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    posted a message on slyfoxhounds minecraft daily mods list?
    Quote from peteian

    I thought he updated to 1.4.7? ...oh well :P
    What's the mod that adds the new ores like silver, mithril, copper, platinum and the colored cobblestone? :v

    I am fairly certain they are from the twilight forest mod. And, is anybody else having trouble finding the crafting guide?
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    posted a message on Surviving in the end!
    Quote from Traxinator

    You really need pictures before you go posting it. Otherwise you'll get a "no pics, no clicks" storm.

    >=( no pics, no clicks!!!!!! >=(
    I'm joking, but you really need pictures. I'll give it a try if you add some. :D
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    -What makes you a good addition to this server?: I don't grief, and genuineley (spelling?) like people. I try to hold to good moral values and will be nice to everyone. :)
    -Did you read all of the rules section, understand them, and will you comply with them?: Yes, I will.
    -We have a lot of functionality on our server from plugins. Can you promise to utilize the helpful links in the plugin section before seeking assistance?: Yep. I will visit those links and get as much info as I can off of them.
    -Have you ever been banned from a server and why? (If you lie, I deny this application.): Nope. =D
    -What brought you to this server? (Friend, Forum, Clan, Etc...): I have been searching for a good server, and found this one in these forums.
    -Location: California. I'd rather not give the specific town.
    -Favorite movie: Probably Inception. I'm not a big movie person though.
    -In game name: germs81
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    Quote from Redstone_Fanatic

    Lowest 40 layers, must be a slime chunk.

    They have to be in a slime chunk, not 100% sure about the height though.

    Ok, thanks.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    Quote from Redstone_Fanatic

    You're not the first one to voice the Lethamyr complaint, so I'm going to assume there's a bit of an issue there.
    As for his tools:
    - Some of Kamyu's tools (see post above yours)
    - NBTedit
    - Singleplayer Commands, TMI
    - Mainly MCedit
    - Worldpainter (For Lethamyr, anyways)
    - Probably something else I forgot to mention

    Ok, thanks for the info.
    One more question guys. Will slimes spawn from a spawner if they are not in a slime chunk and are not deep? I can't seem to get them to spawn, but I just want to check to confirm it.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    I believe all of the downloads for Lethamyr (spelling?) are broken. The files are only 1 kilobite once downloaded. Also, what tools do you use to make your maps?
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    posted a message on [AWESOME HUNGER GAMES MAP] download V.1 now!, pics in thread
    Do you have an estimate on when the map will be complete? I don't want to rush you at all, just wondering?
    ignore that ^
    I had a total fail and my brain skipped over the bright blue download link. CD
    Anyways, now that I found the download link, yay!

    Quote from o_w_reagan098

    does the community think that there should be multiple maps or just this one?

    Yes...and there will be...
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    posted a message on [ADV] Kingdom of the Sky 2: The World Burns (Narrated Story) - 70,000 Downloads
    I played the first map a long time ago, and had been waiting for a sequel. After a while, I forgot about the map until now! My heart nearly jumped when I stumbled upon this sequel!
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    posted a message on [AWESOME HUNGER GAMES MAP] download V.1 now!, pics in thread
    Fancy photos. I can't wait till the release!
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    posted a message on Current member title list
    You guys should add 404- title not found.
    Anyways, cool ranks. But who has the most posts?
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    posted a message on [AWESOME HUNGER GAMES MAP] download V.1 now!, pics in thread
    Quote from Hudderguy

    If your still thinking about catching fire Hunger games arena as a potential project, then I recommend using this to create the island. Its very easy to use and takes a lot less time then Voxelsniper, world edit. Although you probably will still have to use them this software is mainly for shaping the world.


    This software is great. Its easy to learn and can do alot. However, the program does not make a very good world
    editor because of this-

    You can use the import function from the file menu. Note that it is very limited though: it only imports the landscape from existing maps! World Painter is not, and will never be, a map editor.

    If my understanding of this is true, then you if you import it, all artificial things structures (ie. Cornucopia, chests, ladders etc.) will be lost. So, this is good if you just started a map, but not if you've done a lot (like you). But this would be great to use on your next map.
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    posted a message on The Academy. (OOC)
    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been very active at all. School is ending so its super crazy.
    Also, PeaceForMounties, how did you change your username?
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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator
    would it be possible to change all the oak and birch trees in a forest to pine trees easily with this tool?

    Never mind. Ignior this post.
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    posted a message on [AWESOME HUNGER GAMES MAP] download V.1 now!, pics in thread
    I just thought of something bad. Won't the tributes just break out of their starting tubes because they are programmed to break blocks to get out of holes? I'm not home right now so I can't test it, but will the AI still think they are in a hole if you put a half slab under them? That way they are in a 1 1/2 deep hole instead of 2 deep hole. Or, would replacing the glass blocks with half slabs work trick them?

    I did some testing, and I found that they will still break out even if they are on a half slab. They will also break through glass. I did find, however, that if you put half slabs surrounding the hole instead of glass, they can not break out.
    I would add a picture to show you what I mean, but I don't know how...

    More edit*
    Fail. I just remembered that you used half slabs instead of glass. :P
    fail fail fail.
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    posted a message on IMPORTANT QUESTION!
    Quote from IM_M0R3_G0DLY

    ahhh man that sucks

    hmmm im thinking of whether or not i should do it

    My friend is a pretty good coder, so I'll ask him if he can make something really quick. I know a bit of Java, and there is something that would take about 5 minutes that I think might work.
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