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    Getlin V Mod

    By Gardon


    What's about in mod?

    In short, the point of the mod is to improve your character by choosing the class you want to be, killing enemies and bosses, and buying better and better items to become even stronger and more durable!





    The modification requires the mod: GeckoLib to work!

    Download Links:

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    Arther Dimension Mod

    by Gardon

    Welcome to another modification. Arther Dimension adds a new frosty dimension to the game, where many surprises await us!

    Arther Dimension:

    The new dimension, as I said, is a frosty and interesting place. We build a portal to a new dimension from packed ice and light Flint and Ice!



    In the first slot, i.e. the one on the left side, we put ice, while in the second one we put either an apple, carrot, cookie or Arther Icewood Apple and click Freeze to get the frozen type of food!

    Arther Dimension Mobs:

    Arther Yeti:

    Arther Mynux:

    Arther Vernum:

    After death, Arther Vermun drops a tooth which, when mixed with a bottle of water, will allow us to create a new type of potion!

    Arther Dimension Bosses:

    Arther Queen:

    Arther Cegion:

    I'll leave the rest to you to cover! Feel free to rate and download modifications!

    The modification requires GeckoLib to work

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    War World Craft Mod

    By Gardon


    1941 - Operation Barbarossa:

    A new campaign has been added, namely "Operation Barbarossa". In
    it, we can play the role of a soldier on the side of the USSR or Germany.


    Smolensk / USSR

    Author: bib28, Name: WW2 Map, Download Website: Planet Minecraft

    Stalingrad / USSR

    Author: Seames39, Name: Stalingrad: Blood Stained Ruins: WW2 Challenge map, Download Website: Planet Minecraft


    1940 - Battle Of France:
    The update adds a new campaign to play, namely the Battle of France. In it we can side with France or Germany!


    Paris / France

    Author: LordColes, Name: 1920s Paris, Download Website: Planet Minecraft


    1939 - September Champaign:
    Hello! Today I have another mod for you that adds the ability to fight for Poland or Germany. I invite:

    Game Control Start:


    Game Control Start:

    The item is used to start the game! Right-Click while holding an item and select your homeland and map!


    Westerplatte / Gdansk

    Author: Randymix, Name: Carville: Industrial city 1900-1930. v 2.0, Download Website: Planet Minecraft

    City Center / Warsaw

    Author: catmelonhat, Name: Industrial City, Download Website: Planet Minecraft

    How to Play?

    It's easy! You fight for your chosen homeland by shooting at the enemy! There are waves in the game! There are a maximum of 20 of them! The country whose soldiers, including the player, kill about 190 enemy soldiers wins!

    Feel free to install and rate the modifications!

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    Heolic Dimension Mod

    by Gardon

    Welcome to another mod from me! Heolic Dimension Mod adds a new dimension to
    which we build a portal from Quartz Blocks and light Flint and Glowstone!

    Heolic Dimension:

    The Heolic dimension consists of rich vegetation, trees and new mobs, which we will talk about in a moment!

    Heolic Mobs:

    Heolic Punchman:

    Heolic Eagle:

    Heolic Mutant:

    Heolic Ulux:

    Heolic Cube:

    Heolic Striker:

    Heolic Gralpalm (Boss):

    You have to discover the rest by downloading and installing the modification yourself!

    The modification requires the mod: GeckoLib to work!

    Download Links:

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    Mod Video:


    - Minor aesthetic changes have been introduced!


    - Added a new holiday appearing on all Getlin dimensional islands "Saint Lembert Feast"

    The celebration takes place at 19:00 p.m. and ends at 6:00 a.m

    Chance of the holiday taking place: 14%

    - New event items added!

    - A new Trader NPC has been added who sells us new items!


    - X-Mode added! When we kill mobs from the modification, it charges and when we fully charge it and click "F4" it will be activated!

    - Getlin IV Options added. Turn them on with the "G" key!


    - Mod work on Minecraft 1.20.1!

    - Mobs movement has been leveled!

    - Added 4 new stats:

    Stamina - Saturation Stat

    Destroyer - Stat that allows you to destroy everything with the orb under the "B" button

    Hotwalker - Statistics to walk safely on lava

    Magicka - Magic statistics

    Chance to drop:

    DeRune - +1 Destroyer Point

    HRune - +1 Hotwalker Point

    StaRune - +1 Stamina Point

    MagRune - +1 Magicka Point


    DeRune - 18%

    HRune - 14%

    StaRune - 15%

    MagRune - 21%


    DeRune - 11%

    HRune - 16%

    StaRune - 12%

    MagRune - 11%


    DeRune - 15%

    HRune - 11%

    StaRune - 21%

    MagRune - 16%


    DeRune - 17%

    HRune - 13%

    StaRune - 11%

    MagRune - 19%


    DeRune - 12%

    HRune - 18%

    StaRune - 14%

    MagRune - 13%

    Either Jarkis

    DeRune - 19%

    HRune - 23%

    StaRune - 15%

    MagRune - 17%


    DeRune - 11%

    HRune - 13%

    StaRune - 21%

    MagRune - 23%


    - Add 3 new Pickaxes: Franheld, Bonmal, Tranvil. All can be purchased from Weapons Trader!

    - Add Knight Armor available for purchase at Armors Trader!

    - Added the poetic of two knight clans: Doonmolf and Franklish!

    Getlin IV Mod

    by Gardon

    Hello. I'm back with a new version of Getlin Mod! But without further ado, let's move on to the presentation:

    The Getlin dimension has been divided into three independent islands. Initially, we only have access to the Greenlands island to unlock access to more over time.

    There are not many structures. There are three types of wells and three types of Dungeons Doors, i.e. doors that, when right-clicked on their handles, we can get to the boss dungeons. Provided that we complete all quests from a given island. Bonus tasks do not count towards this!

    Added several mobs for each island. Here they are:

    Jarkis - 15 HP

    Malao - 25 HP

    Litrops - 32 HP

    Blundros - 21 HP

    Glad - 25 HP

    Either Jarkis - 20 HP

    Hax - 18 HP

    Chance to drop:

    Coins: +1 - 100% for all mobs

    SRune - +1 Strength Point

    ARune - +1 Agility Point

    DRune - +1 Defense Point

    VRune - +1 Vitality Point

    LRune - +1 Lucker Point


    SRune - 12%

    ARune - 16%

    DRune - 22%

    VRune - 13%

    LRune - 17%


    SRune - 24%

    ARune - 15%

    DRune - 19%

    VRune - 21%

    LRune - 13%


    SRune - 14%

    ARune - 17%

    DRune - 13%

    VRune - 16%

    LRune - 23%


    SRune - 17%

    ARune - 25%

    DRune - 22%

    VRune - 15%

    LRune - 12%


    SRune - 21%

    ARune - 19%

    DRune - 16%

    VRune - 24%

    LRune - 13%

    Either Jarkis

    SRune - 13%

    ARune - 21%

    DRune - 11%

    VRune - 12%

    LRune - 14%


    SRune - 12%

    ARune - 13%

    DRune - 18%

    VRune - 12%

    LRune - 14%


    There are three new types of NPCs that roam the world of Getlin and offer their services. These are: Weapons, Armors, Secret Box Traders.

    Statistics work basically the same as in the previous parts, we add points in the statistics menu, and we gain points for statistics, for example, by killing mobs, completing quests or defeating bosses.


    Coins - Money Stat

    Strength - Strength and Haste Stat

    Agility - Speed and Jump Boost Stat

    Defense - Resistance and Fire Resistance Stat

    Vitality - Health Boost and Regeneration Stat

    Lucker - Statistics that allow you to gradually earn more Coins

    Quests work so that there is a list of tasks in which we have written tasks, how to complete them and how many points you need to have to complete the quest. Quests are necessary to complete to be able to move forward with the progress of our character. Some Bonus Quests also need to be completed otherwise we won't be able to defeat the last Boss!

    The bosses are divided into three mini-bosses: Ruddle, Trensfor and Stickmaster. All three can be found in dungeons and face them there. And the Final Boss: Dr. Darkhell, whom we will fight after defeating the Mini Bosses!


    I invite you to install the modification and recommend it. Attention! the modification was created in the form of a modpack, which means that its installation will look a bit different!

    Download Link:

    Alternative Links:

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    Mod video:


    - From now on, the modification works on 1.19.2!
    - Added tabs with blocks and mod items!
    - Fixed some bugs and made some aesthetic changes!
    - Added the book you get when you enter the Getlin dimension.
    The book serves as such an introductory tutorial showing the
    introductory mechanics for the game and how to use them!


    - The data in the modification files has been tidied up!
    - New statistic added: "Score". It appears immediately when we enter the game and we fill it by killing bosses from mod and mobs: Titineris, Venix, Rifinie, Manox, Bongree!
    - Made aesthetic changes with the aggression bar and some icons!


