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    posted a message on What do YOU think is the most convenient item in minecraft?

    There's a lot of items in minecraft, and some may be rather convenient. What do you think is the most convenient?

    (Note that i use the word convenient, so don't say wood or crafting table, while they are useful [meaning they have a lot of uses], they necessarily don't make processes easier, but make processes happen, like crafting more complex items, and thus, are vital for gameplay, rather than acting as a utility)

    Be sure to list the pros and cons of the item!

    Personally, I would say the Ender Chest. Why? Well...

    - I'm thousands of blocks from my base. I don't feel like walking back.... oh wait i can just put my stuff in my enderchest and suicide

    - Acts as a pseudo-backpack (arguably, shulker boxes do the exact same thing).

    - Extreme blast resistance so it can't be blown up easily.

    - All you need are 27 shulker boxes and you have 729 free slots of inventory (that is, if you manage to get 27 shulker boxes).

    The downsides of it are....

    - Somewhat tricky to craft (obsidian is tedious to mine and the bane of your existence if you're impatient. Ender eyes are also tricky to get unless you're that one guy that has every mob farm in existence [no offense to those people, everyone has different playing styles]).

    - Need at least 2 to get the most out of it. If you craft just one, it's basically just a reskinned chest.

    - You need silk touch to actually pick it back up. Otherwise, you just get 8 obsidian (which, again, isn't that much of a problem if you have farms set up for everything).

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    posted a message on Random Questions. Can you get all of them right?

    Here are 5 random questions either dealing with mathematics, science, or an entirely different topic.

    1. What is 0 divided by 0?

    Reveal answer:

    With black holes and Siri aside, the conclusion most people come to is that 0 divided by 0 is simply just indeterminate. or has no good answer. The reason for this is that, there are 3 "correct" answers to this expression, which can, therefore, lead to contradictions.

    1) Anything divided by 0 is infinity:

    The reason many individuals have arrived at this conclusion is because, using simple limit calculus, the limit as x approaches 0 of n/x is infinity. Just think, 1/1 is, well, 1. 1/0.1 is 10, 1/0.01 is 100. As the denominator gets smaller and smaller, and therefore, approaches 0, the quotient of the expression gets larger and larger, eventually reaching infinity. Which means that, as x approaches 0, or gets smaller, the result will begin to approach infinity or get larger.

    On a 3rd grade teaching level. Think that 20/4 is 5. Division can be also seen as iterated subtraction. Where 20-4 = 16, 16-4 = 12, 12-4 = 8, 8-4 = 4 and, finally, 4-4 = 0. We subtracted 4 from 20 a total of 5 times, which is our answer, or quotient, to 20/4. Now apply this logic to a expression where n is greater than 0, and the denominator is equal to 0. Say n would be equal to 1. 1/0 would mean that we subtract 0 from 1 continuously until we reach 0 or any number greater than 0, which will be our remainder. So, 1-0 is, well, 1. 1-0 is 1, 1-0 is 1, see, it just goes on forever and ever, and the amount of times we do this is infinite, therefore, one acceptable answer is infinity.

    2) Anything divided by 0 is undefined:

    Many more individuals have arrived at this conclusion instead. Where the numerator, n, is equal to any number, and where 0 is the denominator. The reason many people leave the expression n/0 undefined is because mathematics itself is prone to many contradictions when n/0 is defined.

    For example, the equation (1/0)x = 3 would be prone to a contradiction if we defined the expression 1/0 to be equal to just 0. Well, 1/0 is just 0, and x is being multiplied by 0, and therefore, according to this equation, 0 would be equal to 3, which, of course, is not true at all.

    The most logical answer would to make 1/0 equal 3, in which case. x would be equal to 1. However, in a situation such as 1/0x = 4. then 3x = 4, and x would be equal to 4/3. Okay, good, now lets substitute x with 4/3 in this equation. 1/0*4/3 = 4 is 4/0 = 4, which is not true.

    3) Anything divided by itself is 1:

    And finally, there's this answer. Which is also correct. Say that we have 1/2, which is just 0.5. Then we have 2/2, which is 1. One of the universal rules in mathematics is that anything divided by itself is equal to just 1 (some questions can be raised in situations such as 3/3, or 1/3 * 3 where 1/3 is 0.3333333..., and 3*0.33333... is 0.9999.... where many people say that 0.999999.. is equal to 1, but this is besides the point). When applied to this, many conclude that 0/0 is just 1, simply because the same number appears both in the numerator and denominator. However, this is one of the more debatable answers compared to the rest.

