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    Hey everyone, GBA here. In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition you have gui resembling pc. Now since the windows 10 edition is a direct port of pe, would it be possible to use w10e's gui in pe through the use of mods? (Addons would be the way to go)

    One of the reasons that lead me to believe it's possible is that the texture files are in pe. The whole assets folder is exactly the same. And if it's not possible, can someone tell me where that json file is that Tommaso said we could edit the gui? Also, would the json file work on pe?

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    this texture pack is my best

    bugs: shows the normal water and lava (fix with no animated textures mod)




    please review and post picture

    next ill fix the items
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    ill help im good and I'm taking a break from my texturepack
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