    - New NPCs have been added giving us quests after right-clicking on them!

    - Added the ability to buy a secret box from the rare blue suit merchant!

    - New boxes and ruby ​​of power have been added - a new currency thanks to which we can buy boxes. We get them by exchanging coins for rubies!



    WARNING! I recommend playing the add-ons separately because running both will not work!

    Here are two additions to this mod:

    Sharp Scream:

    - This add-on adds to the guitar mods that can be purchased from the new dedicated store!

    - It adds a new statistic called "Charisma" which we get up to level 10. Charisma affects the ability to buy guitars, and gives us a discount on products in the Armors Shop and Swords and Axes Shop!

    Vice Paradise:

    - This expansion pack turns Getlin Dimension into a real paradise on earth! It mainly adds new business stats that are gained by right-clicking on four NPCs!
    After getting 100 points in a given business, you get it along with a large sum of coins!

    - Adds an interesting money slot machine that appears in one of the newly added structures in this expansion pack. Good luck!

    - Adds new foods and spirits available for purchase!



    - A new terrain generator has been added. From now on, the world is generating in the style of End!

    - Modification in version 2.0.1 works on minecraft 1.18.2!

    - A new mob called Gold Bongree has been added that allows you to fly it around the islands! The attached gif shows how to summon a mob and how to get the item back to its summon. If you did not get the gif how to restore the mob to our inventory, then while crouching we have to right-click on the mob!


    - A new look has been added for the Minecraft menu and here it is:




    Hello, my dear ones! Today I present to you the second part of Getlin Mod! There have been many interesting changes in the modification and new features that I think you will like!


    🌲Chapter I Biomes🌲

    The picture shows the appearance of the Getlin dimension and the construction of the portal, but that's not all because there are many interesting types of plants in the world, including flowers and bushes from which we can obtain fruit after destruction.


    🏰Chapter II Structures🏰

    In the Getlin dimension, there are exactly 4 buildings in which there are traders of swords, axes, armors and magic! If you have the money and the right requirements, then these stores open up to you! The structures only appear on the Getlin Plains and Getlin Stone Plains biomes.


    🕷Chapter III Mobs🕷

    The modification adds 5 basic mobs. Their images and names are visible but I will tell you the rest of the information. Titineris and Manox are aggressive and everyone else is neutral. We can get 1 coin from each of them.


    📟Chapter IV Stats📟

    We pass to the most interesting! Statistics are divided into two parts: Basic and Achievement Tree. I am going to list all the stats to you in a moment:


    The Money stats that we earn while killing mobs, bosses, and earning achievements!

    Level Points:

    A statistic that allows you to add points for the remaining statistics (See in the Picture). We get them by reaching the following levels:

    Levels: 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 27, 33, 38, 44, 49, 54, 60, 65, 68, 73, 78, 81, 88, 92, 96, 99


    Maybe it's not exactly a statistic, but a bar that we load by frequently attacking mobs. The faster and more intensively we attack, the greater the chance of charging it. The slower the smaller and the possible decrease in the bar by one value. See what it looks like for yourself:


    Basic Stats:


    Strength stats!


    Speed and Jump Boost stats!


    Resistance stats!


    Health Boost stats!


    Statistics allowing you to earn points needed to purchase spells.

    Achievement Tree Stats:

    Before I show you the stats in turn, I will first discuss how to score points. Well, first we punch the statistics at the bottom to 10 Points. Then in the middle to 20 Points. Finally, these at most to 30 Points.

    Digging Speed:

    Haste stats!


    Regeneration stats!


    Night Vision stats!

    Slow Falling:

    Slow Falling stats!

    Infernal Walk:

    Fire Resistance stats and fire traces only while running. Requirements: 10 Points Digging Speed ​​and Regeneration!


    Luck stats! Requirements: 10 Points Regeneration and Visioner!

    Dark Rider:

    A statistic that gives a very good defense effect for a horse while riding it! Requirements: 10 Points Visioner and Slow Falling!

    Critical Damage:

    Statistics that give us a very high level of strength! Requirements: 20 Points Infernal Walk and Luck!


    Statistics that give us very high defense effects. Requirements: 20 Points Luck and Dark Rider!


    🏋️‍♀️Chapter V Bosses🏋️‍♀️

    Bosses - the final point of the game when playing on this modification. To summon them, press the B key and click the FIGHT ME !! button. we summon the barefoot and fight it! After defeating them, we get achievements related to them, and very prestigious awards!


    👋🏼Chapter VI Ending👋🏼

    I hope you will like my new modification. I did my best to make both the presentation and the modification as good as possible. Feel free to download the modifications and discuss in the comments.

    Mod link: https://mcreator.net/modification/86492/getlin-ii-mod

    Mod link 2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/getlin-ii-mod

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    - Two npc have been added: Miner and Mr Moonly who sometimes appear in The Dark Bloody dimension and give us side missions. They exist as strangers which means that we will not receive a number from them after accepting their offer. And this is what they look like:





    - Laser Gun has become much stronger! deals 2 times more damage after a shot than before, additionally repels our opponent!

    - After landing, the Mondo plane does not lose damage!

    - A new biome generator for The Dark Bloody Dimension has arrived! From now on, Grindmare biomes appear most often, then Whelfile and rarely Sharelands!

    - Larger structures than this version generate 100% in full and as they should!

    - From this version, Black Freiden and Elactros do not drop Dark Bloody Coins!


    - Added new dimension "Nightmary Dimension" Can only be accessed via the Teleporter!

    - Added with it: Bloodstone, Nightmary Ground, Grass and Flower!

    - Special bricks for this world have also been added. Only possible to dig!

    - A new plant has been added: Nuhlus Plant which grows as a huge plant with the fruits of which Nuhlus Fruit drops out in a moment! Here is what this plant looks like:


    - A new Nuhlus Fruit food type has been added. We can dig up from Nuhlus Plant and more precisely from the fruits that grow on it. After digging out, we get 2 pieces of this fruit. Nuhlus Fruit as a food gives us 3 hunger points and gives us a new effect: Nuhlus Vitality which has such an effect that it removes the effects from the player:

    * Frost, Burning, Bleeding, Slowness, Mining Fatigue, Instant Damage, Nausea, Invisibility, Blindness, Hunger, Weakness, Poison, Wither, Unluck, Bad Omen

    - There is a new breed of Lindlin mobs that appear in 3 classes: Lindlin non-neutral mob with 20HP, Lindlin Warrior aggressive mob with 30HP, light weapons, shield and sword, Lindlin Soldier aggressive mob with 40HP, light weapons, AK-47! Mobs appear in the dimension of Nightmary!

    - There is a new statistic: "Power Of Blood". we only get it when we kill Lindlin with a melee weapon! After loading it, it allows us to buy new spells at Spells Trader! The new spells are: Blast Of Blood, Torture, Bleeding!

    - A new quest giver has appeared: "Bloodman". He appears very rarely in The Dark Bloody dimension in each biome! He has one side quest for us which is based on a new dimension and a new structure: "Nightmary Fortress" which looks like this:


    And Bloodman looks like this:


    - There is a mobile phone that you activate with the "P" button. The phone is a useful prop for opening options such as: All possible stores, Statistics window, and contacts with our mission donors. Attention! In order for a player to be able to open a contact with a given head of mission, he must first, at least once, click on the button with his offer to unlock his phone number.



    - improved models of guns and mobs!

    - the modification has been updated to minecraft 1.17.1!

    - fixed some bugs that came during installation on 1.17.1!


    - A new aircraft type has been added: Mondo. It comes in 3 skins. You can buy it from Vehicles Trader! We can see this plane in the logo of this version!



    - "Alien Ship" Structure Appears on the surface. The structure looks like this:


    - changed the generation of biomes to be more affordable!

    - Portal texture changed to The Dark Bloody dimension!


    - 6 new images have been added, inspired by additions and other things related to me and the mod itself! You can see them on the logo of this version!



    - AK-47 texture changed!

    - Changed models of some weapons! Which made them better somehow!


    - 3 new guns have been added: Sten, Thompson and Laser Gun, but only the first two can be purchased from the guns dealer:





    Laser Gun:


    - A new Sarit ore has been added which occurs at altitudes 15-4!

    - 5 new mobs added:


    Dvante, Unfrey, Cold, Celver, Alien Bigree

    - A new structure "Alien's Ship" has been added that appears in the Dark Bloody dimension but only in the air!


    - new plants have been added to the Pluetbris dimension!

    - 2 new dimensions have been added for Lumino and Obscuro Dimension. Briefly how they present themselves:





    - For each of the new dimensions, 1 mob appearing there has been added. In the Obscuro Black Freiden dimension, and for Lumino Elactros. each of these mobs drops a Dark Bloody Coin.

