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    posted a message on PAX - 1.8 Game Features!
    You need to calm down.
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    posted a message on Minecraft is a near perfect game
    Since it's made out of Java, it'll never be perfect (jk)
    Yeah, Minecraft just needs some cleaning up. The code is not too bad, but not optimized enough.
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    posted a message on Cubeaism - A Minecraft Religion
    Interesting, but I think that this'll just make more people laugh at me when I say "I'm playing Minecraft".
    Honestly, no offence, I support this kind of stuff, but isn't making a religion from a video game a bit overboard?
    Anyways, keep up the good work on "Cubeaism".
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Clay Soldiers Classic
    Quote from SilverChiren

    Just voicing an opinion here, on behalf of the current numbers on the poll. Having those two things as 'special behavior' for the black and white teams makes them completely useless to be honest.

    Point 1: White team not attacking at all, not even in defense? What is the point in them even existing then? I mean, yeah, the greys are neutral and only attack in defense, making them pretty useless in battle, but they are the core, the item that needs to be crafted before you can make team colored clay men, so it's understandable. At least they can defend themselves though. NOT attacking at all ever though, kinda kills the point of adding them to the mod. Yeah, have a full group of 64 white soldiers, armed to the teeth with EVERYTHING, and send in one green with a non-sharpened stick. Green will wipe them all out without taking damage. Pointless.

    Point 2: Black team attacking every other clay soldier, including others of their team? What's the point in having them a team color then? What use would this really have except in making huge 64 soldier free-for-all battles? And even then, who's gonna make the effort of building an arena for it? I know one of you is going to do it just to spite me now, but the whole concept is totally useless. If you want a free for all, I'm quite sure eight would be enough. If not, do like I did and code in other teams yourself. I had 24 teams, and they all worked perfectly. I'm sure you all could do the same. Heck, make them all use the same texture if you want, just give them all unique numbers!

    Point 3: As things stand, the six actual teams are equal, and the battles are fair, given one side doesn't have much better equipment than the other. Adding special behavior or abilities to any team would make the balance crumble, and reduce the entertainment value greatly. I really don't want to see this mod go down the toilet due to fanservice that only exists to make you guys shut up. (Please note, that's why Kodaichi made the building option existing, but lame.)

    The main reason is that it adds diversity. I could use the same argument with cars.
    However useless, it puts a little "oomph" into the game. Makes it unique.
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    posted a message on Mod Request
    Quote from orionranger

    It would be really neat to be able to build some wooden supports for your mine that look like supports not just using wooden planks.

    And a off topic idea meteor shower anyone?

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    posted a message on [MOD][1.8.1] Animal Excrete
    Why did you make such a piece of crap mod?
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    posted a message on Zombie Dog! Halp!
    Recently, one of my good friends by the name Docm77 (You may know him on Youtube) has encountered a small problem. Now, he could go and post this himself, but I have also got a problem like this too, although slightly different.

    Here is a video of the event:

    In the video, he explains how a recent crash has rendered his dog (Arnold) to be, well, a zombie. The dog is stuck in a sitting position and wont respond to right clicks. However, upon a left click, the dog "comes to life" for 1 second, and then sits back down and has exhibits behaviour exact to a slime, jumping around and damaging the player when touched. He tries a multitude of "fixes", but then gives up and makes a tomb for him.

    If anyone has some sort of fix for this, please respond. Not urgent, since he/I can get a new dog, but it would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] EASY Mod Installers - Guns, Trains, Mo' Cre
    Quote from RhettSEnochs »
    I just checked one of your links and it is in fact a modded server .jar so I have reported this thread. To quote Mojang terms and conditions.

    "The one major rule
    Do not distribute anything I've made. This includes the client and the server software for the game. This also includes modified versions of anything I've made.
    In order to maintain control of the project, I need all game downloads to come from a single central source. I hope you understand."

    And anyone cares, how?

    Mod-Edit: Notch, his coder stuff, me. Just a few examples.
    Warned for Off-Topic.
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    posted a message on Cool Texture (1.5-01) TV Mask!
    Quote from Alex4704 »
    Quote from gundum35 »
    I think he misunderstood the meaning of a mod. Or you know maybe hes just confused.

    I KNOW what a mod is i'm not stupid!

    Are you sure?
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    posted a message on Minimum requirements
    Wait, what?
    The Zacate is amazing. Seriously, its really awesome.
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3]The Omni-Mod[V0.1.3]
    This post has now took up a bookmark in my bookmarks bar.
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    posted a message on [TUTORIAL] Blocking mob spawners
    Quote from GeminiGuy95 »
    Quote from Evil_LeGeNdZz95 »
    No offense, but is it really so hard to place torches everywhere in a Dungeon that it requires a guide?

    You'd be surprised at how much people need you to hold their hand. Clearly, you don;t work in customer service. Human stupidity can be astonishing.

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    posted a message on [REQ] Turning chair mod (Controllable/Customizable Turrets!)
    Quote from redracer25 »
    I think what this mod needs is any modders interested to make 1 block an entity then just have who ever wants to make the controllable turning block. And Galilsnap could make a list on the first page to show the progress (Which blocks where done). Think how fast this would make it! and so much less effert for each person.

    Edit: It would also probably be easier for blocks to work normally by having the blocks move to the closest location to where they started while still keeping shape (ex. you have a square, you move 1 block and a bit forward then it moves and locks into either the block ahead or behind you, as you aren't completely on a block).

    Still, lets say that the modder is requested to add the dispenser block, or redstone. How will they properly function while being an entity?
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    posted a message on Soulkius' Item Spawning Server
    My in-game username is galilsnap.
    Hopefully, this isn't a dead server.
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    posted a message on A Semi-New Way of Speeding up Minecraft - No more jitters!
    All you did was increase the virtual memory cache. Why don't you just buy more ram?
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