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    posted a message on Why would girls play Minecraft?
    This post is the most sexist post I've seen in a day or two.
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    posted a message on Minecon Location 2014
    Quote from MRCCKM

    Theres like 1 billion canadians who want MINECON to be in Toronto,Canada, I am one of them. Give Canada a chance. come on!

    There aren't even one billion canadians in Canada.

    I think it should be in Los Angeles. There's a large community of minecraft players where i live,,,
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Why it Shouldn't Be Used As Punishment
    Wow kid it sounds like you really have no life. I don't know about the context (if you're bullied, etc) but you sound like you have no outside life. You can't be who you really are anywhere else? Really, you can't? That's kind of sad - no, it's really sad.
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    posted a message on Not liking the 13w36b snap shot :/
    i like it, feels more like a survival video game when you have large biomes.
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    posted a message on They should have left this game alone.
    Oh boy another guy complaining that the game isn't as good as Beta. Believe me buddy I came from 1.3 in 2009-2010 and trust me, the game wasn't too great. I know I look upon it fondly when I bring it up in regular conversation, "Oh I came from Beta, yeah it was cool" but really, the game wasn't as advanced. Sure, I miss some things; the textures of original cobblestone, the lack of the End (personally that was poor; the whole thing is kinda ugly, but other than that it's okay), other stuff like that but it's really not that great. Now with the new game, by the way, you can go back to Beta so you nostalgia-robbed twelve year olds can go around and play the original version of the game because the new one isn't good enough for you.
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    posted a message on [13w36b] LEGENDARY MOUNTAINS!
    this is so cool my computer pre-emptively killed itself
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    posted a message on Nether Villages (Detailed post!) + 90% support this! Pictures coming soon...
    Hello friends. It is me again, with another wonderful suggestion. The last two ones I made were not too great, so I have come with one that is actually sensible: Nether Villages.

    Simply put, it is a village that is put in the Nether, but it is changed in many different ways. The first way that it is changed is the way they're built. They're more barbaric, almost built into the landscape of the nether, and they will typically have large walls around them as to protect against Zombie Pigmen. Inside the villages, you will need to break through the wall or find a door (Pigmen Villagers are very strict on security, but there might be a door at some area because the Zombie Pigmen can't open doors.) There will be a heavier focus on security in the villages... walls, roofs to protect against attacks from Ghasts, and other things of the sort. The main village size will be about 3-4 houses, with maybe an underground library with an enchantment table or more places where you can loot and get materials, upon which the Pigmen Villagers will attempt to violently escort you outside of their village.

    Now that we've got down what makes up a Nether Village it's time to discuss the bricks that take up a nether village. The bricks will mainly be Nether Wood. Nether Wood is just regular wood, but it is more resistant to fire, harder to mine, and red-tinted. (Every brick in the Nether Village is tinted red and these bricks are only found in Nether Villages.) Then you have Nether Doors, which have the same durability as Iron Doors and the same crafting recipe (though replacing Iron with Nether Brick.) but do not need to be worked by redstone or buttons. Nether brick will also be used in the creation of homes there.

    Now let's talk about the friendly Pigmen that inhabit these tiny, and very rare villages! Neutral Pigmen, or technically Pigmen Villagers, are regular Pigmen that live in the Nether. They are the size of a player, they look like a Zombie Pigman but without the whole, you know, Zombie part, and they make "oink" noises. They behave similarly to the regular Villagers found in all villages, but they are different in that well, they're pigmen. They also have an added Guard Pigman, which carries a sword that is dropped upon death. You can trade them Glowstone Dust for items that are only found in the Nether, but less like 1 glowstone brick for 2 Netherbrick, which is useless. The stuff they give you is rarely found in the nether, like Nether Quartz Ore and Obsidian. (I know that Obsidian is not exclusive to the Nether.)

    Oop, one last thing I left out:
    The farms will be farms that grow Nether Warts only and will only be found in Large villages (5-7 houses.)

    Anyways let me know what you think :) If anyone could get pictures that would be great. ^_^
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    posted a message on Mob Spawning Observations and Tests - updated 8/28/13
    Quote from sirdave79

    onve upon a time CMS was bug free. that time wasnt so long ago. im confident in si,x months it will be again hopefully three.

    This post makes no sense at all.
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    posted a message on The Acacia Tree: Making Savannahs Make Sense
    I really want this in game.
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    posted a message on Randomly Generated Village-Style Homes
    You know those villager homes, kind of like cottages (and not the 5x5 "Budget" homes.) And you know the different biomes, right? How each has its own atmosphere?
    Well, I was thinking we should get randomly-generated homes. Just like that... Some would vary in the way they look. All would, actually.
    For instance, a swamp home (read the Swamp Overhaul, it's meant to go with that atmosphere) would be overgrown, a furnace would be burning most of the time, and would be near water or in an opening. They would have lots of vines, lots of grass, etc. There would be almost no telling that the villager has ever left it or maintained it.
    A forest home would be a little bit like a swamp home, but would be cleaner, and in an opening. It wold be nicer, less intimidating, and would some times have a porch or fenced yard.
    A desert home would be essentially a hut, more rounded and made out of sandstone and other materials. There would be a well outside, and would be very simplistic and primitive.
    A mountain home would be in a mountain <insert You Don't Say comment here>. On a flat area, or kept up by fences, they would have furnaces on and be well lit. There would be stairs to it, and maybe even a porch. You could probably find an axe in a chest.
    Snow biomes, they would be more like igloos, or they would have lots of snow on them. There would DEFINITELY be a furnace on, and it would have a porch. Also, you could maybe find shears or a shovel inside, showing that the villager has to go outside and clean some times. There might be leather armor, like jackets or heavy clothes.

    Forest Village Home (maybe?)

    The Outside
    The Interior
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