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    posted a message on I need a minecraft buddy
    Age: 13
    Minecraft Username: gamerdude879
    Skype name: Same
    Can you make a server?: If it's just for the two of us when we play prolly
    Can you install plugins on a server?: I don't see why not
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    posted a message on Since when is minecraft a constant onslaught of zombies?
    Quote from Hashiba

    I think something that a lot of the folks calling for the complete removal of the zombie-horde behavior are missing is those of us that like it certainly don't think of it as "survival horror". Minecraft isn't horrifying and never will be. There is a portion of the playerbase, myself included, that really enjoy having to work around challenging mechanics. The fun for me has always been to "break the game" in the sense of mastering mechanics and taking advantage of them.

    However, the majority of articulate posts that aren't just slandering people that play differently all seem to have a common solution:

    We need a difficulty overhaul.

    If some of us like things hard and some of like things more peaceful (but obviously not "peaceful"), why not make different gamemodes? Everyone plays Minecraft for their own reasons and everyone one plays Survival for their own reasons. I just don't understand how it would be difficult to implement a couple of switches that dial some more numbers around so we can set up each game world to suit how we want to play it. The difficulty settings as they currently sit are pretty pathetic in my humble opinion.

    So here is what I really think we should do: Instead of arguing about how Minecraft was meant to be, or how "the majority" of people supposedly play it, we need to create a formal solution to how we want the difficulty menu to work. Personally, I would advocate for a new gametype that locks the game on Hard with all the new zombie crazy-ness for people like me and leave the existing gametype alone along with reworking the Easy/Normal/Hard to also toggle the zombie behavior.

    IMO, "Hardcore" is named incorrectly as a gametype and it really restricts using plain english to describe a future gamemode that is just harder, not perma-death. The perma-death gamemode should be renamed to something like "rogue-like" or simply, "perma-death". In fact, why can't this simply be another choice we make in world creation? Perma-Death Yes/No.

    I'd like everyone's opinions.

    You, sir, deserve many, many upvotes. I agree with everything you said.

    Somebody should make a mod, until Mojang does something about this.
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    posted a message on Things that anger you in video games
    Not being able to escape from wild Pokemon.

    When the developers think every other word the characters are saying needs to be an F bomb.

    People complaining about teenagers/kids voices.

    Critical hits in TF2.

    Long load times in Garry's Mod.

    People who RDM on Trouble in Terrorist Town.

    People who assume that I'm a teenager, therefore I'm immature in games.

    RDM in Garry's Mod Roleplay. And rulebreakers. And random demotes. Actually demotes in general on RP.


    Hunger system in Minecraft.

    Terrain generation in Minecraft.

    People on PVP servers who, somehow, have every item in the freakin' world.

    Overpowered donation benefits (give us $5 and get godmode and creative!!!111!!!11one!!eleven!!)

    When only YOU are targeted in a multiplayer game.
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    posted a message on What's the oldest video game that you still play?
    Mike Tyson's Punch Out
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    posted a message on Do you think 1.6.1 is a success or a failure
    Quote from ArrogantLobster

    I am sick and tired of these threads...

    1.6 is being worked on for the better of everyone. Stop complaining or downgrade.

    If you're sick and tired of them don't read them. Seriously that's freaking annoying.
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    posted a message on It seems Zombies won't be changing.
    Quote from jovialmadness

    Yes. Yes it usually is. They don't ignore them though. They politely turn their heads considering a vast majority of the player base for all games don't know what is best for the game.

    Take zombies for instance. Everyone seemed to complain the mobs were passive and simple. They change it. Smaller numbers complained they were too difficult....

    In survival.


    Interesting. See for me, the biggest issues I had before this patch were surviving lava and starving to death. Mobs were just a nuisance. Now, mobs are a serious aggravation and potential threat. What they should be. Why? Well, mainly because I'm playing on survIval. I want to have to survive when fighting mobs, not swat them away and continue building all the while shaking my head and asking myself why they are even in the game. If I had to ask myself this then I'm certain someone else did as well.

    These complainers need to toughen up and embrace the change or offer valid reasons why tougher mobs shouldn't exist in survival. The rest is just standard whining with no reason. Well there is something good that comes from the complaints. It proves the player base generally doesn't know what is best. Of course occasionally single players have good ideas. I have to concede that.

    This patch has caused me to build in totally different ways now. More interesting and careful ways. Its a GOOD thing. If it isn't a good thing for you then I suggest creative mode or offer reasons other than 'zombies suck, I build and get rushed so ded'

    I hate this new idea that survival should be more like freak­ing Bear Grylls "survival" and realistic and not simple like it was. I don't understand. When did this start?
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    posted a message on is notch running out of ideas?
    Quote from NexTheRenzor

    Ok so Zombies seeing you from fourty blocks away sucks? That's to make it more realistic.

    Minecraft isn't about realism. The zombie thing annoys me, but I know some of the community likes it. Although I don't think it should be difficulty independent.

    Charged Creepers?

    Pig's getting struck by lightning and turning into Zombie Pigmen?

    Nobody complains about these, plus they have been in the game forever.

    Horse being from a mod?

    Eh, that's a very minor part of the community there. Most people don't mind.

    What else do you rant about!?

    What we want to. This is a forum.

    Replies in red.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    More random biome placement:

    http://imgur.com/NjELaBB (I tried the img thing, it didn't work)

    Just behind me there was a plains.
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    posted a message on If Notch gave you permission to make 1.7, what would you add?
    Gradually make it more like the beta playstyle. (1.7.3?)

