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    posted a message on 1.13 place door with commands

    Try using blockstates as part of the setblock. They look like this:

    /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:oak_door[facing=south]

    You can change south to whatever direction you need, along with "oak_door" to other types of doors

    (I'm assuming you're in 1.13 because of the /data command)

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    posted a message on ᴥ Loka - Custom-Built World ||| Territory Conquest ᴥ [Town Leveling, Industries][Arenas, Talent-Battlegrounds][Lore]
    Quote from ZZwatermelon»

    I really want to join, but every time I try, it doesn't let me and says the connection was closed by host. Idk what to do. :(

    Are you using play.lokamc.com as the IP address?
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    posted a message on ᴥ Loka - Custom-Built World ||| Territory Conquest ᴥ [Town Leveling, Industries][Arenas, Talent-Battlegrounds][Lore]
    Quote from KeikoYurino»

    How do I go back to and complete the Intro course? I can't talk to anyone or pick up items because I have "Intro Course" beside my name.

    Could you take a screenshot of your coordinates and surroundings? I'll be on for the next few hours or so aswell if you see this in time.
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    posted a message on Probably not possible but..
    Quote from absol0666»

    i think the hideParticles tag on /effect gets rid of the fov change, but im not sure and i dont have mc with me

    Ex: /effect @a 1 10 5 true

    This is false.

    Sadly, FOV changes even with item attributes.

    OP, if you're not a mapmaker and just want this for aesthetic reasons, just change your FOV in the options menu whenever you get a speed effect.

    You can do this on a spigot server, but I can't think of a way to do it in in vanilla without overkill raycasting.

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    posted a message on Cannot delete custom named OR enchanted items from command block

    Yes, because the command you use has the following syntax:

    /clear [player] [item-ID] [meta-ID] [count] [NBT]


    /clear @p[r=3] minecraft:golden_hoe -1 10 {display:{Name:"Bamstick"}}

    This will clear all golden_hoes with the name of Bamstick and ignores the damage.

    Additionally, sometimes spigot plugins use the clear command, so to be extra sure I would use "/minecraft:clear" instead of "/clear"
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    Qwachees, you literally just described fixes for every major issue I had with coastal online.

    Given the open-world nature (and allowing players to control land) of this new idea, I do think you should consider the scale. You obviously want to control all of the terrain, which is good to be able to moderate content, but really hard for an open world game.

    Something I would recommend is implementing some sort of "continent" system, where you could start out with 1 or 2 relatively small (2-3k by 2-3k) separate worlds (made with worldpainter/TerrainControl/etc) with all of the content built and controlled. If the player base grows, it isn't an issue to make and add a new continent. This would allow you to limit your initial time investment (and get the game running sooner) while still being able to keep an open world.

    I loved the amount of effort put into coastal online, but it really was too much effort for the alpha test.

    Even though it may feel weird, I really think you could filter through all your incredible ideas faster (work harder on the good ones, get rid of the ones you find out aren't as good) if you put out the server faster. Alpha isn't a time for balancing weapons with 5 different abilities, it isn't a time for all the weapons to have pretty colored text, it isn't a time for you to build out a gigantic questing system and it isn't the the time to make more than 4 hours of content (luckily, with an open world that becomes a much smaller problem). Alpha is where you give some small boys some sticks and stones and see what they do. (Ok maybe the boy analogy isn't great because there's a 90% chance the sticks will be guns and the stones will be thrown at siblings, but you get what I mean.)

    I'm kinda rambling at this point, but I really love the stuff you've made and I love that you're still passionate about creating a unique server experience.

    I cannot say this any more sincerely, thank you for the incredible quality and passion that went into Coastal Online.

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    posted a message on Lottery style randomizer and payout function... Need help condensing

    Hey, looks like only the attached picture worked, nothing else.

    If you want this condensed, your best bet would be to include a world download.

    Something else to consider is this could be very small if you used commandblocks, but I don't know if you want to do that. AKA is this supposed to be survival friendly or not?

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    posted a message on Ideas for an (automatic) ghast farm?

    The only minecart part of impulse's system is the capture area, which can be made any way you like. You only need to send the ghast through the portal into some room made out of cobblestone, there's no need to use the minecarts.

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    posted a message on Ideas for an (automatic) ghast farm?

    Ilmango has a kinda cheaty 1.9 version. Could be patched soon, but it's working right now.

    And impulse made one that's kinda slow, but it's pretty decent seeing as he made it in an hour or so. Just replace the half slabs in the shifting floor with soul sand and it works in 1.9

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    posted a message on - Testing if a team has a higher score then another team? -

    The whole community here would really appreciate if you added some details/examples/descriptions to your questions in the future. Not only does it make the question easier to answer, but because the process is streamlined by doing as little mindreading as possible, you will get answers faster.

    Questions needed to answer this:

    How are you keeping track of the score? Are you using a fake player for each team to keep track? Does each player have an individual score that you want added up for all players on the team, then compared?

    How many teams are there?

    Are there multiple scores that are being used?

    What events trigger this comparison to happen?

    What do you want the output of this comparison to do? Does the output depend on the team that wins?

