle of survival, the xbox is better, because you can't really mod it without going through a lot of trouble.
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    Quote from Dosh889

    Any body knows how to make a server

    No, it's not so much that we don't know how, as much as he wants a lot of custom mods and crap, I hope eventually to learn java script, but that's gonna take a while.

    Another thing, it just occurred to me that I haven't beaten minecraft more than once. Time to try a pure survival. Again. Probably gonna give up after a couple minutes.
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    Quote from DocHarley

    My personal favorite way to liven up my Minecraft experience is to adopt what I call a "Conduct." This is a term I've shamelessly borrowed from NetHack and it goes like this:

    1. Start a new game intending to defeat the End Dragon.
    2. Choose to work under at least one of the following restrictions...
    • Vegetarian - Will not eat meat
    • Pacifist - Will not kill any creature except for the End Dragon
    • Caveman - Will not make nor use anything built using more advanced materials than wood, stone, and leather
    • Add your own - There are a lot of opportunities to gimp yourself
    3. See how successful you are.

    Works for me, anyway.

    I'm gonna be honest, those are like the opposite of what I'd usually do, but then again I was playing ftb and wanted to get straight to the cool machinery. Basicly I'd do something like "Infinite Iron". Honestly, it's bad enough that it takes me a while to get started, but with these? Maybe a couple days worth of total gameplay and maybe I'd have an Iron Ingot.

    Quote from AsphaltDonut

    -Become familiar with external programs such as MCEdit and make an adventure map.
    -This will take a long time, but learn Java and code your own mod.

    -Create your own server.

    I'm already familiar with World Painter and MCEdit, and I have tried making my own survival, creative, adventure and parkour maps. I uploaded the first four a long time ago, but that was when I had had minecraft for only a couple updates. They were all crap. I'm trying to use ftb to make a minecraft adventure map.
    I also have a lot of mod ideas. Seriously, I have a folder full of them.
    Actually me and my cousin have been trying to come up with really cool server ideas for nearly as long as he's had mc [since 1.0 official release].
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    So, I've run out of things to do in minecraft. I've played ftb, tekkit, and even just personally made some packs for myself. I've played adventure, parkour, survival, and creation maps. I've used several texture packs [and personally just prefer vanilla], and what's come from trying out most of things there are to do in minecraft? Boredom. Don't get me wrong, minecraft's a great game, but I've kind of run out of things to do. I mean, I know all the minecraft recipes, excluding potions, I'm pretty decent with redstone, and my only problem is a slight dislike for vanilla. It's mostly because it's like a circle, start off by punching all the trees, make a big mine, and eventually find the end and win the game. After that, there's not much to do. I've played on servers, but the new internet I have has limits on uploading and downloading, so me playing online isn't gonna happen very often, even after midnight [unlimited between midnight and 5am, I know, it's odd]. So, I beg thee, give me something new to try.
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    Quote from felinoel

    Are you sure you changed the conflicting BlockIDs?

    Actually I got Cubeworld recently and decided I'd wait for feed back before I started messing with crap on ftb.

    Quote from Grimguy007

    Edit: Gigarandom, you need to head to the config file for Buildcraft located in the config folder and change the BlockID of 1515, 1516, 1517, 1518, and so on to a higher number. I suggest using the numbers in the 1580 or higher region because that worked for me. Hope it helps!

    This is incredibly helpful, i may have to start with a different ID number, but that's because I installed a couple other mods, which may take up a lot of room. I already had a conflict with IC2, I decided I'd leave it alone though, since it only cut out one of the dusts and I assumed if It became a problem I'd just use the pulverizer instead of the macerator.
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