    When the majority of the community starts complaining, i'll go one step back and then keep it there.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Another example of random biome placement: (It says can't use that extension on the forums, WTF? Link:)

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    posted a message on 1.6: Worst Update Ever?
    Quote from Koadmaster

    Well, on a technical level, you are playing a role, the role of some over powered human-like thing stranded on a strange world... But yeah, it really isn't much of a RPG and RPG is defined these days.

    Now the question is: what do you call your post?

    A post?

    Pointing out spam to the spammer is not spam.
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    Quote from FelixFelis32

    I'll have to say I'm on the side of the pro-classics here. Where is there a problem with keeping classic. Like ^he^ said, if you don't want to play Classic, then don't play it. How does keeping it hurt you?

    Also, this should be moved to general discussion and possibly locked. It's turning into a flame war.

    Yes. I agree with you on all points.
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    Quote from InfoTeddy

    Traffic and bandwidth.

    I bet you’re gonna say traffic and bandwidth matters as much as a penny to Mojang.

    * I have to downgrade my Java to play it
    * Can’t play offline; have to play it in browser (clients are fan-made, not Mojang-made. If…“Mojang-made”…even…makes…any…sense…)
    * Limited world size (and, with the multiple worlds thing, you said we don’t have to play multiplayer. Oh, so create a new world, well, I guess I’ll keep my stadium in half)
    * Always. Have. To. Change. My. Settings. Every. Time. I. Play. Classic. (Yep, people told me to play it more times, and it gets worse.)
    * No fullscreen mode
    * Can’t place on “bedrock” (so if I get stuck in a lava pit, I have to get out and all my creations will be destroyed)
    * Can’t place water
    * Can’t place lava
    * And, can’t take screenshots
    Wow. You say there are no reasons to not keep Classic, yet, you say one yourself.Like, locking the thread?

    Guess what 4is4 said.
    So, if it’s all about building, why can’t we build awesome buildings with upside-down stairs or cool redstone contraptions like he said?Oh, yeah, because, we totally can’t pirate Minecraft Premium!

    Oh my god. Is keeping classic up going to kill you? Like, once they put off the link, you start suffocating? Does it cause you physical pain? Last I checked, it won't.

    If you don't want to play classic:

    Stuff that in your head! Just do it! Holy hell!
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    Quote from atomicanal

    1. It Does Not Have The New Items
    2. Digging Down Throws You Into a Flat Lava Pool
    3.We Have Creative Mode
    4.Classic Mode Will Add A New Way For n00bs To Grow n00bier
    5.Have YOU Tried Making a Video Game? Here Is An Programming Program: http://www.haxic.com/. Lot Harder Than It Seems, No?
    6.More Stuff. More Lag
    7. This Will NOT Help Terrain Generation. The Only Reason I Play Claissic Is For The Terrain Gen. Adding It To The New MC Will Make The Terrain Generator, The New One
    8.Google Minecraft Classic. There
    9.Mobs? Fighting Stuff? No. Making Awesome Buildings? Cool Redstone Contraptions? No.
    10.Text Wars.
    11. You Said It. NOBODY CARES
    12.Everybody* Likes Survival Over Creative

    Twelve Reasons.
    Also You Didn't Put YOUR Fifty Reasons So BEAT IT! (Starts Singing:
    <snip>] )

    1. It's free, of course you're going to get less.
    2. So what?
    3. Which costs money.
    4. No it won't?
    5. This has nothing to do with anything.
    6. What? Classic has LESS things.
    7. Again, what does this have to do with anything?
    8. This is over keeping it up, not removing the link.
    9. So what? Classic is building. And it's FREE.
    10. What?
    11. Actually, some people do care
    12. No they don't.

    Quote from Roadsguy

    1. It's an outdated version. It's differences can be replicated with texture packs and mods (especially with the API).
    2. It's buggy. The bug where clicking randomly triggers the ESC menu makes it virtually unplayable.
    3. Temporary water physics = grief.
    4. Finite worlds :(
    5. I believe it doesn't work on the latest Java. Is this correct?
    6. Fewer servers
    7. No flying
    8. Fewer blocks to build with, can't even get some blocks that were already in-game!
    9. Not many, if any, mods.
    10. A lot easier to grief due to much less protection.
    11. No survival. Even if Survival Test were still up, it'd be limited by the above reasons that aren't limited to creative.
    12. Mojang could release it in a format compatible with the launcher.
    13. As an endless free "demo," it's making Mojang lose money. But somehow, people seem to like it despite the above disadvantages, something nobody seems to give any good reason for (and making everyone bend to your nostalgia is not a "good reason").

    1. It's free though. If you had to pay for it this would be a legit point.
    2. This is true, unfortunately, but that doesn't mean you should take it down.
    3. Well yeah but there are griefers on current Minecraft so this is a moot point really.
    4. We already covered this though, it's free, and servers can have multiple worlds to build in.
    5. Again, we have already covered this.
    6. Well, that's the community's fault. There are still plenty anyway.
    7. World of Minecraft.
    8. Yet again, we have already covered this. It's free, so of course there's going to be less things.
    9. Does this really matter? Classic is about building.
    10. Again, this is up to the server's administration. Also, you don't have to play multiplayer.
    11. So what? Classic is about building, and, yet again, it's FREE. Is this going to be a recurring point?
    12. If this happened then no one would care about keeping it on the website. This isn't the case, however.
    13. I've stated this before. Mojang makes so much frickin money that the cost to run classic isn't detrimental to them AT ALL. Also, as someone else in this thread said, (I think they did anyway) hosting classic costs no money.
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    Quote from Zaleramancer

    You shouldn't taunt the mods.

    That's just basic forum 101, there.

    I can't say I'll miss classic, on account of never really playing it.

    Of course, I understand why some people might be nostalgic for it.

    I'm not taunting them. Im asking them.
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