    And finally, please provide an example for the entire process of using this mechanism, with as much specific description as possible.

    Cheers, thank you.

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    posted a message on How to load chunks diagonally 5000 blocks away from spawn?
    Quote from Meister_Lucas»

    Actually, its not a farm or anything like that. I wanted to make an enderpearl transportator. It starts at the top of my tower (-3300 255 4000) and i wanted to extend it a little further; having in mind that the enderpearl is gonna travel 60 blocks with the launcher, I'll make floating stations that are going to bounce the enderpearl once more, and it repeats for hundreds of blocks. I would like to make all the stations loaded, so the enderpearl doesnt unload or break in stationary slime blocks. ("Lazy-chunked" slime blocks).

    Cool. Something worth noting about KillTrot's response is to make the hopper chunk loader you have to put items in the hoppers (as of 1.7.4 I believe).

    However, there is a better way of doing what you're trying to do. Don't forget, that enderpearl teleporter would be really expensive, especially when there is a much better way of doing it.

    Ready to have your mind blown?


    Yeah, that exists, and it's awesome. Here's a playlist I made with some of the most important videos regarding the subject.

    There's a little more science to it, namely getting things like wireless redstone and instant two-way repeaters. Sadly, the 1.9 update breaks all known practical, wireless redstone for survival (there are still versions that exist, but they're limited in various ways that make them unusable).

    Seeing as that's the case, the current best solution is two-way instant repeaters. The most resource efficient two-way instant repeater is described in redstonejazz's video linked in the playlist.

    Cheers, hope this helps!
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    posted a message on Need Help with full chest loader

    This video should help.

    Also, that took me around 8 seconds to find, but it's ok.


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    posted a message on How to load chunks diagonally 5000 blocks away from spawn?

    Sadly that's the only way to keep the area loaded. Also, redstone wire is temporary loading, if you want to permanently load the area you need hopper chunk loaders.

    May I ask why you want the area to always be loaded? There could be an alternative for whatever you want to do.

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    posted a message on Create a mob that doesn't cause knockback?

    You can, it's just kinda weird. You can give the player an item with the knockback resistance attribute. Like this:

    /replaceitem entity @p slot.inventory.103 minecraft:golden_hoe 1 0 {display:{Name:"Anti-Knockback",Lore:["Just so you are not affected by knockback"]},AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"generic.knockbackResistance",Name:"generic.knockbackResistance",Amount:1,Operation:0,UUIDMost:82829,UUIDLeast:167220}]}

    This puts a golden hoe in the player's head slot (don't worry, it doesn't render). This hoe has the knockback resistance attribute.

    You can do this to any armor slot or the slot that the player is holding (just having it in the hotbar or in the inventory doesn't work sadly). So you can play around with it a bit. If the player is supposed to have a sword and full armor, you can still do this by giving one of their armor pieces the knockback resistance effect. You do have to know the exact item being worn though (so if a player can upgrade every piece of their armor in your map this becomes far more difficult, as you would have to test for every single different type of armor piece that could possibly occur in that slot).

    A possible (1.9) alternative I just thought of would be to give the player a corrupted levitation effect (anything over ~127) o. This wouldn't completely bypass the knockback, but part of knockback is being hit vertically and applying knockback, so this could negate most of that movement.

    Actually just tested this in game and it works ok. It just about halves the knockback distance


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    posted a message on Help swapping positions of two players w/ command blocks?
    Quote from mtndew_314»

    Nice eyes for catching that Capital error.
    And the armor stands are fine where they are. cuz it its tping the player1 stand to player2 and vice versa.

    I know the issue is solved, but the reason the armor stands were not working is exactly the error I described. Here's an explanation (commenting is in bold). I change the terms a little bit so it's a lit more englishy than programmy (those words are totally a thing, I promise)

    Quote from mtndew_314»

    /execute @e[score_Player1_min=1] ~ ~ ~ /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {Invisible:1,CustomName:"Player1tp",NoGravity:1}

    Summon a player1 armorstand marking Player1's location
    /execute @e[score_Player2_min=1] ~ ~ ~ /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {Invisible:1,CustomName:"Player2tp",NoGravity:1}

    Summon a player2 armorstand marking Player2's location
    /scoreboard players set @e[name=Player1tp] Swap 1

    Give the player1 armorstand a swap score of 1
    /scoreboard players set @e[name=Player2tp] Swap 2

    Give the player2 armorstand a swap score of 2
    /tp @e[score_Player1_min=1] @e[score_Swap_min=1,score_Swap=1]

    Teleport Player1 to the player1 armorstand (The one with a swap score of 1)
    /tp @e[score_Player2_min=1] @e[score_Swap_min=2,score_Swap=2

    Teleport Player2 to the player2 armorstand (The one with a swap score of 2)

    Hopefully that lets you see the problem a bit more clearly. (Also, the minecraftforum text editor is absolute crap. I literally spent 30 minutes to get the bolded lines and the code parts separated and not look too stupid. And it still has too many line breaks that I cannot delete because it inserts them automatically. So frustrating :P)


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