    - Luminosoradii, the new quest giver, and Obscurtrugos, our new boss, have been added for a long time. Their images can be seen in the logo of this version!

    - 2 new structures have been added for the Luminosoradii and Obscurtrugos worlds. Here they are:

    Luminosoradii Temple:


    Obscurtrugos Castle:


    - From now on, the statistics show the results of those killed by us, this time only with the use of melee weapons of gang members!

    - New statistics have been added: Fishing - we get by fishing - gives us the Luck effect, Fire Defense - we get burning in fire - gives us the Fire Resistance effect, Power Of Light and Power Of Darkness giving us points for a given power, to get them, kill depending on either Black Freiden or Elactros. We will need these Powers in order to be able to later purchase a new spell from the Spell Merchant related to the new Powers!

    - Added 3 new spells for the Power Of Light and Power Of Darkness users!

    - We can complete missions with Luminosoradi after the main storyline!

    - 1 structure has been added to The Dark Bloody dimension, namely the Lumino Portal Room with a portal to the Lumino Dimension. It is in the Grindmare biome:




    The Dark Bloody Mod Series V - Storyline:

    The plot of Series V takes place 15 years later after the events of Series IV. As it turned out, the player destroyed the mysterious Sticky Egg which gave birth to a powerful new leader named Ganfort Henorhaus. The leader is in full strength and in power like his predecessors. We as players once again have to overcome the evil to come and restore peace in The Dark Bloody dimension.



    - the dimension was brightened once again this time!

    - we build portal to The Dark Bloody dimension from redstone blocks and fire flint and redstone!

    - Dark Bloody Cobblestone has been added after digging Dark Bloody Stone!

    - there are 6 biomes: Grindmare, Grindmare Forest, Whelfile, Whelfile Forest, Sharelands, Sharelands Forest!

    - added 3 types of wood. Each one exists for a given biome: Eksamon for Grindmare, Foster for Whelfile, Dlin for Sharelands!

    - 3 new ores added: Shining Fenize now generates from level 56-25, Ancient Jarkie from level 48-15, Amber Phulus from level 15-4!

    - grass, flower and plant have been added. There is one type for each biome!

    - added a lot of new guns. A few from the previous series are back, including many new ones!

    - added 3 new weapons with 3D models!

    - Several new spells have been added that you can cast on someone, and ones that you can use on yourself. Spells also have a description of how they work!



    - 5 new car types with 5 different colors have been added. Cars: Venus resistance: 200, speed: 0.2, York resistance: 300, speed: 0.2, Blade resistance: 400, speed: 0.3, Cobreh resistance: 470, speed: 0.4, Devilo resistance: 500 , speed: 0.5!


    - Airworthy aircraft have been added. There is only one type: Lion with 5 skins and 200 resistance and speed: 0.3!

    - added 3 new mobs that drop Dark Bloody Coin:


    Hynkielion, Willie, Dark Bloody Zombie - appear on every biome!

    - As many as 6 gangs and their members have been added:

    Diabolo (Grindmare):


    Green Jackin Homies (Grindmare):


    Skulls (Whelfile):


    Triads (Whelfile):


    Flagos (Sharelands):


    Burrias Cartel (Sharelands):


    Gangs their enemies and allies:

    diabolo vs skulls
    diabolo vs flagos
    diabolo vs green
    diabolo vs triads

    green vs diabolo

    skulls vs diabolo
    skulls vs flagos
    skulls vs cartel

    triads vs diabolo
    triads vs flagos
    triads vs cartel

    flagos vs diabolo
    flagos vs skulls
    flagos vs triads

    cartel vs skulls
    cartel vs triads

    - a bulletproof vest has been added!

    - 6 new types of interesting armor have been added!

    - added traders who can sell us: weapons, guns, spells, armor and vehicles. You can meet them in the store about which later!

    - rpg statistics have been introduced that consist of 5 skills so far: the strength that we gain by attacking the opponent strongly, agility that we gain by jumping in any way, defense that we gain by taking blows from the opponent on the chest, vitality gained by any player healing, the speed of digging which we punch by digging blocks!

    - we can see how many points we currently have on our statistics with the "o" button!

    Statistics levels:

    Level 2 from 100 points
    Level 3 from 300 points
    Level 4 from 500 points
    Level 5 from 800 points
    Level 6 from 1200 points
    Level 7 from 1700 points
    Level 8 from 2300 points
    Level 9 from 3000 points
    Level 10 from 3800 points

    - missions are back. We have as many as 8 clients who give us missions. 6 main quests, 2 side quests.


    - Particles appear in the forests!

    - Now let's move on to the structures:

    Grindmare structures:

    Simon House:


    Adrianna Home:


    Tom House:


    Lord Temple:


    Grindmare Dungeon:


    Whelfile Structures:

    Larry House:


    Cheng stall:


    villa John:


    Whelfile Dungeon:


    Sharelands Structures:

    villa Deryl:


    military base:


    Sharelands Dungeon:


    Pluetbris Structure:

    Simon's hideout:


    Structures Appearing Everywhere:

    Ihualoi Cave:




    Feel free to positively evaluate my modification, download and discover modifications yourself as well!

    Mod link: https://mcreator.net/modification/79375/dark-bloody-mod-series-v

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    posted a message on The Dark Bloody Mod Series IV



    - Jeryi has 2,000 HP since then!

    - Coddy and Dave House structures generate more frequently!


    - New glowing plants have been added for each biome in The Dark Bloody dimension, and for the Obscuro dimension!

    - 2 new spells have been added:

    Thunder Power - A bolt of lightning that shoots!

    Ghost - It gives us the effects of invisibility and seeing in the dark for infinity of time, but we also get the deactivator of this spell after using it if we want to break it!

    - 6 new types of armor have been added that can be purchased from an armor dealer. Below is his shop:

    Armors and Guitars Shop:


    - 6 guitars added! which are divided into normal, bass and rock guitars. We use them like a pistol and in this way we can use guitars to attack our enemies at a distance with the help of sound. The shop where you can buy guitars is above!


    - A new NPC has been added that gives us side missions named John Smith. His missions are not compulsory and are treated as side missions, as I said. And below is the location where you can find it:





    The Series IV adventure takes place 15 years after the events of Series II. Reality has changed beyond recognition and the dimension begins to fall into crisis due to the lack of strong and heroic leaders. The player's task is to complete all missions from clients and help in the birth of a new hero who will restore balance in The Dark Bloody dimension. You have to destroy the Sticky Egg which you need to create first by collecting its parts from the quest givers for well-done missions, then create this egg in the crafting table, then place and destroy!


    - The dimension grew colder, gloomier and darker!

    - Two new resources have been added:

    Hardened steel - generated at heights: 51-20

    Nerklim - generated at heights: 12-0

    - After digging out the hardened steel ore and nerklim, we get their nuggets, which must be burned in the furnace to ingots of the given raw material!

    - New type of wood: Henri Wood which has 3 logs from individual biomes Grindmare, Whelfile, Sharelands!

    - 8 new spells and swords have been added, available from traders for purchase!

    - Guns that now have 3D models! See for yourself:















    - New types of food and drink. You can buy food at Larry's Bistro, which later, and there is also a C-Cola machine that you can use by right-clicking on it with 1 Dark Bloody Coin.

    - The new system of trading with NPCs from now on is that there are several products on one window and to unlock then you need to have the appropriate level as written. We buy goods only with a certain amount of Dark Bloody Coins.


    - Spells now need a mana bottle, simply put, this bottle is spell ammunition.

    - A new mission system which consists in the fact that we have 4 clients for whom we perform tasks and as a reward we get money and parts for a sticky egg that we put together like this:

    Crafting Table:

    third part fourth part

    first part second part

    - We carry out our missions according to the scheme that I will show you in a moment. It will show on it where we perform first and then until the last:

    1. Coddy Williams

    2. Dave Vade

    3. Ihualoi Mehnedi

    4. Georgio Vesputto

    We perform the missions in the order presented above.

    - We build the portal to the dimensions of The Dark Bloody from redstone blocks and run it with flint and redstone!

    - Where do we buy individual things:

    Swords and Spells - Swords Trader, Spells Trader:


    Foods - Chef in Larry's Bistro:


    Guns - we buy from dealers in every gang. You can recognize them that they have hoods over their heads.

    New Mobs:



    Has 25 HP, is negative towards the player and drops Dark Bloody Coin upon death.



    Has 30 HP, is negative towards the player and drops Dark Bloody Coin upon death.

    Ramzes The Dog:


    The dog is friendly to the player, but provoked to be given back, and it is possible to tame it. He has 25 HP, nothing comes out of him, and this dog is inspired by a real dog that belongs to my girlfriend!

    Gang members:

    Everyone has 20 HP, neutral towards the player, nothing falls out of an ordinary member, but we can trade weapons with the dealer and he drops Dark Bloody Coin:










    - In addition, we also have Chef, Swords and Spells traders and principals, but I would like you to see them for yourself by playing and downloading this series The Dark Bloody!



