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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016
    Dang, love projectred, but playing on 164 was waiting on a stable before updating (2 versions lol)

    well, guess i'll have to risk it again, and see if it works this time. (failed 3 times so far) but here's hoping!!

    Guess ill work on 1.7 server next ;)

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    posted a message on [1.5.x / 1.6.x] Applied Energistics [ rv 13 c ] - Exploiting Quantum Mechanics

    Like the mod. As i play, i seem to change the mods that I have installed for me and my son to play on.

    (which is great fun that way of course!)

    I used this one with 1.5.2 and now im setting up a 1.6.4 server.

    My main problem however... the quartz knife wont craft.

    Not sure what im missing.

    im on the rv14 setup
    forge is 9;.11.965

    all mods:
    grimoire of gaia
    ars magica 2
    AE rv14 finale 3
    codechickencore 909
    inventory tweaks
    nei plugins
    nei addons
    nether ores
    powercrystal core
    project red (all)
    redstone arsenal
    Thermal expansion
    ritual enchanting
    tinkers construct
    crafting manager

    anywhere u could point me to look?

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    posted a message on Bad Login Error Often
    Same problem for 1.5.2 and 1.47 for last 30min trying. (2:30 est)

    first thing i did was check the auth servers etc. all good, then i thought it was my pw.. and so on :)
    glad i came here before i started wiping drives and such! lol
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    posted a message on Mutant Creatures - Spider Pig, Spider Pig [v1.4.9]
    I installed this into my server recently. My son loves it. Made the X potion, and missed lol.

    made 2 more, and got us a Mutant Creeper. fought it for a few minutes, then it jumped into the sky and was gone.

    Despawn perhaps?

    Later (same spot) a Mutant zombie naturally spawned, fighting it. (wow) and it blew us over the hill into a crater (see mutant creeper section above lol) we ran back over the hill (near our beds) and it was gone....

    love it tho

    in the configuration, maybe add a setting to change the despawn time? (as a thought)

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    posted a message on Ars Magica v5.52.014 (Updated August 2) (1.5.2)
    I do have the Orb above my MC lvl. (i went up to lvl 4)

    ill have to look at the config and see about the Inv mana display. didnt know it was an option. woot

    thankshm. i think i found a conflict.

    o is also used in the NEI stuff. to hide/show its stuff.

    have to find it, in the options to change the keybind (assuming i can in one or the other) hehyup, that was exactly it. (thanks for the Clue Solusphere :)

    I changed the NEI setting from o to i (it was an easy change, in game) and now hitting O shows my mana!


    k, now back to checkin things out.
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    posted a message on Ars Magica v5.52.014 (Updated August 2) (1.5.2)
    InstectKing, you must find the protectorblock and destroy it. (name)

    Im having an issue, i think..

    I finally got the Arcane Empowerment table, woot. Clicked the ball in the middle and got lvl 1

    however, i didnt get any mana. (or it doesnt show at least) no 0/0 etc.

    rewatched the videa and watched closely.... as soon as he hit the button, he got the numbers above his inventory...

    So. Did i set something up wrong?

    I added a few mods together. (tested each, as i added, with no crashes etc.)

    course, now they might or not play together well... sure was hoping so..

    Ars magica
    Not Enough Items
    Minefactory reloaded
    and Flat Bedrock

    any of those, a ttotal wash with ars?

    no errors so far but im still looking.
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