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    posted a message on The Legends of Avaris RP
    IG name: hoiguy1
    Age: 15
    Skype: hoiguy1

    IC name: Alcarin Doris Sandstorm
    IC age: 35
    Character's skills: (2-3 sentences)
    Sailing: Alcarin is a skilled sailor, and is capable of piloting and steering a ship.
    Brawling: While not trained in swordplay, Alcarin has plenty of experience with fistfights.
    Strong: Capable of wielding large weapons and carrying heavy loads if needed.
    Swimming: Alcarin is an above average swimmer. He moves easier in the water than on land.
    Character's faults: (2-3 sentences)
    Unconvincing: Alcarin is an awful communicator and is more believable when lying than when telling the truth.
    Eleventh Finger: Alcarin has an extra finger on his dominant right hand making it hard for him to reach his full potential when using an average sword.
    Clumsy: Very accident prone. Alcarin often trips or nearly falls when just walking.
    Weak-Willed: Alcarin is easily persuaded and discouraged.
    Unintelligent: Not very knowledgeable or learned.
    Background: (1-2 paragraphs)
    Alcarin was raised by his mother, Matira, in Arcadia, for his father had left him soon after his birth. The only memory left of his father was his last name and the middle name his father had chosen for him. His early life was rough, he and his mother lived in poverty,and Alcarin didn't receive much education, having to constantly work from a young age to keep him and his mom fed. The first 18 years of his life as constant working, hopping from job to job. There didn't seem to be much hope of a future for Alcarin.

    Soon after his 19th birthday, Alcarin found a job at the Jaglow Trading Company, where he thrived. Starting as a simple, lowly shipmate, Alcarin rose up the ranks, and he was given his own ship to pilot at the age of 33. His life seemed good. There was a clear future for him in the trading business ,and he was making enough money to keep him and his mother well fed. But, after only a year of having his own ship, the Jaglow Trading Company was disbanded due to accusations of piracy, and Alcarin's ship was seized. His life seemed over, but soon after he saw a poster asking for people to come to Avaris, promising opportunity for people of any occupation. He immediately took the offer, promising to send money back for his mother in Arcadia and to return there one day.
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    posted a message on Global Conquest 🌏 (REAL Planet Earth | 1:1500 Scale) (Nation VS. Nation PvP) BUILD YOUR EMPIRE | NEW IP:realisimnations.mcph.co

    Username: hoiguy1
    Age: 14
    Skype (Optional): hoiguy1 (the [fleeceAP] one)
    Level of Interest: 9

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    posted a message on What's the Worst (but possible) Thing Mojang Could Do with Minecraft?
    1. Charging for skins
    2. Introducing a subscription service and charging one dollar per diamond mined.
    3. making the game only playable on origins

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    posted a message on [CTM] Applequest #1 - A Game of Gold
    This Map looks amazing, (Round of applause to the creators) i will play it ASAP.
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    posted a message on Mysterious Chicken Death
    The younger chicks all unity in an act of mutiny against there elders
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    posted a message on Bioshock in Minecraft?
    You guys should try hungercraft!
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    posted a message on Looking for a GOOD RP server with friendly staff and RPers!
    Look at my topic on the ancient Greek rp server think this fits your description.
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    posted a message on How do you delete topics I've made?
    Ty cat
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    posted a message on How do you delete topics I've made?
    Oh well my first thread failed and There is a lot of useless old content in it and I want to delete it md make a new one
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    posted a message on How do you delete topics I've made?
    I want to do the same thing and I still don't understand what to do. Plz help me
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    posted a message on RPG,Currency,Jobs

    Age 11
    gt fuzzygago
    Mic yes
    Job shopkeeper
    I agree to the rules
    Could a lumberjack mine more than wood if he felt like it
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    posted a message on Daily Xbox 360 Hunger Games Server
    sounds like fun GT fuzzygago

    i'm going to play with another person
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