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    Central standard time zone

    A few years and good at redstone and ok at building

    i would like to join because I love the feeling of being part of a community and I don’t think that Minecraft is as fun when you are alone.i also need more practice for building and expand my skills over all. Thirdly would like show my creative skill and my humor (Wow that sounded narcissistic) by the way I love how your into was very fun but structured. I chose to apply for this because of that most places would be grefed but with a structure like you seem to have would help to prevent that behavior.

    i think that I could help out by first creating a better environment and more fun redstone/builds. The whole fun thing about severs is the creative minds, the competitive gameplay and the over all humor and fun.I think I can offer all three so please don’t not consider me just because of my age and if I don’t make it then I hope that it is because my personality does not fit what you are looking for I’m also very active (a little to active)

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    Wow I’m very late and very gay -cannedchunk3147

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    posted a message on GAY FRIENDLY BEDROCK REALM

    Hey I would like to join and my username is CannedChunk3147 (sorry if I’m too late)

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    Hey i would like to join this sever my username is cannedchunk3147

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