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    hi guys welcome to my new map five night at freddy the instructions are in the game and u have to install 4 mods jammy furniture,custom npcs,five night at freddy and finally minecamera for 1.7.10 thanks for the modders who made awesome mods like this,hopeflly u like my map and do a video on it it is not bad and it is cool you need to becareful of the animatronics and listen to the phone guy he is very funny and creepy so you will be surprised of what hhe will say i did not copy the text he said because i didnt understand all so i copied what i understanded good luck and have fun everything you need to know is on the wall or sometimes in the book have fun!!!!


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    hi everyone i am minecraftrocks the creator of the mod tdmcraft i am here to tell u that i am making a better a new mod of herobrine which adds tons of herobrine related stuff and useful stuff
    Anyways, i am working at the mod and it is working better than the other one i finally made a mob :D but i am gonna keep it as a surprise for some of u how are excited ;) if u want it to be finished tonight plz comment below and i will work on it more. this mod will have tone of challenges like who can find a specific bug will suggest me something to add and plz comment if u want it to be done today and i will finish it ;) bt how can i add pictures
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    really cool mod

    how did u know fnaf3 people? and can u make dolls be spawned?
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    hi guys i am minecraft rocks and i made a the diamond minecart 1.7.10 mod for you to enjou and for dan to showcase so first you need to go mining for the diamond minecart ore it looks like this:

    then you need to smelt into dantdm ingot and it looks like this :

    next you can create tools with it and it has the vanilla minecraft recipes just with the ingots and they are op

    also there are decorations whitch are found in a new dimension but they are not obtainable just yet as well as there is meat which will be dropped of one of the future mobs dantdm meat and cooked dantdm meat and there is a dantdm block which is craftable by 8 iron blocks and 1 tdm ingot in the middle and it is cool to build buy important to ge t a dimension

    thats right there is the tdm dimension and to go to it you need to have an igniter which to craft you need an arrow and 1 tdm ingot and you make the portal out of blocks in the shape of a nether portal and right click with the igniter to activate it

    it is bugged at the moment so after leaving the dimension you can not do gamemodes and any command and the dimension is op because when you enter it you will be surprised with all the ores there ... you will never run out of 34% attack damage swords !!! so grab your pickaxe to start minning

    one more thing is that the armour in crafted with ingots just as vanilla armour and it is op you will never die again!

    yes so i m planning to fix the dimension so grab as many ores as you can before it is removed and mobs will be added and structures and awesome stuff as well

    i am using mcreator and i am having trouble with it so plz if you know a better program tell me about it and if there is a bg fixer communicate with me via masseges to fix the mod so thatis what i want to say if you can convince dan to showcase it i will be happy enjoy the mod oh and for modpacks use this mod and you can mention me in it byt :)
    oh guys sorry forgot to put the download link here it is enjoy :) http://www.mediafire.com/download/y29gv18lk4bynx1/DanTdm mod.zip
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