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I currently live in DHARMA Initiative Station #6: The Orchid on Jacobs Island 200 miles east of Skull Island, 302 Miles north of Easter Island, In the Mysterious Islands from Pop Culture Archipelago, Somewhere south of the Pacific Ocean, on Earth, in Solar System #4815, in Galaxy #1623 (Milky Way), in Universe #42, in Dimension C-137, floating in the Multiverse. LETS GO FARTHER. Astro-dimensional Rift #8, The Enchirideon, The Morgspace, within the infinite boundries of J.J. Abrams is a jerk. SUN SHOULD HAVE LIVED! AND I GUESS JIN TOO, BUT HE WAS KINDA MEAN IN THE FIRST season I doubt you could read that. BUT LETS GO FARTHER!!!!! I WAS ADOPTED PLZ HELP MEH I JUST WANT A LOVING FAMILY> WAHHHHHHH KILL ME OR ILL DO IT MYSELF JK IM FINE LO TROLLEDOO NEW FONT NOW THIS ONE IS WEIRDER I DONT LIKE IT LETS SWITCH BACKTHERE WE GO MUCH BETTER> NOW TO SPAM THE KEYBOARDzsexrdctfyvguhjgbfvdvzrdtfycutvyiuhlhukbytrdsawwzxc5234567t dsw45u scv hbjgn j mlgnkfbjsjz xfigitr bugrutr g ghhhfhqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm,./;'[]\=-0987654321`Welp. Bye


>: 4 8 15 16 23 42

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