    2. Going foward from 1971, what is the nearest even year that is not a leap year?

    Reveal Answer:

    The answer would be 1974. Note that going foward means counting foward from, so 1970 would not be the answer. Nor would 1972, since 1972 is a leap year. Therefore, 1974 is the correct answer.

    3. If I had traveled back exactly one year from the current date (1/5/18), to 1/5/17 and did something that altered the future, what would happen to me (the one that traveled to 1/5/17 from 2018)?

    The answer here could be rather debatable since many perceive time travel differently. However, the most reasonable conclusion would be that I would begin disappearing, since the original 2018 and 1/6/17 timeline and onward no longer exist due to the changes I've made, therefore, the copy of me living in 1/5/17 will live on happily ever after.

    4. Who was the first president of the United States?

    A) Franklin D. Roosevelt

    B ) John Hanson

    C) George Washington

    If you chose A...

    Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States, whose term began in 1933 and ended in 1945. The correct answer was B.

    If you chose B...

    Correct! John Hanson was the 1st president of the United States, whose term began in 1781 and ended in 1782.

    If you chose C...

    Although George Washington is known as the first president of the U.S, he is not. His term began in 1789 and ended in 1797, while the very first president's term began in 1781, and ended the next year. The correct answer is B.

    4. Let the function f(x) be defined as the floor function of log base 10 of x. With this in mind, what is f(1098)?

    Reveal Answer:

    The floor function simply means to round down to the nearest whole number. The logarithm base 10 of 1098 is approximately 3.04. When rounded down to the nearest integer, it becomes 3. So 3 would be the correct answer.

    5.What direction does Earth's gravity pull?

    A) Towards the center.

    B ) Down

    C) Left

    If you chose A...

    Correct! Earth's gravity pulls towards the center of the Earth, and not down.

    If you chose B:

    Incorrect! Earth's gravity pulls towards the center of the earth (answer A). If gravity pulled downward, then I would fly into space if I were located on the bottom side of Earth.

    If you chose C:

    Either you overthought it or for some reason thought this was the answer. If it wasn't obvious, this is the incorrect answer, and A is the correct answer.

    And that's about it! Post your score using the format: (how many you got right)/5. Thank you guys, and have a good one!

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    posted a message on 5 Interesting Commands

    Hey! In this list I'll be counting down some pretty strange (and overall interesting) commands.

    Let's begin, shall we?

    5. Negative Items (1.8-1.11)

    So far, this has been tested to work in 1.8-1.12, although it may (or may not) work in earlier versions.

    Anyways, by spawning in an armor stand holding an item with a negative count or spawning in a chest with an item that has negative count, you can obtain a negative item (or negative stack of an item).

    If I did /setblock ~1 ~ ~ chest 0 replace {Items:[{id:"stone",Slot:13,Count:-1}]} ("stone" may be replaced with any item you like), you would get an item with a count of -1. This way, they last forever, because of how negative numbers work, subtracting 1 from a negative number increases (or arguably decreases because, again, how negative numbers work) the stack, so, the stack will never reach 0, therefore, the stack will be infinite.

    (A majority of you may already know this, but I'm just clarifying here)

    Do this with ender pearls and give yourself resistance 5 in survival mode, it'll be great.

    4. Fireballs with the power to destroy bedrock (1.8-1.12)

    Fireballs are quite interesting, however, bedrock is also quite interesting.

    Well, if we set a fireballs explosion value to 3000000 (or /summon Fireball ~ ~ ~ {ExplosionPower:3000000,direction:[0.0,-0.0,-0.0]} ), we can create a fireball that destroys bedrock.

    Beware, though, this can lag your game quite a bit. (According to the person that did it, it took them 2 hours and 31 minutes for the game to finally stop lagging, although it was server lag and not fps lag, it still wasn't pretty)

    3. Space Invaders (sorta) (1.11)

    This is a quite interesting command. With this, we can make flying Ender Crystals.

