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    posted a message on Do some math for me. This is about stronghold finding.

    (Just a note - I'm not good at geometry / trigonometry. I'm just trying to go off what I'm reading off of the internet.)

    Taking a bit of a lazy/easier approach to this one - the only equations involved are the line ones.

    In order to get both equations, I'll be using roughly the same thing here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1571294/line-equation-with-angle#1571322

    If you can't bother to go there (or can't access it for some reason), the basics of a line equation is something like this:

    m*x + n = y

    m can just be calculated by the angle; m = tan(angle) For n:

    n = startPoint_Y - (tan(angle) * startPoint_X)

    So the equation now looks something like this:

    tan(angle)*x + (startPoint_Y - (tan(angle) * startPoint_X) = y

    Anddd now to plug them both places in:

    tan(-57.4)*x + (200 - (tan(-57.4)*50))=y
    tan(-93.9)*x + (1000-(tan(-93.9)*300))=y

    And now we have both lines ready to graph. When you plug them into a graphing calculator (I'm using Desmos, pretty sure you can use any), you get this: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/fqhwchaaah

    That would make the stronghold roughly around (-422,738).

    TBH I'm not smart enough to make an equation to just get the intersection without using a calculator. I think it's much faster to just do something like this, though, if anyone would actually use this in a speedrun.

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    posted a message on How would you make the slowest railroad/coaster/transportation?


    I got the idea of making Dr. Bone's wild ride in Minecraft, but I don't know how to exactly make a slow ride. My only guess would to make it have you hold W the whole time, but it'd be nice if there was a way to make it while you're riding something.

    (note: I'm planning on building this in a 1.14.4 server, but if there's a way to build something like this in 1.15 or 1.16, I'm open to suggestions)

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    posted a message on Welp, it was nice knowing you all.

    Oh wow, I didn't see that announcement until now, thank god. I was gonna move everything to a some random third party forum that only had 5 people on it.

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    posted a message on Welp, it was nice knowing you all.

    Just about a month after I announce my return, the site announces they're closing their doors. Good job, Curse.

    I'm still planning on making maps again, but I'll probably host them somewhere else now. It'll probably be on either CurseForge or minecraft maps com. Since I won't be able to announce anything, make sure to go to my discord server. I'll be announcing any projects I make on it, and any other creators will be able to do so as well. (Also, sorry if it's against the rules to advertise my discord here.)

    Before I finish off typing this, I wanted to give my full thank you to the entire crew who worked on this. I've been on minecraft for nearly 8 years now and I probably have been on this site for more than 5 now. It's been an honor being with you all and I'm sad you'd have to make it read only. It's been a good half-decade being with you all. I'll see you all on another site.

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    posted a message on Welp. I'm making maps again after 2-3 years.

    Heyo everyone. This is ggtyler. You might know me by my previous names though (candv and GamingGuyTyler)

    I've decided to make maps again for minecraft. A lot has changed over the years and I think the game has gotten a new breath of fresh air, so I decided "eh, what's the worst that can happen, right?"

    I'm not sure what are the new map making stuff are (the latest I know are the "new" command block types, but I still struggle with that XD) but I will try to make some grade A maps. Stay tuned.

    (ps: if some of my older map making pals are still around, feel free to contact me)

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    posted a message on Open Public Realm

    ign - ggtylerr

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    posted a message on The quest for the Spange

    How and why is this a thing.

    Also I love how your join date is at 6/1/2017 when today is 5/31/2017

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    posted a message on The Archen - Currently recruiting developers.

    This is a new server that we've been working on for the past couple of months. We are happily recruiting developers as of right now. If you want to take a look at what the server currently looks like, the ip is play.thearchen.us . If you want to join, please contact me or the owner on discord: @GGTyler#8605 @ItzDevinYT2#4555 or you could just talk to us on the official discord server: discordapp.com/invite/ZJR78fA

    ~ Tyler

    EDIT: We are only recruiting server developers.

    EDIT 2: Recruitment is stopping due to a grief.

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    posted a message on FangCraft {Coming Soon} {New Donation System} {Tons Of Plugins} {Uptime Will Be 24/7} {Survival Confirmed} {More To Come}

    2 years later and no answer. Complete ******** to be honest.

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