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    Quote from leeo97one»

    SpongeForge crash with Player API. See more here: https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeForge/issues/570

    To put a finer point on this issue: Sponge works with the implementation by injecting into various methods to possibly throw events or perform custom interactions for our API. The issue is that some of the injections are failing because Player API is clearing a few of the method otherwise necessary to inject into.
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    Having some techincal difficulties with the host - We'll be back online soon!

    And we're back up!
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    We had some downtime today with our Vector System. We found the issue and we're working to fix it!
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    Always a good idea to start anew. Even if it means being not the most popular voting site.

    Added my server :)
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    Quote from Rufus

    If you actually did read my 'wall of text' then i can only conclude that your reading comprehension is very low. I know there are ways to stop x-rayers, I stated so and I do in fact use them. What I was saying is that those methods aren't very good and waste my admins time watching players to catch them x-raying when they could be doing something more useful and fun. I'm not paying these people, they do it to help out. I don't know about you but I personally find spending hours watching players in spectate mode extremely boring, and I'm sure they do too. So what's the incentive for them to continue doing it? X-ray, fly mod and other hacks can be monitored, yes, but it will eventually ruin the community if no-one wants to help run a server because they know it will just be a chore and they will end up spending far more time doing extremely tedious things rather than playing the game and interacting with the community.

    Perhaps you have nothing better to do with your time, if you even run a server, but I and all my staff have jobs and families and play Minecraft for some fun in our free time; cheaters just make the whole thing not fun and more of a second job than a hobby. And let's be realistic here; it's not just a few bad eggs here and there. Almost every other new player that joins the server these days (and I'm sure not just my server) is running hacks or is just there to troll, grief or scam. Encouraging the cheats will only ruin it for everyone.

    I'm not gonna beat a dead horse explaining the advantages for those who wish to use xray for constructive building (I for one, dungeon build and I can tell you, lots of redstone and crawlspace is necessary if not using xray). What I will say is that you're beating a dead horse complaining here about cheaters/hackers when someone makes a beautiful xray mod. Give the guy some credit, it's a beautiful mod and the people who want to use hacks will always be able to find it, regardless whether threads for xray are banned from MCforums. A well built server is a server that is configured to still be playable and enjoyable to moderate with plugins to prevent hacking. It doesn't take much, just lots of tweaking, researching, and effort. And if you're finding too many people "xraying" then there's a nice plugin called Orebfuscator. It does get annoying for regular players if you use the default config, but that's your job as a server administrator.

    Aside from that, a beautiful xray mod. I definitely am one to love the opacity option as I've found it annoying to be searching for the redstone circuit and not able to know what block I just broke or whether there's a block infront of me at all.
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    A bit of an odd bug, but I was attempting to grow a 2 thick Fir tree (as seen spawned in the Temperate Rainforest biome, and as noted in the latest release 2.0.3) I place the saplings in a 2x2 formation to arrive with bonemeal will spawn 3 additional saplings in a corner direction and remove all blocks in it's way. It will continue doing so until the player stops. Using the latest Recommended build of Forge.

    Screenshot of bug:

    Overall I am beginning to miss the ExtraBiomesXL Classic version which didn't require Forge or new blocks (I would've liked to introduce some interesting biomes to an smp server given that the biomes would probably be screwed up, but still worked regardless).

    Otherwise awesome work and many thanks!

    Oddly enough, the bonemeal growth works fine when placing the saplings in a 2x2 formation with a clear way above them growing into a giant tree, however, when covered (doesn't matter the order or placement) the saplings will add 3 additional on the SW corner and continue placing them in that direction regardless of physical restrictions.
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    So I managed to get the Vanilla ExtraBiomesXL (without requiring Forge, ModloaderMP, and the third dependancy) and WEDGE. I'm able to generate some pretty interesting biomes with this. Granted however, as of yet, there aren't any ores showing up above y=128, but on the whole, I'm getting glacier biomes, sand mountain biomes pretty easily.

    Also all of those are still compatible with Optifine (As my testing shows so far) and rei's minimap, macro mod, SinglePlayerCommands, Zombe's (haven't tested CJB mod pack yet). The whole jar file though all together is pretty huge (11mb now) but on the whole, it's working pretty well.
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft 🌟 Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer 🌟 THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010) Heroes RPG!


    If you DID NOT receive a PM, you weren't Whitelisted.

    Here are just a few, of many, ways you can utilize to increase your chances of getting accepted:

    - Be 100% honest on your application
    - Use the proper application format
    - Include all of the information requested
    - Post some screenshots of your past creations
    - Lengthen your application
    - Check your grammar/spelling
    - DO NOT just re-post your previous application
    - Make a great first impression

    If you follow these tips, chances are, you will get onto the Whitelist.
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