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    posted a message on (1.4.2) Small Vanilla Survival, Whitelisted, Looking for 3-5 Players
    IGN: fuzz9350


    Would you consider yourself mature: Yes, I would consider myself mature. I don't swear or make profane jokes, and I try to be as respectful as possible to people.

    How long you have played Minecraft: I've been playing minecraft for about 2 years.

    Is English your first language: Yes, English is my first language.

    Have you ever griefed: The only time I ever griefed was on a classic server where they were building nazi flags everywhere, so I destroyed the flags since they can be offensive to some people.

    How dedicated would you be to the server:
    I'd probably come on about 3-5 times a week, and this would be my only server for right now.

    Why do you want to join this server: I'd like to join this server because I'm looking for a small, friendly, mature survival server that I can play on to have company while I'm playing.

    What are some of your skills in minecraft: I am good gathering resources and building useful buildings. I'm currently working on buildings that are more creative instead of just building houses and stuff.

    Tell me a little about yourself(optional): I'm a 14 year old girl, freshman in high school. I'm a pretty sarcastic person, but I try hard not to be rude. I'm good at helping people (explaining how to do things, building things, etc) and I like helping.
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    posted a message on 【✙Chaotic Uniformity✙】[1.3] SuperNatural RPG {No Whitelist} 24/7 -Voting Rewards- 《Hardcore PvP》Shops┋Jobs┋Towns┋Bounties/Kill $
    In-game name: fuzz9350
    Real life age: 15
    Did you read the rules?: Yes
    Where did you hear about us?: My brother told me, briman0094
    Why do you want to join?: I'd like to be a team with my brother on a PVP server
    Did you vote for Chaotic Uniformity? (If not, click here. It's a free 250 coins!): Not yet, but I will
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    posted a message on AlcaCraft®[Prison Server][Guards Hiring]
    Prisoner Application:
    How old are you? 13
    Why do you want to join? I want something different from just normal minecraft; a prison server fits that criteria
    Whats your IGN? fuzz9350
    Have you ever played on a prison server before? nope! Looking forward to a great experience
    Will this be your main server? No, because my brother (briman0094) and I run a server.
    Have you read the rules?(ps. THE RULES ARE BELOW THE GUARD APP!!!!! yup.
    Do you want to becom a guard? Maybe, it depends on how much time I spend on minecraft. But most likely.
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    posted a message on CloudCraft SMP [24/7][Bukkit/Runecraft][MultiWorlds/pvp/creative/adventure][Chest/area protect][Grief Rollback]
    They call themselves a "mature, open-community server" while they let mods be rude, make sexist and racist insults. The mods are never on. All the mods are immature and aren't helpful. Some mods even refuse to help guests. They insult guests to their face and say, "I HATE guests". this is the most immature, unwelcoming, rude, offensive server I have ever been on. Don't go on here.
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    posted a message on CloudCraft SMP [24/7][Bukkit/Runecraft][MultiWorlds/pvp/creative/adventure][Chest/area protect][Grief Rollback]
    I'd like to report a mod's abuse of mod privileges. Repitek/Retipek, can't remember which one, is the mod I'm reporting. I had just finished my house and was asking around the server for mods who could come check it out and possibly promote me. Then this mod told me and a few other guests that in order for us to be promoted, we had to say something inappropriate. A couple of the guests did, and the mod promoted them without even looking at their houses. To me, this isn't something that mods should be allowed to do. It's inappropriate, rude, immature, and does not make the server look good. I would appreciate it if something was done about this.
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