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    I was planning to apply on Discord but Discord is having a few issues for me so I hope this works too.

    My IGN is Introvert_Gamer4

    I'm 15 but ill be 16 in a few months I like to consider myself both mature and friendly.

    I don't mind working in both groups or solo but it depends on what I'm doing in the game.

    I hope and think that I would be a good fit, I love playing in a community and being surrounded by other kind people.

    Just play honestly, I love building even if I'm not the best, I love to explore too, sometimes even roleplay

    I do play on Minecraft Java Edition

    While I haven't seen the rules because of discord serves misconnection, I do promise to look at the rules when available and I will follow them

    I am kind of shy but I would love to join this realm, to make friends and have fun. My discord is also Introvert_Ash#3795

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    I want to join because I've been looking for a realm to enjoy and have fun in plus make some friends in. I am 15 but ill be 16 in a few months, My Minecraft Gamertag is Introvert_Gamer4 and my Discord is Introvert_Ash#3795. I may not be the best at building but I really enjoy doing it and I want to improve my skills, I don't mind an interview at all, and I'm in the Eastern Daylight Time zone, hopefully I can join!

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    I'm 15 but ill be 16 in a few months

    I wanna join cause I want to join a cool realm that I can have fun in and make friends without whiny kids or trolls.

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    posted a message on [Vanilla][Survival] Avoria Season 2 - Recruiting mature dedicated players!

    Gamer tag: Introvert_Gamer4
    First name: Ash
    Age: 15
    Gender: Trans-FTM
    Country: United States
    About yourself:

    I'm sorry I don't meet the age requirements but I've been looking for a realm/ world to join that does have whiny kids in. Hopefully, you'll still allow me to join this sounds really fun. I'm a socially awkward teen whos played Minecraft most of their life and is looking for a dedicated place to have fun and make friends. I also have a Discord it's Introvert_Ash#3795

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