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    posted a message on [16x] [1.1] LazyCraft (WIP)
    Hi there! my name is ganov, and I've been working time from time on a texture pack. I call it lazycraft.

    It's still a work in progress, but I couldn't contain myself.

    Folders achievement, armor, gui, item, terrain.
    pack.png, terrain.png.

    Folders enviroment, font, misc, mob, title


    Please give feedback!
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    posted a message on [PARKOUR] CLOSER TO THE EDGE [13000 DLs]
    wow dude. 5230 minecraft days you worked on this? Now that's commitment. This was awesome.
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    posted a message on taking mod request
    I want the world to feel more sinister, more haunted.
    Like, there could be a mirror item, that's 2x2 big, and reflects the blocks in its view. But, if you take a picture while looking at the mirror, I'd want a monster appear behind you, and you would see it in the .png file you save. Wouldn't that be cool?
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    I feel like a noob being able to download five mods, but not being able to run this patcher. When I run the .exe, it works, but only the better grass box is black. I can't figure out how to get the HD textures and HD font working. When I put my mouse over HD Textures, it says
    "Minecraft: no match found of fontRenderer
    FontRenderer: no classes matched"
    What do I do?
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    posted a message on Hands Up Challenge
    I've never heard of a challenge quite like yours. Challenge two is quite unique and would take me forever to do.
    [] :obsidian: :obsidian: []
    :obsidian: :Purple: :Purple: :obsidian:
    :obsidian: :Purple: :Purple: :obsidian:
    :obsidian: :Purple: :Purple: :obsidian:
    :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:
    Yay portals.
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    posted a message on ColonyCraft
    Age - 11
    Minecraft Name - Zanav
    Why you wish to join - One ~ since my server is being mean and not saving what I do. 2~ I want to play on a server that has more than 2 people playing on it. Three~ Because john jumped jack in january
    Do you agree to the rules - Yes
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Gravity Staff (picks up mobs) [WIP][ML5]
    This is a great mod, even though it can be a bit tricky to use.
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    posted a message on Enter your name into the World Generator, and post results
    I have the username "Zanav"
    I used it as a seed, and got a spawn point in a lake and in the crossection of desert and plains. Cows were quite abundant.
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    posted a message on What level do you hate most in any game you have played?
    Those slidy ice puzzles where you run into rocks to get to the end. I hate them. So Frustrating.
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    posted a message on Black or White?
    I got Pokemon Black. Opelucid City looks a tad like tron, and I get a goth pokemon. Yay.
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    posted a message on Were beds a mistake?
    I personally think that beds are great if you are like me and my friend. I hate monsters appearing when I'm building far away from my home. Yes, I carry torches, but I really can't place them well. I like relying on beds to take me through the night on happy dreams!
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