    He appears in the Obscuro Dimension dimension, has 15 HP and drops Dark Bloody Coin.

    Jeryi Guard:


    The boss of this series protects the Shadow Fortress from all evil. It has 1635 HP!

    New Structures:

    You may have seen some of them before, but if someone did not notice them, he will show them all now:

    Larry's Bistro:


    Swords and spells shop:


    Coddy House:


    Dave House:


    Ihualoi Cave:


    Georgio Home:


    Shadow Fortress:


    Structure naturally occurring in dark and dark Obscuro Dimension!

    That's all I wanted to say, the rest you have to discover for yourself and this time I invite you to download and install the modifications on your computers. I wish you a nice game and best regards!

    Mod link: https://mcreator.net/modification/76236/dark-bloody-mod-series-iv

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    posted a message on The Dark Bloody Mod Series III

    Welcome back. I've just finished making the first version of The Dark Bloody Mod Series III. I hope you will like it and now let's go over it:




    - The shop at the Spells Trader has been expanded!

    - Spells in Wand Of Power have been expanded!


    - Added "Stun" spell, which weakens and slows down the opponent, and of course deals damage. It occurs from Level I to Level V!

    - Another new spell has been added: "Overpower". A spell that gives the player a lot of effects.

    - Added mob Ghfust which comes in two variants:



    It can be found everywhere, it can fly, and it deals damage which additionally repels us! Has 25 HP and drops a coin!

    Ghfust Electro:


    It can be found everywhere, it can fly, and it inflicts damage on us, which additionally repels us and strikes us with lightning! Has 35 HP and drops a coin!

    - 2 more additional mobs added:

    Inferno Sling:


    It is only found in the Nyrian biome, it deals damage to us by shooting a projectile of fire at us! Has 28 HP and drops a coin!



    It can only be found on the Tripnery biome, it deals damage by shooting at us with the stun spell! Has 20 HP and drops a coin!

    - Teneblus can rarely drop its essence fatally, and the Emperor Feris boss can rarely drop lethal feris crystal!

    - These new items that drop from Teneblus and Feris will be needed to make the best sword from this version:

    Ultimact Sword Crafting:




    The Dark Bloody Mod Series III - Storyline:

    Series III takes place over 35 years before the events of Series I! Our main and only rival is the ancient ruler Emperor Feris who is resistant to damage from hand and melee weapons. Our task is to kill him and find out how The Dark Bloody dimension looked like before the Series I and what secrets it hides.


    - Dark Bloody Stone returns naturally and in this series we can make a sword, sticks and tools from it!

    - Many new achievements have been added!

    - Three ancient biomes have been added that are ancient equivalents of biomes from previous series. Here they are:

    Nyrian later Grindmare:


    Tripnery later Whelfile:


    Mecrolands and Mecrolands Forest later Sharelands:


    - With Dark Bloody Stone it is possible to create bricks!

    - Now we come to the new raw materials:


    Red resource generated at altitudes: 54-47!


    Blue resource generated at heights: 48-26!


    Gold resource that is generated at heights: 12-4!

    - New type of wood: Frig Log appearing on the Mecrolands Forest biome!

    - Portal We build with the Redstone Portal Block which we create by burning the redstone block in the furnace and fire flint and gold!

    - Stragmit is a new rock that generates on the Nyrian biome. This rock serves as a fairly weak fuel that we can turn into a stable version of this rock like? He'll find out later!

    - Added 2 used blocks: Stabilization Table and Upgrade Block which will show you how to use them now:

    Stabilization Table:


    Put Stragmit in the left slot and click CRAFT! to make it stable!



    Upgrade Block:


    Here the matter is a bit more complicated but in order. I also added NPCs selling us swords, armor and spells, but more on that later. Coming back Upgrade Block is used to upgrade swords to 3 tiers. Below is a diagram of how to do this:

    X - R -> X1

    X1 - C -> X2

    X2 - T -> X3

    X - default swords

    X1 - swords tier I

    X2 - swords tier II

    X3 - swords tier III

    R - ruby

    C - cobalt

    T - topaz

    After arranging it in the right pattern, click UPGRADE!



    - Now let's move on to the mobs that appear:

    Bright Cow:


    She has 8 HP is a passive mob and after his death he drops his meat which can be eaten or burned in the oven.

    Underline Pig:


    She has 10 HP is a passive mob and after his death he drops his meat which can be eaten or burned in the oven.

    Aggressive mobs:

    Dark Bloody Zombie:


    Has 20 HP, is hostile to the player and, like other aggressive mobs, drops Dark Bloody Coin.



    The Grand Orgie of Series I is back in its original version! Has 35 HP, is hostile to the player and, like other aggressive mobs, drops Dark Bloody Coin.



    Has 25 HP, is hostile to the player and, like other aggressive mobs, drops Dark Bloody Coin.



    Has 28 HP, is hostile to the player and, like other aggressive mobs, drops Dark Bloody Coin.

    Lover and Hurt Lover:



    This first version is player-friendly and fires special love bolts that give players regeneration! He has 15 HP and after death, the heart is broken and turns into a hostile Hurt Lover attacking us with poisonous projectiles! Has 30 HP and drops Dark Bloody Coin.



    A still young boss from Series I. But don't get confused, it doesn't mean he's weak because He has 70HP shoots a dark missile and drops a boss totem about which later. In the modification, he is a student of the boss Emperor Feris.

    Villagers and NPCs:

    - There is an ordinary villager and 3 NPCs selling us swords, armor and spells!

    New Boss:

    Emperor Feris:


    Ancient ruler of The Dark Bloody dimension from 1990 HP who is immune to damage from melee weapons and hand. Upon death, it drops an item that allows us to pass this series of modifications!

    New Structures:



    A structure with monster spawners and loot chests!

    NPC Village:


    Villages that spawn only on the Mecrolands biome!

    Emperor Feris Palace:


    Structure generated in the air quite rarely and inside there are loot chests, spawners with mobs and a boss!

    That's all of the more important things, you have to discover the rest yourself and I encourage you to download and evaluate positively!

    Mod link: https://mcreator.net/modification/72153/dark-bloody-mod-series-iii

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    posted a message on Legendary Titans

    I greet you very warmly this time to my new modification, which I have been designing recently. Legendary Titans is a modification that adds to the game 3 new and interestingly made bosses that we players have to defeat to get their amulets, which will then be used to get a corn that will allow us to teleport to another dimension where Ruby Of Destiny is located that we must smash it!


    New Bosses (Titans):

    Jureuy Nigrums:


    This titan can shoot the player with bricks that deal considerable damage. Has 2550 HP!

    Harley Generis:


    This titan can summon his minions and use them in battle! It has 2140 HP!



    This titan has no skills and attacks us in a standard way. Has 2260 HP!

    New Biomes and Dimensions:

    The modification adds not only bosses. It adds many other things to us, including the dimensions of the first one is Gendero Dimension, the portal of which is built from the blocks given below in the recipes, and we also fire with the item given at the bottom in the recipes. There is also another way to get to this dimension, how? This will explain later:

    Red Obsidian:


    Diamond Igniter:


    Now let's move on to the biomes in this world:

    Gendero Quarries:


    Red and Blue Densely Lush Forest:



    There are also new types of grasses, plants, trees and 3D mushrooms in these forests, and they come in various forms, but I will show you only those found in the red forest, I leave the rest for you to discover:


    Dark Desert:


    This biome is also famous for sometimes having a structure like this:


    Mafron Lands:


    Now let's move on to the second dimension, which we can only get by eating mushrooms corn which, when eaten, teleports us to the Shine Dimension dimension! There is also a second mushrooms corn that teleports us to the Gendero Dimension dimension:

    Green Densely Lush Forest:


    In this dimension there is a structure in which Ruby Of Destiny is generated, as well as treasures and a lot of





    New raw material and others:

    Maybe let's start with the fact that we have 2 new bricks that we can create here they are:

    Red and Blue Densely Lush Forest Bricks:



    There is only one ore in the modification: Gendero Diamond Ore from which diamond nugget drops out, which we can use to create diamonds. The principle of crafting is the same as for gold nuggets!

    As many as 3 new types of wood appear in the modification, 2 in the Gendero dimension and one in the Shine dimension!

    There is also a Mystery Block, which drops new swords when destroyed, and totems with titans:


    New Mobs:

    Now we will move on to new mobs of which there are several:

    Gendero Zombie:


    Mob has 20 HP and appears on the Gendero Quarries biome and is dropped by Rotten Flesh!



    A mob that appears in a red forest with 25 HP and drops redstone!



    Mob spawning in Red Forest with 40 HP and dropping leather!



