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    posted a message on True Anarchy, no rules, hack if you want

    Want to play on a server with no rules? Join us!

    Want a map that will NEVER be reset? Join us!

    The server was just launched and even has a village at the start. I also hid shulker boxes all over with all kinds of goodies for the lucky few who first join. Why? it's my server. I do what I want.

    I promote free speech and freedom to build and do what you want. Hack away or play without hacks. It does not matter. Go to town.

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    posted a message on Custom Game mode tutorial?

    I am wanting to make a custom game mode. Something where I basically flip the world generation to a certain x by x block then straight down. Any idea where I can find that information? I was looking to do this from the java level of the games code perhaps? Not really sure where to start or where to find the code at. I found some of the brigadier code files on this website but was not sure where to even start or if those are the correct files.


    1. Make a custom game mode that can be generated from the create map section of minecraft.

    2. Edit the map generation so that it only is x by x blocks wide

    3. it then generates the map down down down.

    4. Editing and playing with the dungeon generation.

    Thanks in advance. Just looking for a direction of where to start.

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    posted a message on New hacks allowed Anarchy?

    I'm thinking of making a new anarchy. A vanilla with no mods on it. No extras added. Anarchy with mods/hacks and duping all allowed. Only thing not is lagging the server on purpose. Any interest?

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