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    no dice here either.. 64bit windows 7. newest adobe air (updated yesterday). Downloaded from the link in the main post, it immediately prompted me to update it, and I let it. I can select a schematic, i see the micro print status: status. It changes to PRG 1 out of 1. but nothing else displays on the screen at all from that point. My only option is to donate or close the program.
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    Quote from sfxworks

    Schematic to bo2 converter. Enjoy!

    Here it is.

    Great idea, love it, however. Every time I click the invisible button at the bottom of the page, I get the prompt the download will be started shortly. However it never happens. Tried it with ff, chrome, and ie. Any ideas if it's broke or is there something I need to setup browser wise to work with the swf?
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    what time zone is the server ran in? and are you guys still accepting new members? the concept floors me :biggrin.gif:
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