    A mob that appears in the blue forest with 15 HP and sometimes drops Mystery Block!

    Black Skeleton:


    A mob that appears in the dark desert with 20 HP and drops a black bone, sometimes a stone axe!



    A mob that appears in the dark desert with 22 HP and drops gunpowder and shoots projectiles of fire at the player!

    Flame Spider:


    A mob that appears in mafron lands with 20 HP and does not drop anything but can sometimes set fire!



    A mob that appears in Shine Dimension and its structure with 24 HP that drops an arrow and sometimes a bow that fires poison bullets at the player!

    Finally, I will say that the modification adds a lot of new achievements and I wish you a pleasant game on my modification and I invite you to download and rate the modification!

    Mod link: https://mcreator.net/modification/72987/legendary-titans-mod

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    posted a message on The Dark Bloody Mod Series II
    Hello yes, it's me XD again and today I will show you the results of my work on the second series of modifications "The Dark Bloody". I will briefly explain and show what I was able to add and I can wish you a pleasant introduction.
    - New cars have been added along with a tab in Creative!
    - Cars are divided into 4 types, they have 1 standard skins, 4 skins with a single paint and one bonus with a pattern, and they differ in parameters:
    Resistance: 200
    Speed: 0.2
    Resistance: 250
    Speed: 0.3
    Resistance: 300
    Speed: 0.3
    Resistance: 350
    Speed: 0.4
    - A new NPC has been added that sells cars to us. We can meet him in the villages!
    - We buy cars from NPCs in the form of an item and to call the car, right-click on the block!
    - Dungeons are generated less frequently and villages more often!
    - Shot spells now have icons that represent a specific spell!
    - A code block has been added where we can enter what codes? a hint on how to get them, you have to kill bosses to get the cheats, but these aren't as frequent drops as you think:
    - I have hidden many interesting accessories in fashion, but in order not to be groundless, I will tell you how to look for them:
    · Search the dungeons!
    · You can also kill bosses!
    - The fight pattern for the boss Guan Che has been changed. From now on, it is much more difficult!
    - Minigun at Grindstone from now on we can get from 52 LVL for 160 Dark Bloody Coins!
    - New armors has been added and can be purchased from Armor Trader:
    - New spells have been added that, like with armor, are also available for purchase:
    - At Spells Trader you can see an arrow is an arrow thanks to which we can change offers!
    - From now on, gold can be found in chests in dungeons!
    - The villages on the Sharelands biome look completely different now thanks to the new wood about which in a moment:
    - A new bloodstorm has been added that can be mined in the form of a rock and is found at heights 12-8!
    - Bloodstorm achievements added!
    - A new type of Deadreach Log wood has been added that can be found in the new Sharelands Forest biome:
    - 2 new armor types have been added available for purchase from an armor trader!
    - A new NPC called Grindstone has been added that sells us new types of guns! Just beware, if you kill him, he will turn into his sinister version! Occurs in every biome but rarely:


    Series II begins 30 years after the events of the previous series. The sorcerer Guan Che comes to power over the dimension and thanks to his black magic I take over this dimension and become the main boss. After the death of the former bosses, their descendants take over the biomes. The player's goal is simple to annihilate the evil to come!

    How to build a portal?
    We build it from redstone blocks and fire it with redstone orb!

    - The dimension, as in the previous section, consists of Grindmare, Whelfile and Sharelands biomes!
    - The same is true of the tree, which now appears as massive trees in the new forest biomes of a particular biome!
    - A lot of vegetation has been added, such as tall grass, new types of flowers and 3 types of fruit, which we can also turn into enchanted versions!
    - These new types of fruit are: strawberry, pear, pitahaya!
    - New tabs added!
    - Returning to the plants, we added climbers that cannot be climbed, but glow in the dark!
    - Achievements have been added to be modified, but I am leaving you to discover them!
    - Three new ores have been added: convenient fenize at heights: 59-15, ruthless garnet at heights: 57-13, noble malachite at heights: 20-11!
    - New mobs added! What? it's below:
    Dark Bloody Zombie:
    Returning from previous versions in a new refreshed version. Has 20 HP and is generated across the entire biome. Upon death, it drops what each of the enemy mobs in this Dark Bloody Coin mod.
    Strongly Gusty:
    So a mob with big green ears. It has 30 HP.
    Sweet Smile:
    A funny mob with a pitch black look and a smile. It has 27 HP.
    Organic Cyclop:
    The little eye that looks at you and sees your sins! Has 20 HP.
    Grindmare, Whelfile, Sharelands - Minic Golem:
    A powerful golem that comes in three versions with biomes. It has 40 HP.
    Members of the gangs: Flagos, Skulls, Diabolo:
    This is how three new gangs have appeared that do not like each other, but behave neutrally towards the player. They have 25 HP.
    Grindmare, Whelfile, Sharelands Guards:
    These gentlemen only appear in the dungeons of which later. They have 20 HP.
    - I think I can already name 4 new bosses of this mod:
    Asopar Haosaw:
    Demonic infernal son of Malefuo and leader of the Grindmare biome. Has 600 HP and drops the first piece of Guan Che totem.
    Diara Nix:
    Brave and proud daughter of Orecchio and ruler of the Whelfile biome. Has 600 HP and drops the second piece of the totem.
    Narco Meone:
    Strong and charismatic son of Antico Distrutor and ruler of the Sharelands biome. Has 600 HP and drops the third piece of the totem.
    Main Boss - Guan Che:
    Chief of the bosses, a powerful mage who uses black and effective magic! It has 700 HP and it drops an item that is picked up with this modification!
    - A lot of new swords, armors, axes, maces, guns and spells have been added available for purchase from NPCs in villages!
    - They are back from the previous version of Grindmare, Whelfile, Sharelands Villagers!
    - Before I go any further, I would like to show and talk about the new trading system with NPCs, from now on it is based on money and level, so it is not enough to have only a certain amount of coins from now on, but also have a certain level!
    - From now on, we have 6 NPCs who can sell us: swords, axes, armor, maces, guns, spells!
    - Added new structures that can generate in The Dark Bloody dimension. Here they are:
    Structures with Bosses:
    Blocks with their likenesses have been added to boss structures to summon them activate the blocks with the right mouse button!
    Asopar Temple:
    Diara Temple:
    Narco Temple:
    NPC villages:

    This is what I have important to give you, the rest you can discover yourself by downloading and playing the modification of The Dark Bloody Series II. I encourage you to positively evaluate and download my modification!

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    posted a message on The Dark Bloody Mod
    Hello, here I am a mod maker who is so adept he is suffocated by XDD It was a joke. Another of my mods is The Dark Bloody Mod, which adds a new dimension that is swarming with monsters, bosses and generally everything bad. I have briefly compiled a list of what the mod adds, so feel free to read.

    How to build portals?
    The Dark Bloody Portal - 14 redstone blocks and fire up the diamond wand.

    Lumino Dimension Portal - You can find it in the structure, and buy a fuze.

    Obscuro Dimension Portal - 14 coal blocks and light the flint and trias.

    New Updates!
    - A new path block has been added in cities and it appears instead of gravel!
    - Structure generation has been refreshed again in this version!
    - From this version, traders have a new look!

    Series Final Resurrection - Storyline:
    As it turns out, the eye of rebirth after being destroyed by the player went into outer space. There, for 10 years it has evolved to become a much more powerful and powerful Neozonic Eye. In this version, it drops to the Dark Bloody dimension, giving everyone a new divine power that makes everyone stronger than ever. This time the player has to defeat the incoming evil again and send it to the sand once and for all.