    /give @p spawn_egg 1 0 {EntityTag:{id:"minecraft:bat",Passengers:[{id:"minecraft:ender_crystal",CanPickUpLoot:0b}]}}

    So just grab a bow (and a negative stack of arrows to be sure you never run out...or just use the infinity enchantment) and see how many you can shoot.

    2. Flying Block (1.9)

    Sorry, I just find flying objects and putting strange objects on bats interesting.

    Arguably, this is similar to the minecart-on-bat command, although it's pretty interesting to see.

    /summon minecraft:bat ~ ~1 ~ {Passengers:[{id:"minecraft:shulker",CanPickUpLoot:0b}]}

    So, you can stand on the shulker while it's moving around on the bat.

    1. Items and mobs that gravitate towards you (1.9)

    /summon (any mob or entity you'd like to put here) ~ ~ ~ {Passengers:[{id:"minecraft:xp_orb"}]}

    Because of how XPOrbs work, stuff will start to get pulled towards you. Really cool when you use items or FallingSand entities.

    ....Or you can be that guy that uses PrimedTnt or Creepers instead.

    Anyways, that's about it for now, have a good one!

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    posted a message on 10 More Things You Didn't Know About Minecraft

    MORE things you didn't know about the game. If you haven't already seen my first post, then check it out here --->http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/discussion/2374259-10-things-you-might-not-know

    1. A creeper can be ignited by right-clicking it with flint and steel.

    2. Doing this command: /effect <playername> 1 <duration> 100, it will apply Speed level 100 to you. With this, you can run faster than chunks can load.

    3. Ender-pearling into a wall of glass allows you to noclip through the wall of glass.

    4. Baby zombies may spawn riding chickens, this also applies to baby zombie pigmen.

    5. Applying knockback lvl 100 or up will knock the entity so far that it will despawn before it hits the ground from the knockback effect.

    6. Literally going inside of a snow golem (snowman) reveals its actual face beneath the pumpkin.

    7. Having a compass then going to the nether will make the compass useless. Going back to the overworld, you will see that the compass is pointing in the incorrect direction. This bug may be fixed by relogging.

    8. The inability to use ender pearls in creative wasn't intended. It is a bug that makes the ender pearl provide no effect and invisible.

    9. A pufferfish is the only way in the game to obtain the nausea effect.

    10. The sky in the overworld darkens once you stand on soul sand.

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    posted a message on 10 Things you MIGHT not know
    Here are 10 things you might not know in minecraft...

    1. You can craft cocoa beans with orange dye and an ink sack.

    2. Chain armor can be crafted with fire blocks. Although fire blocks aren't actually obtainable in legit survival. Which makes chain armor impossible to craft.

    3. There is at most 2 blaze spawners in a nether fortress.

    4. Gold ore is the only ore that cannot be mined by its own pickaxe.

    5. Gold (behind diamond) is the second fastest mining tier in the game.

    6. You can butcher mobs by doing /difficulty 0 in one command block and /difficulty 1-3 in another command block.

    7. Running and jumping in a 1x2 area with ice and trapdoors on the floor makes you run about 3 times as fast.

    8. It is best to throw a splash potion in the air to obtain most of its effects, other than throwing it to the ground or towards a wall.

    9. Sand,gravel or red sand can float by putting a peony, tall grass, rose bush and other 1x2 block plants below it. Please note this does not work with sugar canes (reeds), as the gravel/sand will be destroyed if you used sugar canes.

    10. You can use bone meal on coca beans.
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    posted a message on What do you do for fun on the internet?
    WATCH PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *static*

    nahh i just like to watch videos all day.....

    YOUTUBE videos, not porno......

    don't go getting any funny ideas
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    posted a message on More Commands
    I was thinking for a little more commands to be added into the game, such as these below. Words in "[]" is a required arguement, words in "<>" are optional arguements.

    /milk : Rids all potion effects as if you drunk a bucket of milk.

    /combat [enable or disable] <players or mobs> : Toggles combat with mobs and players.

    /dmgplus [amount] : Adds an extra amount of damage to your next attack. NOT all future attacks.

    /falldmg [disable or enable] : Disables/enables fall damage.

    /mobspawner <mob> : Gives you a monster spawner, by default it will give you a pig spawner, if you specify the mob it will give you the mobspawner you requested.

    /delblock : Deletes a block you are looking at.

