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    A minecraft to source engine converter: Convert a part of your minecraft world to a map for the source engine - that is play it in games like Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike Source or Garrys Mod.

    The output is a vmf-file. You can open this with Valve's Hammer Editor and then convert to an actual runnable map-file for the Source-Engine game of your choice.

    In more detail:

    In Steam, install "Source SDK" (this unfortunatly is only possible for Windows). Launch it at least once.


    unzip in some folder XY


    put the textures in the same folder XY. Then sourcecraft will offer you to copy them to the correct game directory.

    Then you may run sourcecraft-3.1.jar (you need java-runtime-enviroment installed).

    A setup asks you for your minecraft and steam installation.

    (1. picture) You may select your mincraft world (from single player) and specify the coordinates. A lazy version is to select "Player position"). Note here that the Hammer Editor has a limit on the number of brushes (~glued together blocks).

    Then the suggested output file is in a directory intended by the Hammer Editor.

    You should close your Minecraft world before you convert.

    Finally, you can open Valve's Hammer Editor with a button click. Open your map there and should see your world similar as in (2. picture). With F9 you can compile your map and test it in the Source Engine.

    (Result in the source engine looks something like in the 3.picture - I will give you some better pictures soon).

    :) enjoy

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