    - Bosses from previous versions return and become 10 times stronger and some of them have two attacks each!
    Antico Distrutor:
    - Added dynamite that can be thrown when it hits a block the area explodes, it is used to create tnt from 9 such dynamites you can make 1 TNT and vice versa!
    - A rough launcher has been added which is both normal and ultimate! Normal deals about 3 damage, and ultimate deals 50!
    - New steel tools, sword and armor available for purchase from villagers!
    - New villagers: smiths, and increased trading with traders. See for yourself:
    - As I said, new goods have been added for purchase from the trader, but I will not mention them because I would like you to see them for yourself!
    - New utility block: Dark Bloody Anvil, found only in cities, impossible to create, with the function of turning steel things into things from a new material about which in a moment!
    - There is a recipe in the magic table for the Neozonic Eye that we then have to put up and destroy and then face this eye:
    - And this is how Neozonic Eye looks like a boss to defeat:
    - A new resource has been added that is generated in a new dimension, also added for story objectives and for this ore. This ore is called Dobin Ore and it is generated at altitudes 8-6. We can make a sword, tools, armor or a block from the dobin. A new dimension is called Obscuro Dimension about which in a moment!
    - A new world of Obscuro Dimension has been added which is as follows. We make a portal to this dimension out of coal blocks and light it flint and trias!
    - Some new achievements have been added for Obscuro dimensions and more!
    - Here is the only mob appearing in the Obscuro dimension - Dark Pantera with 25 HP and a new type of food drops out of it - Dark Pantera Rotten Flesh!
    - A new type of food, Dark Pantera Rotten Flesh, which, after eating, gives a surprise and an interesting effect!
    - The only new structure has been added in the Obscuro Dimension dimension, the Obscurtrugos Temple, which is rarely generated there. It is the temple of Obscurtrugos himself!
    - A new type of mushroom has been added, the orange mushroom that is generated in the world of Obscuro! You can collect it and eat it, and what will happen after you eat it? This is also a surprise!
    - Of course, Ground and Stone have also been added for Obscuro Dimension!
    - Added 3 new effects that can be imposed on us by some bosses: freeze, burning effect and the curse of the Neozonic Eye!
    - The ability to trade with Lerro has been added and the mob itself appears in the Dark Bloody dimension a little less frequently!
    - From Lerro, as you can see, we can buy a new green mushroom that is edible and it is also a surprise what the effects are after its consumption!
    - New types of trees are generated on the Grindmare and Whelfile biomes, and the trees themselves are now generated two types!
    - The bleeding effect no longer comes in bottles!
    - Archaic Crown achievement is in a separate category!
    - Bosses from this version are 2 times stronger and have 2 times more health. Why? You will learn when you read the plot of this version. And I post pics with their new looks:
    Antico Distrutor:
    Luminosoradii who is also a boss from this version and he has been slightly weakened:


    Series Misteric - Storyline:
    The bosses were defeated by the players in the previous version, but they did not die. In the misteric series, the Eye of Rebirth drops to the world of Dark Bloody, making bosses twice as powerful and with a new look! Our job is to defeat them again and recreate the Eye of Rebirth in order to put it back on the ground and then destroy it once and for all!

    - New Possession by Solario effect added. Who is Solario? It's in a moment. This effect causes one great massacre with our body!
    - Well, it's time for that ugly Solario XDD. This mob is an aggressive mob that has 40 HP and shows up everywhere! Sometimes it can poison us with the new effect I have already mentioned. His own eye falls out of it:
    - Another new mob is Crank, no kidding, that's what I called him XD. It has 50 HP, it drops raw cow meat and its only task in this bizarre world is attention! Bring Solario upright and kill him because this mob is hostile to him:
    - The last new mob of this update is Liup, a new mob for the Lumino Dimension! Which has 25 HP and drops from Redstone Lamp:
    - From this version, the magic table has been extended with additional slots for stones that fall from the bosses: Amber and Trias, and a stone that drops from Luminosoradi, which is the logical name: Lumino Gem!
    - New achievements have been added!
    - It's time for the last novelty, I know that there will be little but no updates. Here's how to make that whole eye of rebirth:
    - Of course, a joke is not the last XD thing. The last things will be serious now. Let's start with Great Fury, an item that allows us to shoot with Solario's bullets! At the moment you can only buy it from the NPC!
    - And the last thing - Chopper Axe! A powerful weapon available only from NPCs, it deals massive damage of exactly 40 and when attacking it deals the following effects: bleeding and possession by Solario!
    - Old bosses and their content have been removed
    - Some of the weapons have been improved!
    - Dark Thunder is called Obscurtrugos from this version!
    - Individual groups of them have been added to the weapons:
    > Rare Item
    > Unique Item
    > Legendary Item
    > Mythic Item
    - An official storyline for this mod has been entered!

    The modification tells about a land consisting of 3 biomes: Grindmare, Whelfile and Sharelands, these three lands are commanded by new bosses: Antico Distrutor - Sharelands, Orecchio - Whelfile,
    Malefuo - Grindmare. There are also: Attempting to take over the whole dimension - main villain: Obscurtrugos, Guardian of Justice, main good character, ruler of the new dimension of Lumino Dimension: Luminosoradii. Our goal as a player is to help defend Dark Bloody, get all achievements, kill bosses and bring order.

    - 3 new bosses added:
    Antico Distrutor:
    Leader and defender of the Sharelands biome. He has 500 HP and he is one of the strongest bosses, his attack is powerful and he can even knock back!
    Ruler of the Whelfile biome. The only boss with two attacks, one normal and one ranged death. It has 480 HP.
    Leader of the Grindmare biome. Fireball shooters, powerful and always ready to fight. It has 490 HP.

    - Added the ruler of the Lumino Dimension dimension: Luminosoradii, which is not a boss but has 600 HP and can get stronger when hit:
    - And of course Obscurtrugos with which only his name has changed and it has everything the same as before:
    - New effect added: Bleeding. This effect is similar to instant damage, except that it works on everyone!
    - Another stone slot has been added to the magic table: fenize, which drops from bosses, or you can buy it from NPCs about which later.
    - New wards to summon 3 new bosses. Their recipe is presented below:
    - New achievements for new bosses have been added!
    - New weapons have been added, but I won't tell you what, just that you can buy them from NPCs!
    - Dark Bloody Coins have been added to serve as currency for NPCs!
    - We can get these coins by killing mobs from the Dark Bloody dimension and for achievements also from this dimension.
    - And finally new NPCs who are divided into regular NPCs and traders with whom we can trade. They are divided into 3 biomes. They appear in new cities about which in a moment. What it looks like is presented below:
    - There is one more type of NPC from which we can buy an igniter for the Lumino Dimension!
    - A new portal structure has been added to the Lumino Dimension. This is the only way to get into this dimension through this structure:
    - A new dimension has been added: Lumino Dimension, we can access it via the portal. It has new blocks, structures, a new kind of food and a mob!
    - New Eila plant that comes in normal and enchanted versions!
    - A new type of mob: Gailero. This mob is neutral and has 20 HP and Gailero Leather drops out of it after death!
    - New structures in this dimension: the gold well, which is the most generated, and the temple of Luminosorandi!
    - New Lumino Dimension achievements have been added!
    - Added Lumino Crown which is a trophy and artifact of Lumino Dimension so to speak!
    - New cities have been added where we can find new NPCs. They are divided into:
    Libero City - Grindmare:
    San Berro - Whelfile:
    Varromore - Sharelands:
    - Ore production has changed!
    - New Russum Log texture!
    - Unique items such as Master Sword, Flame Trident and Explosion Ax deal much more damage!
    - Structure generation is now improved!
    - Enchanted Blue Gean can also be eaten when our hunger is full and has new effects when eating!
    - Added stairs, slab and wall to Dark Stone!
    - Two new ores have been added: Swirling Agate at levels 13-9 and Shiny Platinium at levels 12-5!
    - The Dark Bloody Biom has been removed and replaced with three new ones:
    - 2 new types of Dark Bloody Ground have been added and the old one has been changed in favor of new biomes!
    - A new Windux Log wood type has been added to the Whelfile biome!
    - New Whelfile mushrooms have been added to spawn in the Whelfile biome!
    - We can make a sword, tools, armor, blocks from new ores, and even a bow from Shiny Platinum!
    - 2 new achievements for new ores have been added!
    - Some new achievements have been added!
    - New structure in the Sharelands biome!
    - Added three new stones: Amethyst, Kryptonite and Topaz, they will be needed, but we'll find out what for later!
    - Magic Table has been added, in which we can perform the ritual of summoning a new boss:
    - The totem shown in the picture is a totem to summon a new boss!
    - Added a new boss, Dark Thunder, which shoots at us with powerful orbs of darkness. He has 500 HP and upon death he leaves his soul, which does not apply yet. It will only be valid in version 1.2!
    Dark Thunder
    - Ores are generated twice as often with this version!
    - Bosses don't show up. Therefore, bricks with their likenesses were added to their construction, which recall them when we stand on such a block!
    - Long grass has been added and it is now growing in the world of Dark Bloody!
    - A new fruit has been added: Blue Gean which we can get from Blue Gean Bush which is also growing in the world of Dark Bloody!
    - An enchanted version of the Blue Gean fruit has been added that adds loads of effects after eating!
    - A new drop for Orgie has been added, the Orgie's cookie that we can eat and it will heal our hunger!
    - Many new mod achievements have been added!

    Construction of the portal:
    So we build the portal using redstone blocks and light it with a diamond wand.

    New ores:
    We have three raw materials because three is an exceptional number that signifies the beginning, middle and end. Back as I said, there are three new ores:

    Bloody Brown - red ore found on levels 58-15.

    Cursed Sapphire - Violet ore found from level 52 to 13.

    Frenzy Jasper - a bright green redhead you can't afford anyway! It is located on levels 12-5.

    New wood:
    Wood Oh yes, I finally added some wood, a miracle! And seriously, there is a wood called Russum Wood in the modification! We can make everything possible from wood, except for a button or pressure plates.