    /spawn : Warps you to the world spawnpoint.

    /spawnmob [mob] : Spawns a mob if specified.

    /tpentity : Teleports to the nearest entity within 4 chunks wide.

    /protection <tier> : Gives you armor, by default it will give you leather armor, if you specify the tier, it will give you, for example, diamond armor if you did /protection diamond.

    /titlescreen : This one is pretty self-explanitory, takes you to the titlescreen.

    /mobcrowd : Spawnes bunches of random mobs

    /toolset <tier> : Gives you a sword, pickaxe, shovel, axe and hoe. Gives you wooden tools by default, if you specify the tier,for example, /toolset gold, it will give you golden tools.

    /flight [enable or disable] : Gives the player the ability to fly.

    /deldrops : Deletes all drops on ground. Use this to prevent lag.

    /despawnmobs <mob> : Despawns mobs around you instead of killing them, this is to prevent from mobs dropping their drops once dead to prevent lag, if you specify what mob to despawn it will target for that mob and make it despawn.

    /drophand : Drops the item(s) in hand, drops all items if a stack or less.

    /chunkrepair : Fixes chunk errors.

    /hit : Looks at and hits the nearest mob/player

    /hitspam : Similar to the hack "KillAura". Spams hits, only hits the nearest mob 20 times.

    /replaceblock [block] [block] : Replaces a block with another block you are looking at.

    /nomove : Removes your moves, jumping, strafing, walking and flying

    /banall <years> <months> <weeks> <days> <hrs> <mins> <secs>: Only works on multiplayer servers, bans all players (except the player that executed the command) for 10 minutes by default. Specify the time to ban them for a longer amount of time

    /kickall <hrs> <mins> <secs> : Only works on multiplayer servers, kicks all players (except the player that executed the command) for 5 minutes by default, specify the time to kick them for a longer amount of time.

    /haltserver <years> <months> <weeks> <days> <hrs> <mins> <secs>: Only works on multiplayer servers, stops the server and logs all players out (including the player that executed the command). By default it will halt the server for 1 minute. Specify the time to stop the server for longer.

    /eat <food>: Eats any type of food in your hotbar, specify the food to eat that specific item.

    /setwarp [warp name] : Sets a warp point exactly were you are standing. Use /warp [warp name] to get to it, for example /setwarp XP grinder, use /warp XP grinder to get to it. (MineTimelapser requested waypoints, i thought warps were a bit the same, sooo, why not?).

    /warp [warp name] : Warps you to a warp.

    /listwarps [dimension]: Lists warps you made, specify the dimension to find all warps you made in that dimension, for example if i did /setwarp Enderman Farm and did /listwarps End it will bring up the Enderman Farm.
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    posted a message on Water Chests
    hmmm its ok....

    although i advise adding enchanted fishing rods to chests...
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    posted a message on 10 things you probably didn't know
    Here is some real-life true things that i know

    -Lapis Lazuli is an actual mineral. Not a minecraft-imaginary mineral like redstone.
    -There is 11 planets in our solar system. 3 of them being dwarf planets, which are Pluto, Eris and Haumea.
    -It takes exactly 1 month for the moon to rotate, unlike earth, which takes 24 hours/1 day to rotate.
    -Half of the helium atoms on the sun are used. Meaning we have approximately 5 billion years of sunlight remaining.
    -The planet Neptune is 380 degrees below zero.
    -Back when Joseph Stalin ordered people to do certain things for them people starved...alot, to the point of people making biscuts from weeds and even hunting inside their houses for rats to cook and eat.
    -The Sun is approximately 27 Billion degrees.
    -Hoverboards are possible to build with magnets. Depending on which side of the north or south pole of the magnet to achieve levitation.
    -Items fall down because gravity pulls them towards the ground. In other words: Earth pulls all items towards itself.
    -The sand-type substance on the planet Mars contains 5% water.
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    posted a message on What Was The Worst Idea You Did On Survival?
    built a obsidian house with no windows or doors so no one griefs it (yes i was on a multiplayer server) and i suddenly forgot my diamond pick in the chest i left OUTSIDE of the house..and my floor was made of obsidian too so i couldn't escape. Also this was a VANILLA raids server. so i couldn't use /spawn /tpa or any other commands because the server did not have those plugins.
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