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    So this may be a dumb question but how do I learn a second type of bending? At first, you put in 3 scrolls but that option isn't there anymore.

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    So Noppes, I have a problem.

    I made a world and built a map on it with multiple mods and I made tons of NPCs, and when I tested with singleplayer even while open to LAN it would work just as intended, but I made a server and copy/pasted all the mods and even CustomNPC map data and now the NPCs and the blocks they were touching disappeared! There are even floating signs now. Basically what I did was copy and paste the entire map and rename it "world" for the server, and everything except CustomNPCs seems to work. I looked at the logs and it seems it just skips loading all the NPCs. Please help me, thank you!

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