    New Mobs:
    Time for mobs, that is, on the one hand, the most beloved beings in minecraft, and on the other hand, nightmares, and on the third, also XD beasts.

    Dark Bloody Zombie:

    Dark Bloody Zombie
    It has 20 health points, it is generated very often in the world and it drops rotten flesh.

    Smart Creeper:

    Smart Creeper
    Why smart? Oh, you won't find out, but I will give you a hint when fighting him, focus on what he does with the explosion. Has 15 HP and drops gunpowder.

    Terribly Sweet:

    Strasznie słodkie
    The creature I will say looks scary. It spawns a lot around the world, has 25 HP, and drop a bones, gunpowder and spider eye.


    The world has not seen such a minotaur. It is a big and strong mob, it appears sometimes and by the way it has 50 HP and it drops leather and even a diamond!

    Lerro and Lerro Pig:

    LerroLerro Pig
    Lerro is a neutral mob that moves around this world and nothing drops out of it. He has 20 HP and when he dies he transforms into Lerro Pig, who has 10 HP and leaves the meat of the pig. To be honest, it's better to die in his place than turn into a piglet, but ok.

    Dark Bloody Dungeon Guard:

    DB Dungeon Guard
    Defender of dungeons appearing as new structures in the world of Dark Bloody. Mob armed with a bloody brown sword and a shield with 20 HP and dropping nothing.

    Fragrant Demon Slave:

    F Slave
    Servant and personal bodyguard of one of the modification bosses! He is armed with a bloody brown sword and wears fire boots with which to make a fire! You can find them in a dungeon or get them from this mob, although it's difficult. It has 25 HP.

    Magna Grum Slave:

    MG Slave
    Servant of one of the bosses of the mod and it's obvious by his name. He can fly and shoots deadly snowballs at the player! It has 30 HP and does not miss anything.

    New Bosses:
    We have three pretty powerful mates with life upstairs. Each of them is distinguished by the amount of health, way of fighting, drops and appearance. So it's time to introduce them:

    Snake Fang:

    A reptilian boss that can poison the player and is his only blow that can deal the player. It has 200 HP and can be found in one of the structures generated in the modification. He drops leather, a diamond, an ender eye, a amethyst, an ancient armor that I will tell you about later, and an explosion axe, and I'll tell you about it too.

    Fragrant Demon:

    The guy with whom you no longer forgive. This monster has 260 HP and in battle it uses its trident and generates its servants to help. Spawns in structure and drops from gunpowder, frenzy jasper, kryptonite, nether star, ancient armor and his trident.

    Magna Grum:

    One of the toughest mod bosses, at least in my opinion! A boss appearing in a white structure that can fly and shoots you with bolts of lightning and supports his servants. It has 370 HP and a diamond, frenzy jasper, topaz, dragon head, ancient armor and a master sword that I will talk about for a long time fall out of it.

    Legendary items and armor:
    Ancient Armor:

    Strong armor with 1000 damage points and 5 defense points! It only drops from bosses and we can't make it.

    Legendary Items:

    Explosion Axe:

    An ax with strong damage which has a special effect of an explosion if you attack the entity. Dropped by Snake Fang.

    Flame Trident:

    Demon's Fragrant Trident falling out of it. Its effect is to shoot fire projectiles by clicking the right mouse button.

    Master Sword:

    The best weapon in the entire modification. Deals certain damage and drops Magna Grum. It heals yourself with the right mouse button.

    And that would be enough, I know a little about it, but I have presented the things that are necessary for you to discover. Feel free to download the mod and rate it positively!

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    Mushafer II Mod by Gardon

    Minecraft 1.14.4

    The second part of my modification just saw the light of day. In this part of the mod there are many news that are worth describing. A few things are also returning from the previous part so if you haven't heard about the first part of the mod I recommend checking out. WARNING! The description does not contain all information about mod, the rest you have to discover for yourself! So I'll start right away:



    Returning from the previous section:

    Crimson Lands is now called Sanguine Lands:

    it has hardly changed so much, but new structures and a few minor news have been added to it later.

    Luce Lands:
    it has not changed too much except for new structures and small additions.

    New Biomes:

    Horrible Lands: biome replacement for Dark Lands with black grass. From now on it is a darker and more dangerous area full of returning Dark Skeletons and another new mob that will be discussed later. Many new structures built from a new type of bricks have been added to it. The terrain is steeper and fuller of bad life.

    Thugs Lands: biome of new civilization pirates with purple grass, as well as new mobs added in modification. This area is usually flat and many structures are not generated except one but more on that later. Biome is usually unfriendly to the player, but this biome is the only habitat of the new ore: "uranium". There is a second variant of this biome or forest area with a new type of wood.

    Frenzy Lands: a blue area with a blue grass variety that inhabits the new Fredlinmans civilization. Neutral and slightly dangerous terrain for the player and extremely dangerous for Mushafermans. There are new flowers, bushes with oranges and there are new structures built of new bricks. The site is the site of the new ore: "sapphire".

    Green Lands: a green and colorful biome with a green grass variety and a new type of wood and rich vegetation consisting of grass, flowers and strawberry bushes. A place usually unfriendly to the player, but gentle to the environment. Greensmans live in the area. Sapphire and some new structures are also generated in this area.

    New useful block:

    Mushafer TNT - a new type of tnt fired either redstone or lighter. The force of the explosion is 4 times greater than normal TNT!

    New useful items:

    Mystery Book - a magic book dropped out of the new boss: "Toried Gelcos". The object is as interesting as its use. Taking into the inventory, we are shown a list of spells that we can use by clicking the appropriate numbers.

    Bosses amulets - there are six of them:

    Boss amulets:

    Mushafer Devil, Lord Buioscuran, Gaburiera, Purple Captain and Toried Gelcos Amulet. With these five amulets you can create a totem summoning the final boss!

    Amulet from the final boss:

    Grand Hevner Amulet.

    Division of subjects:

    From this version, items mainly used for fighting are divided into individual categories:

    Normal Item - ordinary items that we can most often make ourselves.

    Good Item - items are slightly better than normal ones.

    Super Item - items that have interesting effects and are a little harder to get.

    Epic Item - items most often falling out of bosses with interesting applications. They are harder to come by.

    Legendary Item - valuable items that give the player amazing effects and make the player a hero of the world Mushafer! Hard to get.


    Returning from previous versions are not particularly improved:

    Mushafermans, Mushafer Guard, Evil Steve, Dark Skeletons, Saint Steves

    New Mobs:

    Horrible Golem - a replacement for Obscur Golem. Only appears in the new structure as a powerful guard. Nothing falls out of it.

    Purple Pirate - a mob living in Thugs Lands. The mob has a saber in his hand and is good at hand combat. Sometimes his saber falls out of it.

    Greensman - an individual appearing on the Green Lands biome. Faithful servant of the new boss. He is armed with a crossbow and shield, which sometimes fall out of him.

    Mushafer Wraith - a ghost sometimes appearing in red terrain. The spectrum can fly and is dangerous to the player. The dust needed to make Mushafer TNT falls out of it.

    Mushafer Bull - a slightly more developed mob, on which the player can ride freely like on a horse. It occurs in three genres: Sanguine, Horrible - this is dangerous for the player and Frenzy. Bull is neutral to the player and after death nothing falls out of him.

    Fredlinmans - performs like mushafermans in three groups as: Citizen, Warrior and Archer. He appears on the biome of Frenzy Lands and is a mob who hates the Mushafermans people and Mushafermans them. After their death, Mushafer Orange falls out.

    Mobs from the last crusade:

    Red, Blue, Yellow, Green Crusade - the last crusade is a group of these mobs which sometimes appear everywhere in the world of Mushafer. Everyone generates in one place most often. Swords and shields fall from them.

    New ores:

    Sapphire Ore - occurs on Frenzy and Green Lands. Ore that is slightly better than Redsteel ore. We can make a sword, bow, tools and armor out of it.

    Uranium Ore - new and the best ore from now on. Better than Hellfire ore up to 2 times! Occurs only on the Thugs Lands biome. We can make a sword, tools and armor out of it.


    Mushafer Devil is back!

    Activate bosses by standing on blocks with their images!

    New Bosses:

    Lord Buioscuran - Ombrascuran's older brother! A powerful boss equipped with an ax and armor. He is in the Horrible Lands in his castle and his amulet and sometimes its equipment fly out.

    Gaburiera - ruler of the Greensmans people and biome Green Lands and guardian of justice. He uses his own bow and can shoot well with it! After her death, the amulet falls and sometimes her bow.

    Purple Captain - a big beard pirate captain. Like his subordinates, he uses a saber but his own. You can meet him in his ship. An amulet and sometimes his saber fall out of it.

    Toried Gelcos - the older brother of Goried Gelcos. A truthful and fair magician who passively uses his book that blows lightning at the player! Boss of Frenzy Lands dropping an amulet and sometimes the magic book.

