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    Do a world completely made of FENCES! Ultimate survival challenge.
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    Well, I've been wanting to build a prison server on Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and I've started a few maps that all resulted as unfinished. In order for me to create a successful and interactive map, I will need the help of other Minecraft users. That way, I can get input from other users, get the prison built faster, more efficiently, and make it nicer looking.

    What needs to be done
    • First, we need to find a spot to actually build the prison itself. The previous world save was deleted by accident, but a new world has been made. The world mostly consists of the plains biome, so not much landscaping will be necessary in order to build the prison.
    • We need to brainstorm ideas for what it will look like and how it will function. Things that I am unsure of: how players will enter the prison when first beginning (due to my inability to change the spawn point), how players will be able to go from one block to another, how the economy system will work, and other things that are normally present in a Prison server for the PC Version that are not in the Xbox 360 Edition.
    • We need to split up tasks between all of the builders and start constructing the prison. I expect this step to take the longest (obviously). I will have creative enabled the entire time and of course, the anti-griefer settings enabled. During building, if you need to leave the game, just let me know and I'll make sure to leave your build in the same condition if you wish to return and continue. I will definitely need help with the countless signs that will be in the prison, building up walls or giant rooms/structures, pixel art, redstone mechanisms, etc. I want to make the build as efficient and least time-consuming as possible!
    • After the build is finished, I want the builders to test the prison and see if it runs well. After testing, if it ready, and I add the rules and other important information to this post, and will start adding users and inviting them to the game.
    Applying for Builder
    Note: Mic is required in order to be a builder. Everyone needs to be able to communicate!
    1. What is your Gamertag?

    2. What is your time zone?

    3. How long, each day, will you be active on the server?

    4. How long have you been playing Minecraft PC Version/Xbox 360 Edition?

    5. On a scale from 1 to 10, how good are you at pixel art/redstone mechanisms/general building?

    6. Why would you like to help build?
    Concerning the amount of builders, I would like to have a maximum of at least 8-10. I don't want to have too many users, because that can get confusing and could result in griefing. I also want as many players as possible that the game allows, to maximize building efficiency. So apply, and I will deem whether I can accept you to build the prison!
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    posted a message on Official MCX360 Twitter Update Thread | September 30th
    The cert team needs to hurry it up.
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    posted a message on Do you believe Minecraft's stearing away from its purpose?
    I see what you mean, but I disagree. Minecraft has evolved, true. But for the better. I feel that the survival aspect adds motivation for what and why you build. The leveling and the goal of slaying the Endragon does give it a more RPG feel, but I think it makes Minecraft better. And now that they added so many new, cool things, I think that the possibilities for building are even greater.
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