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    People don't realise just how cheap electricity really is.
    Electricity costs are about $1-$2 (In Australia) a day depending on how you use the electricity.
    My gaming pc runs almost 24/7 (PSU's only provide the amount of power necessary at the time) and it costs less than the average HD/Smart TV.

    Running an A/C is pretty much the top of electricity costs, a high-end PC that runs 24/7 is about the middle compared to other appliances.
    Chances are that your washing machine which is probably being used for a few hours a week is more expensive.
    If you need to save money, start turning things off at the power outlet.
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    posted a message on More Realistic Minecraft
    Quote from KyoShinda

    Fishing rod hooks out other player's eyes and makes them permanently blind.
    Create a thread for that. Best suggestion in this thread alone.
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    posted a message on if you could kill one person
    Quote from Taupo

    I wouldn't kill anyone unless in killing them I saved lots of other people. I certainly wouldn't kill someone just because they bullied me as a kid or annoyed me at some point. That would be a major overreaction.

    Killing someone would devastate that person's loved ones; hating someone would not be justification in my mind to put people through that kinda pain.

    However, if I could, say, kill a dangerous serial killer then yes, I'd do that, in the expectation I save more lives than I take.

    In other words, the plot of Dexter.
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    posted a message on Crack The Cube [The Ultimate Puzzle Map] [15+ Levels In Counting] Need More Puzzle Ideas! Download OUT NOW! 9000+ Downloads! [Ty
    Err, the world is not recognised. Apparently the folder must be missing some things.

    Edit: Nevermind, I didn't realise that this for for PE. Though it was for PC. My sincerest apologies.
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    posted a message on Creative ideas regarding a very specific block placement
    1. Enter creative mode
    2. Destroy bedrock
    3. Place dropper
    4. Replace bedrock
    5. ???
    6. Profit
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    posted a message on Variant on multi user question
    Idea: Replicate the world until you have the 4 (Or required amount of) worlds. Give each world a pre-fix (Such as the persons name) and then you will all be playing on the same world, however each persons creation will be unique to their world.
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    posted a message on I hate my laptop, help me make it faster
    Firstly, the thing that's on everyone's mind: Stop acting like a ­fu*king 6 year old.
    Now, on to my actual support.

    First and foremost: If someone is providing support to you, actually listen(Read in this case) and download / do what they request. If you're ever unsure, just ask if it's safe to do so and someone else will confirm or deny the safety of the action.

    Microsoft Security Essentials was once at the peak of all anti-virus programs. Sadly, Microsoft has ignored the product and it's now one of, if not the worst AV around.
    Download Malwarebytes and install that. Run a full system scan with the program. If there are viruses that MSE missed, Malwarebytes should pick them up.

    Getting a computer back to what it initially was like when bought can be tough, especcially with how far gone your computer seems.
    So, the quickest, easiest and most pain-free of all strategies here would be to back-up all the files on your PC and perform a clean installation from the Windows DVD.. This can be done either by copying the files directly to an external hard drive (Or other backup location) or by using a backup system like the one provided by Microsoft ('Backup and Restore').
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    posted a message on Craftable Mob Spawners
    No support. Minecraft spawners should remain uncraftable.
    Also, this has been over-suggested to death. Search before suggesting.
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    posted a message on ~Grand Theft Auto 5 Page~ 17th! (survey optional to take)
    Quote from KI11ERxSHARK18

    yeah im totally with you! although I don't have it for the ps3 or ps4 but I heard its going to be amazing on both consoles...I asked my mom yesterday if we can sgo at 12:00pm at night to get it! she said heck no! I although do not want to go to school on the 17th and 18th...

    You clearly need to go to school. You find it difficult to differentiate between AM and PM...
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    I will defuse seventy thousand bombs.
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    posted a message on How Long Did You Survive?
    Going back to alpha here. The first night came along and I hid myself in 1x2 gap. I waited out the night (Back then, beds didn't exist), walked out in the day. Started building a small 'safe house'. Several seconds later.. Boom!
    I thought there would be no hostile mobs in the day.
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    posted a message on 1.6 lava decay
    They fixed it. It was a bug. For an unbelievably long time now, lava has been bugged and wouldn't disappear properly when the source block was taken.
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    posted a message on Guess the age of the user Above you #1
    Being a Pokemon fan unfortunately isn't much of an indication of age. So uhh... 15?
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