    Grand Hevner - the final boss. He is huge and the most dangerous of all the abovementioned bosses. It makes terrible noises and is able to kill a player at once if he has no armor. After he drops the bags and the amulet. Thus, his defeat is a kind of mod ending.


    Each structure already has normal boxes with normal loot!

    Some structures now generate flags representing individual tribes!

    Some structures from the previous part are back, but all have been improved!

    New structures:

    Horrible Lands:

    Horrible Dungeon - the equivalent of the dungeon on the biome of Sanguine Lands

    Horrible Tower - the equivalent of the tower from Sanguine Lands

    Horrible Castle - Lord Ombrascuran's castle. Huge structure with a lot of traps

    Horrible Camp - camp, equivalent to the biome camp from Sanguine Lands

    Thugs Lands:

    Captain Ship - a ship with a ship's captain. A structure quite interesting to the eye.

    Green Lands:

    Wooden Tower - a wooden observation tower made of a new type of wood. Crates and sometimes its guards are generated there.

    Gaburiera Temple - the temple where boss Gaburiera appears. Huge structure reminiscent of a forest gazebo.

    Frenzy Lands:

    Frenzy Dungeon - dungeon biome Frenzy Lands

    Frenzy Single Tower - a single tower in Frenzy Lands

    Double Tower Frenzy - two same towers but connected with each other by a bridge

    Frenzy Toried Gelcos Fort - Toried fort of one of the bosses. The structure is perfect for fighting.

    Frenzy Camp - a camp equivalent to those from Sanguine and Horrible Lands

    Final Boss Headquarters:

    Grand Hevner Headquarters - a huge structure in which there is the final boss and his helpers. We generate the structure through a totem!

    So much for the description, you must discover the rest of the mod yourself by downloading my mod. I invite you to download and evaluate my work positively. See you next time!

    Mod Link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mushafer-ii-mod

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    Mushafer Mod v1.0
    Mod by Gardon

    Mushafer Mod is finally in full and working version! Mushafer Mod is a modification that adds a new dimension to Minecraft with three new biomes, three new bosses, new resources, structures, mobs and even enchanted items. I will try to list more or less what the modification adds in a few points.

    How to build a portal ?:
    We build the portal from 14 blocks of redstone portal and light up flint and redstone. We build the same way as a nether portal only with the help of the above-mentioned block.

    New Biomes:

    Crimson Lands - biomass with a red grass color, consisting of biomes, clearing and forest. These biomes can generate structures such as: dungeon, castle, tower, camps, Goried's new mob house, about which later, and one fortress with the boss Mushafer Devil. On this biome is one of three peoples, namely Mushafermans. (I will tell later about the division of roles for peoples. Each of the peoples has the same division of roles.) Biomes also inhabits the ethnic people of Evil Steve, who is hostile to strangers, but neutral to new mobs. On the biome of the clearing grow plants such as grass, two types of flowers, red and yellow, but also strawberries. Whereas on the forest biome some plants from the previous biome appear but there are also pink flower and orange varieties and even a new Fydium tree, from which leaves Mushafer Apple falls.

    Dark Lands - this is a dark and dangerous biome for a player with a dark blue grass variety. A biome consists of only one biome, empty and gray. Only one structure is generated on it: the fortress of another new boss: Lord Ombrascuran. Terrain is inhabited by men of Dark Skeletons, which are dangerous for the player and for other people who live on Luce Lands biomes. Only one plant grows on biomes: Mushafer Froit, but sometimes ordinary mushrooms appear. There are no trees on the biomass either.

    Luce Lands - the opposite of Dark Lands. The biom is quiet and calm with a yellow grass variety, and the environment is neutral for strangers and the player, but hostile to the Dark Skeleton people. Two structures are generated on biomes: Treehouses for the new people about which in a moment, and the castle of the third new and unusual boss Lord Luce Brintel. Unusual because he is neutral towards the player so fighting him is the quetia of our decision. The area is inhabited by Saint Steve people who are neutral towards the player. Only ordinary grass and huge trees from another new tree grow on biome: Luxcres.

    New Ores:

    Basalt ore - dark gray and black ore. We can dig it from a stone pickaxe. Basalt we have to make a bar which we make from 4 basalts arranged as if creating a crafting table. We can create tools, armor, sword and block from this ore. Occurs on all biomes.

    Red Steel ore - red ore. We can kick it out from an iron pickaxe. We can use it to create tools, armor, sword and block. Occurs on all biomes.

    Amethyst ore - red and purple ore. We can dig her out from a diamond pickaxe. We can use it to create tools, armor, sword and block. Occurs on the biomass of Dark Lands.

    Pyrite ore - yellow and gold ore. We can dig her out from a diamond pickaxe. We can use it to create tools, armor, sword, block and bow. Occurs on the biome of Luce Lands.

    Hellfire ore - dark red ore. The best ore added in this mod. We can dig her out from a diamond pickaxe. We can use it to create tools, armor, sword, block and bow. Occurs on all biomes.

    Useful Blocks:

    Eltar Block - a utility block from which we can enchant all new types of food. We can enchant all kinds of food, just give the food on the left and the right to convert it from Mushafer Rock to Mushafer Rock in the item version. We still have an Appmix which we make that in the first slot we give an apple and in the second we give the usual Mushafer Rock. We can also enchant Goried's wand in it? In the first slot we insert the wand and in the second one one of the materials listed for each wand:

    TNT - for a wand with an explosion spell

    Flint and Steel - for a wand with a fire spell

    Diamond - for a wand with a lightning spell

    Mushafer Crystal - for a wand with a torture spell

    Blocks that summon bosses - blocks found in boss structures used to summon them. To summon the boss, stand on this block. Blocks are indestructible.

    New Mobs:

    Mushaferman - (mob belonging to a group of peoples). Mob is divided into three factions: Citizen, Warrior and Archer. Citizen is neutral, Warrior and Archer are aggressive. Mushaferman's Flesh falls out of the mob. It occurs on biomes of Crimson Lands as well as in new mod structure camps.

    Mushafer Guard - guard structure such as: dungeon, castle, tower and fortress of Mushafer Devil. It appears only in spawners. Mob is aggressive towards the player, and nothing falls out of him. It occurs only in structures on the Crimson Lands biome.

    Evil Steve - ethnic and different mob, aggressive towards strangers in addition to other new mobs. Appears on biomes of Crimson Lands. A mushafer strawberry falls out of it, and sometimes the sword it holds in his hand falls out.

    Dark Skeleton - (mob belonging to a group of peoples). Mob is divided into three factions: Citizen, Warrior and Archer. Citizen is neutral, Warrior and Archer are aggressive. Mobs are aggressive, especially towards mobs living on the biomass of Luce Lands. Occurs on the Dark Lands biome. He doesn't have his own drop.

    Saint Steve - (mob belonging to a group of peoples). Mob is divided into three factions: Citizen, Warrior and Archer. Citizen is neutral, Warrior and Archer are also neutral, but hostile to the peoples of the Dark Lands biome. Occurs on biomes of Luce Lands, as well as in tree huts of the new structure in mod. He doesn't have his own drop.

    Goried Gelcos - an indigenous mob living in his hut in a new mod structure. Mob is aggressive towards the player. It appears in the structure on biomes of Crimson Lands. His amulet falls out, and sometimes his wand.

    Obscur Golem - guardian of Lord Ombrascuran's fortress. Mob aggressive towards the player and to the mobs of the people living in Luce Lands. Mob only appears in the Lord Ombrascuran fortress of a new structure in mod in spawners. He doesn't have his drop.

    New Bosses:

    Mushafer Devil - Boss dressed in his own armor and sword. Occurs in the fortress on biomedium Crimson Lands. After killing, Mushafer Devil Backpack falls out and there are prizes in it. To open it, hold it and click right mouse button on the block.

    Lord Ombrascuran - Boss dressed in his own armor and scythe. Occurs in the Dark Bioms biomass fortress. After killing, Mushafer Gold Backpack falls out and there are prizes in it. To open it, hold it and click right mouse button on the block.

    Lord Luce Brintel - Boss dressed in his own armor and sword. Occurs in the fortress on biome Luce Lands. After killing, Mushafer Gold Backpack falls out and there are prizes in it. To open it, hold it and click right mouse button on the block.

    New Structures:

    Appearing on Crimson Lands: Mushafer Dungeon, Mushafer Castle, Mushafer Tower, Mushafer Boss Temple, Mushaferman's Camp, Goried House

    Performing on Dark Lands: Mushafer Boss Dark Lands Temple

    Occurring at Luce Lands: Luce Tree House, Mushafer Luce Temple

    Mod adds a few other new things to us, but I leave the rest to you. I invite you to download my modification, and please give a positive assessment because it motivates me to create further modifications.

    Downloads Links:

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